Plyometric exercises are nothing new in the workout world. They’ve been around as a form of strength training since the ‘80s but they’ve recently found a new wave of popularity through the CrossFit craze.

Simply put, plyometrics or plyos is jump training. It’s a type of training that focuses on moving from extending to contracting your muscles in quick succession in order to increase power and stretch muscles. It’s used by all sorts of athletes and is particularly useful in training for basketball players, runners and Olympic athletes.

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to add plyos to your workout routine. Anyone can add a few moves to their workout if they are looking to add some explosive power to their session. Scissor jumps and broad jumps are just two examples of plyometric exercises that can build leg strength and increase power in your adductor and glutes.

Working with a specially designed box for jumping is another way to add plyometrics to your workout routine. It sounds simple, but adding a plyometric box to your home workout routine could really up your game while building muscle and improve your athletic performance.

But not all plyometric boxes are built the same. They come in many different sizes and are made with different materials, with different strengths. They also come in different heights and many people make the mistake of buying a too tall box right off the bat, causing injury and bad form.

Many people recommend starting out with a 16-inch-high box and going up from there, whereas CrossFit workouts recommend a much higher 24 or 30-inch box. The best thing to do is buy a box that has variable lengths on each side.

This way you can switch up the height as your needs increase. And hey, you don’t just have to use your plyometric box for jumping. They are great tools to have at home for stretching, lunges and putting your hands on during push ups.

Wood or metal, the options are many. Here are my top 5 suggestions for best plyometric boxes on the market today.

Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box

best plyometric boxes

It’s not much to look at but the 100 percent perfect reviews for the Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box tell the story. It comes in a few options but each style has variable heights on each side so you can use different heights for different exercises, or just work your way up to the higher sides, with practice.

Step ups, jumps, push-ups and box squats are all possible off of this well constructed plywood box with two handles on the side for easy carrying. The nice puzzle style design means it’s easy to put together and it’s CNC machined so each side actually fits together properly and assembles easily with pre-drilled holes.

All you need is a power screwdriver to put it together in a few minutes. There is even an online tutorial for assembly, but you likely won’t need it.

What’s also nice is that the two largest boxes in this range come with internal bracing for extra strength and stability. The corners are sanded down nicely to protect your shins when you slip and the box comes packed flat with extra cardboard protection around the corners to keep it from chipping.

Durable but not too heavy, the large size is 50 pounds when fully assembled and the small is 17 pounds. With a recommended max weight of 400 pounds, this box suits most and handles all your CrossFit and plyo needs.

What Makes This the Best Plyometric Box

  • Well-built with no pits, chips or knots
  • Easy to put together
  • Inside cross bar for stability
  • Sanded edges to prevent shin injuries or shoes from catching
  • Rock solid and perfect for jumps
  • Variable height and different sizing options
  • Perfect for CrossFit

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Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Plyometrics Box

best plyo boxes 2016

A different style than the wooden box models out there, the Fuel Performance Adjustable Plyometrics Box is just as efficient. It can adjust to three heights (of 14, 18 or 22 inches) with an easy to use spring adjustment button so you can change up heights easily without too much messing around.

The top of the box has a nice sandpaper like grip to it to prevent slipping and the metal is all powder coated to keep it looking good for years. Great for lateral or vertical jumps and all kinds of drills there are tons of options with this box. You can even set one side higher than the other for an extra challenge.

The feet are covered in rubber black non marking grips and the whole construction is super stable and solid at a weight of just under 36 pounds. Great for kids with the lower height options, this box has proven successful for school aged volleyball, baseball and football players.
And you can’t beat the price.

This box comes in at a lot lower than a lot of the other boxes out there with the same durable, heavy duty construction. It’s not easy to get a plyometric box with variable height at this price! A solid piece of equipment for any home gym.

Customer Feedback

  • Really functional non-slip surface makes it easy to grip
  • Heavy-duty construction, won’t move around yon you
  • Adjusting the height is extremely easy
  • Bottoms don’t mark up the floor or leave skids
  • Lower heights accessible to beginning plyometrics

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Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

best plyometric boxes 2016

Sometimes it’s nice just to have something you can use right out of the box, without any assembly.  For a well built, pre-assembled, highly reviewed adjustable height plyo box, the Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box should be your pick.

Heavy duty steel construction, the box has a non-slip surface and four adjustable heights from 12 inches to 24 inches. Another great benefit of this box is that it saves way more space than some of the other big plywood box models so if space is an issue for you, this one can be stored in a closet.

This thing is heavy-over fifty pounds-so it doesn’t matter what you do to it, it’s staying put and it doesn’t wobble or tip over.  You literally can’t wear this thing out.  It’s built like a tank and you might be paying a bit more for the conveniences but you will have it forever.

Customer Feedback

  • Super solid construction, won’t break
  • Feels really balanced, hard to tip over
  • Four easy adjustable heights
  • Easy to move around as needed
  • Good surface area and grip

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j/fit Plyo Box

best plyo box for working out

For those who know what kind of height they want and don’t need adjustment, a one height box can be perfect for you. Or perhaps you’re the type that likes to have a bunch of sizes without having to adjust.  The j/fit Plyo Box comes in three sizes or you can buy all three together.

Solid steel construction with a rubber non slip mat on top as well as non-slip pads on all corners, these boxes start at just under 17 pounds and go up from there so they don’t budge.  Great for all sorts of explosive training and drills, box squats, lateral jumps, vertical jumps, you name it.

Built in the USA to last, you can buy all of these and they stack up neatly or just the one you need. They come fully assembled so no fuss, no muss.  Sturdy, well designed and well built.  Not much more to say!

Customer Feedback

  • Simple but solid build and durability
  • Excellent no-slip surface
  • Stacks up nicely in a set
  • Would call this professional gym quality
  • Great deal for the price

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Plyometric Platform Box Set

what is the best plyo box

One more nice stacking set for you, the Plyometric Platform Box Set by Ader Sporting Goods is a sweet compact option for your home gym or mobile business. A set of three open cube like boxes, this set comes in 12, 18 and 24-inch height.

Perfect for beginners and working your way up to jumps at a greater height or just nice to have a few different heights for different types of exercises.

Fully welded, so no pokey screws or sticking out parts, these boxes are solid pieces, and don’t need assembly.  They come in red scratch proof powder coating, and are made from heavy duty steel.  Solid and impervious to use, these will last you forever.

All three boxes come with an anti-slip top on top of a plywood square and the bottom is a solid square instead of four separate legs, which means stability and strength in the frame. Individually wrapped, these are packed for shipping and will take a while to unwrap and get into but are then completely ready to go. And no wobbling or tipping. Likely the only set you’ll ever need.

Customer Feedback

  • Really nice steel construction
  • Welds and parts are made well, no assembly needed
  • Three heights make it flexible and versatile
  • Balanced and even-feeling
  • Rubber on top prevents slipping easily

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