If you’re new to the world of heat transfer vinyl, it really isn’t as difficult as it seems. Don’t let intimidation keep you from trying out this creative, fun craft that could end up becoming your next big hobby.

For cutting the prints or images out of the vinyl, you can hand-cut the shapes or use a die-cut machine such as a Cricut machine. The process is as easy as placing the vinyl cut-out against the surface of your choice, placing a towel on top, placing an iron or heat press on top of the cloth, holding it for about a minute, and peeling the paper backing off the vinyl to reveal your design.

It’s as easy as ironing on a ready-made patch and just slightly more tricky that using inkjet transfers. Even the clueless beginner can get into this craft and create some interesting things.

You’re going to want to find great material to start your new hobby. Some heat transfer vinyl is poorly made, can melt under your iron, and turn out just generally bad. Check out our list of the top 4 vinyl packs for heat transferring below!

What to Look for In Your Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Quality: Trust reviews. If a product is being blasted for melting, bubbling, or peeling off a surface after one wash, you’re going to want to avoid that product. Quality vinyl will be easy to transfer and easy to cut. Thin vinyl is usually superior– the thinner the vinyl, the easier it will be to cut by hand or machine and easier to transfer.
  • Color diversity: Once you get addicted to vinyl printing, the ideas will start pouring in. You can use vinyl for way more than just a cute custom shirt or jacket. When those ideas start popping up, you won’t want to feel constricted to a set of four or five primary colors. The colors in your vinyl bundle should be diverse, trendy, and practical for all of the unique projects you will do.
  • Ease of transfer: If you’re planning on making multiple vinyl transfers, such as custom bags for a bridal party or custom baseball hats for your kid’s little league team, the heat transfer needs to be painless and quick. If the vinyl you use is poor quality you could be stuck ironing and re-ironing the same piece of vinyl for way longer than sixty seconds. Save yourself the hassle by purchasing material that attaches to surfaces quickly.

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Starter Pack

EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl Starter Bundle from Siser NA

best heat transfer vinyl packs

If you’re new to the heat transfer vinyl game, the EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl Starter Bundle from Siser NA is the vinyl pack for you.

Featuring 12 sheets of 12×15″ quality vinyl in a range of vibrant popular colors including black, silver, lime, fuschia, grey, brown, navy, forest green, ochre, lemon, orange, and red. This vinyl pack is light enough to cut easily and thin enough to transfer easily.

Sometimes small vinyl details won’t stick to the transfer surface as quickly as larger vinyl details. Because of this, your project could become irreversibly damaged when those little details get stretched and ripped off. This particular product could be your saving grace. The pressure sensitive carrier on the back of each individual sheet ensures that those little details won’t be ripped off due to poor transfer.

This product is also praised for its durability, so you know you can trust washing whatever material you’ve transferred this vinyl to.

Customer Reviews

  • Great product, wish it was available in more colors because it works so well
  • Fast service, excellent buying experience with seller
  • Helps make really creative, innovative products and projects
  • Very easy to work with, easy to get the hang of
  • Applies well to many types of surfaces and materials
  • Cuts easily in machines like the Cricut

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Best Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl from Firefly Craft

firefly glitter vinyl

Need some sparkle in your life? Do you want to add some flair to your heat transfer vinyl projects? This Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl from Firefly Craft features four rolls of 12×20″ glittery jewel-toned vinyl for all your eye-catching needs.

This particular listing give you the the option of purchasing one, two, three, or four sheets of vinyl so you won’t be stuck buying what you don’t need.

The color options of this product are absolutely beautiful, including deep pink, lavender, rose, red, teal, turquoise, silver, gold, black, dark purple, and royal blue. All in beautiful sparkling glitter tone.

This vinyl can be used with an iron and heat press. It stretches and bends well– making it great for use with fabrics such as shirt, jackets, curtains, or bedspreads.

This premium PU vinyl is easy to transfer and won’t melt or tear during application. You won’t need any special tools for weeding or pressing either.

Customer Reviews

  • Works with the Silhouette extremely easily
  • Creates unique, intricate cuts without any issues
  • Perfect for beginners, easy to handle, cut and place as you need
  • Cuts smoothly, easy to transfer and extremely durable over time
  • Great quality, worth the higher price than other vinyls

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Best Refill Heat Transfer Vinyl

EZ Craft USA Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets

ez craft usa vinyl

Once you’ve tapped out your starter supply of heat transfer vinyl, you’re going to want more diverse colors and more options for your future projects. This 34-sheet vinyl pack from EZ Craft USA features rich colors guaranteed to satisfy your creative ideas.

This pack features 40 sheets, and each sheet is 12″ x 12″. You can get colors like royal blue, navy, red, yellow, green, orange, pink, sky blue, brown, gold , silver, purple, fluorescent pink, turquoise, bright red, hibiscus, lime, fluorescent blue, lemon, and grey in this mega-pack of colorful vinyl.

This heat transfer vinyl can be applied at lower temperatures, so there’s no need to invest in a fancy iron or a heat press to use this product. This pack features EZ Craft USA’s signature pressure sensitive carrier, assuring that no little pieces or vinyl will be ripped off and ruined.

Extremely strong and durable, this vinyl will survive wash after wash. The lightness and flexibility of this vinyl make it fantastic for fabrics. Try out designing multi-colored cuts and transfers with this plentiful, colorful heat transfer vinyl pack.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent for stocking up your vinyl inventory
  • Good quality, good price and doesn’t skimp on product features
  • Excellent price for refill pack
  • Arrived quickly, no issues with company or seller
  • Easy to use for HTVers of all skill levels

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Best HoloHeat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Holo Foil Vinyl from All American

holo foil vinyl

If the glitter isn’t cutting it (Haha, get it? Cutting it? Vinyl? No?) you may want to try out a holographic foil vinyl that shimmers, shines, and grabs attention. The Heat Transfer Holo Foil Vinyl from All American comes in several pretty colors and looks great on thick fabrics and hard surfaces.

Each roll is 20×36″ and you receive one roll only. You have the choice of black, silver, blue, aqua, light blue, red light pink, purple, green, or gold, all in shimmering futuristic holographic foil tones.

For transferring this vinyl to surfaces, you will need an iron or heat press that can reach approximately 350°F or 177°C. This vinyl transfers really quick– instead of the average 45-60 seconds, this will adhere to surfaces in less than 10 seconds.

Some reviews have complained of this product’s thickness, so it is best to use this vinyl for thick fabrics like jackets or coats rather than shirts or blouses.

Customer Reviews

  • Far surpassed all expectations for this type of vinyl
  • Will order more of these packs because of the quality
  • Easy to cut, works well with many machines
  • Great HTV quality, haven’t had issues with rogue pieces
  • Beautiful colors make it easy to create cool projects
  • Very thick, use for projects that need thicker vinyl material

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