I was trying to create some cool looking designs and our names on shirts for when we head out on an adventure as a group for our family outing, however I found that some of the screen printing ink is not as good as I would have hoped for.

Not only that, but even the markers that claim to write on the fabric are not able to do enough when I want something that is bright, stands out and makes a statement.

I then considered getting into some fabric screen printing. Not only do I have the items, but my shirts would look so much more professional and they would be able to stand out. That is exactly what I wanted, but I also did not want to worry about not being able to have the right paint, either.

So off I went on my journey to find the right screen printing ink to use on the shirts, and make sure that my family makes a statement when we head out.

What to Look for in Screen Printing Ink

  • Vibrant color: The colors within the ink should have vibrant colors that not only look vibrant in their buckets, but are able to showcase those colors once they are placed on the fabric. This is something that is not easily found with some of the other brands.
  • Easy to use: The ink should be easy to use, and not require a lot of different steps to get it to where you need it in order to use it on the fabric. You want something that will glide on and easily showcase your talents.
  • Lasts for a long time: The ink on the shirts, or other fabric products should be able to last a long time, even after being washed. You do not want something that is going to fade after the first wash or two.
  • Used on a wide range of fabrics: The ink should be versatile and able to be used on a wide range of different fabrics, depending on what it is that you’re trying to put the colors on. You want to cover cotton, rayon and polyester blends.

Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set

best screen printing ink for beginners

One of the most noted, and most loved of all screen printing ink is the Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set. Not only does this ink last a long time, but it does not clump and will continue to stay vibrant, no matter how many washes you put the fabric through.

With the use of this screen printing ink, you’re able to really make those T-shirts and other fabric items stand out among the competition out there. Not a lot of the other competitors for screen printing are able to say this.

All of the ink is also non-toxic, so you’re able to easily use it without having to worry about harmful chemicals or fumes that might be coming from the ink itself.

When heat-set onto the fabric, it dries quickly and you’re able to use the item that you decorated right away. This makes for an ideal set, plus it comes with many different colors and not just one.

Customer Reviews

“These are excellent, I use them to “screenprint” with freezer paper stencils on t shirts. My kids have shirts that have lasted through 2 boys and the ink still looks perfect and fresh.”

“I loved the richness of each color and the thickness of the ink. Having all the primaries you could easily create any color you wish. They spread perfectly and didn’t run or bleed into my cotton fabric and the color stayed bright and true when it dried (although slightly darker shade much like paint when it dries). It easily washed off of my screen with warm water. I am very happy with this product.”

“We make our own stencils for personalized shirts, and I’ve been able to get really great, professional looking results. I think the key is to be patient and choose the fabric according to what you want. Some things aren’t meant to last, and some are. I have had different results according to what I use.”

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Versatex Screenprinting Ink

best screen printing ink for beginners

The Versatex Screenprinting Ink can be used on both paper and fabric, so you’re able to cover a wide assortment of crafts when you’re putting together something. With many different colors to choose from, each one provides a more vibrant appeal than the next.

They come in four ounce jars of the colors, and will never clump or let you down when going to do the project or craft that you’ve started.

I like being able to choose the specific colors that I need separately, while also being able to smoothly glide on the colors to where they need to go. They quickly dried once heat set, which made using the products even faster than I could say for some of the other inks that were on the market.

Durable, and long lasting, even after a few washes and a squirt gun fight during our outing, this ink lasted for quite some time.

Customer Reviews

“At first I was sad about how small the jar was but it’s VERY thick so it will go a long way. ^_^It’s also is/has softhand so it will appear milky (but if you rub it on your hand you’ll see the shimmer.) I sprayed with water and this turned really good. I was pleasantly surprised at the results – especially after heat setting.”

“This was my first time with a metallic ink. The first few prints were gorgeous.”

“Great quality ink. It’s thick so a little goes a long way but it might need to be thinned depending on your screen.”

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DIY PRINT SHOP Classic Table Top Screen Printing Kit

best screenprinting ink for beginners

If you want a complete set, with the ink and everything to get started then this DIY PRINT SHOP Classic Table Top Screen Printing Kit would be the best one to get for the occasion. The set comes with everything that you need to get started.

With color fast, long lasting ink that comes with the set, you can create many different looks on different paper and fabrics out there.

If you’re curious to know how screen printing works, then you can read through the manual that is provided that gives additional information regarding this craft. The ink in the system is non-toxic, comes in bright colors and ensures that it is heat-set with the included bulbs.

While this set is a bit more than the usual ink that comes alone, you’re able to start up your own screen printing using it. This is always a good thing when considering ways to boost your craftiness, and get good ink in the same purchase.

Customer Reviews

“Comes with all the stuff you need, with the exception of a board to screw the screen into – we went to Home Depot and used some old scrap wood which has worked fine. The only advice I have is make sure you follow the directions to a T! (With the exception of using distilled water in the diazzo – I used tap water and it was fine.).”

“I think this kit is great! I have watched the instructional video that was on the youtube channel and it was very detailed and helped in my decision to buy the print shop kit. The instruction manual has just the right amount of pictures and paragraphs to get you printing.”

“Incredible, printed 4 shirts already! Great DVD tutorial included.”

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Do you recommend a beginner’s screen printing ink that we didn’t cover?

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