In the quest to build the healthier more long lasting candle, I have been delving into the world of soy candle wax. Everyone’s doing it, right? But I admittedly knew very little about why people are making the switch.

What makes soy candle wax so much better than regular ‘ol paraffin and why is it worth the extra cost? Well, my friends, let me tell you. The more research I did, the more I realized that unless you want black lung, you gotta make the switch!

Well, maybe not quite, but close. I knew that regular cheapo candles are made with paraffin but what I didn’t know is what the heck paraffin is. Turns out, it’s a by-product of making petroleum.

Want to know why you get that funky black smoke when you burn your cheap commercially made candles indoors and why they stain your walls black? It’s because you are basically burning a petroleum by-product in your house. With a cheap, synthetic wick. And breathing it in by the way.

So uh, no thanks. I’ll stick to making my own candles with soy wax and cotton wicks from now on. Guess what soy wax candles are made from? SOYBEANS! Admittedly, soybeans are likely to be genetically modified since they primarily come from the US, but I do still like the idea of support farmers rather than oil conglomerates through my candle making ventures. So with that in mind I bring you the 4 best soy waxes for candle making.

What to Look For When Buying Soy Wax for Candle Making

  • Ease of Use: When searching out good Soy Wax for Candle Making, I am interested in finding the wax in an easy to use format with simple packaging. Basically I don’t want to be making a huge mess fussing around with cutting chunks of wax.
  • Bang for the Buck: I’m also looking for a decent amount of product for the price that will allow me to get good value for each candle that I make.
  • Fragrance Hold: I want wax that is going to hold the scent well, and mix well too, when I add the scent. I want the candles to smell nice when I add the fragrance oil.
  • Easy to Melt: A good melting point that makes it easy for ‘unprofessional me’ to make candles out of my microwave or melting with a double boiler without needing a bunch of professional equipment.
  • Versatility: I am looking for a wax that can be used in a variety of molds and come out nicely. While I understand that this kind of softer wax is not made for pillar candles, I’d like to be able to make a bunch of different shaped candles that turn out, without wasting my time.

The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag

best candle making soy wax

What attracted me to The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag right off the bat was how much you get for the price. This is a huge 10lb. bag (sometimes shipped in two 5 lb. bags) that packs some serious value.

In fact, when melted, this will give you about 200 liquid ounces of wax, not including any fragrance you might be adding. So you can make a tonne of Mason jar candles with this option and basically give everyone you know a candle for Christmas.

It comes in a nice chipped pieces which makes it super easy to melt and measure out by weight if you need to. And the bag is resealable which is also handy. This wax can take up to 15% fragrance as well, and still hold its shape and consistency, which is great if you’re looking to scent your candles or you can just leave it as is for a completely natural product. Highly recommended for the first time candle maker.

Customer Reviews

“This soy wax is perfect if you’re just starting to make candles. Shipped fast in a large resealable bag.”

“These make AMAZING candles!! I love the way it melts and mixes with color.”

“I make a LOT of soy candles and I ALWAYS buy 444 soy wax for my container candles. This is my first time to buy the wax from this company and I am very pleased! Not only is it cheaper than the wax I have been buying, but it is great quality as well! I will continue to purchase this wax for my soy candle jars!”

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Natural Soy 444 Wax: 5 pound bag by Golden Brands

best soy wax for making candles

Also at great value, the Natural Soy 444 Wax: 5 pound bag by Golden Brands comes in even a handier almost grated format that makes melting super fast. This wax burns nice and slow since it has a higher melting point than some other waxes out there and will produce long lasting candles that look great.

After the wax hardens you won’t see any annoying cracks and the wax clings to the wick well. Holds it’s scent great-just remember not to use any low-grade essential oils that might contain water or you’ll get separation. Proper candle fragrances or high-grade essential oils are the ticket.

This bag will make about 13-8 oz. candles but you can use it to make it to fill all sorts of cute containers like teacups and jars. Because soy wax is water-soluble and the flakes are so small, clean up with this product is a breeze, you just need soap and water. All in all, a great option!

Customer Reviews

“The wax melted very quickly. It was easy to work with and mixed well with the scent and dye.”

“It was great I bought this to see if I really liked making candles (and I did not like it I LOVED IT!) AND it worked really well. And now after buying lots more than two pounds I’m signed up for my first selling experiment with candles. Wish me luck!”

“After looking at several different places and online this was the best I can find per pound. It works well. I have 6 oz. cans that I use and they can burn for about 36 hrs.”

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CandleScience All Natural Soy Candle Wax, 5 lb

best soy wax candle making

This is a nice option because the wax is packed in individual 1 lb. bags so you don’t have to measure out for smaller recipes. 1 bag mixed with 1 oz. fragrance oil is the recipe CandleScience recommends, and those guys know what they are talking about. They also supply wicks and fragrance to help you in all your crafty projects. CandleScience wax burns clean with no smoke or any of those harmful chemicals of paraffin wax.

This wax also mixes with colour very well and throws a good amount of scent when burning. The 1lb. bags also make for easy clean up and convenience when storing. It melts quickly due to its handy dandy flaked pieces and doesn’t take too long to set up either.

This would be perfect for when you just have to make a few gifts at a time or when you want to make a bunch of candles but with different colours and scents.

Customer Reviews

“The “science” of candle chemistry has never been easier, safer, or more gratifying.”

“5 stars as Candle Science produces this soy wax in flakes in one pound bags making it easy to dispense. And it burns evenly if melted and mixed with dye and fragrance correctly…Candle Science even supplies the video instructions online.”

“Just saying, never do I, post a review but I have to say Candle Science has been put ‘ On Top ‘ of my list for supplies! Every item I’ve bought so far is perfect! This is where my shopping stops, saves me time and time is money.”

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100% Midwest Soy Container Wax by American Soy Organics (5 pound bag)

best soy wax for candle making

Remember how I mentioned up there at the top that most American grown soybeans are genetically modified? If this is a concern for you, and you want to make sure you are making a truly natural product, then the best way to ensure that is by buying a soy wax that is made from pure, organic soybeans, like 100% Midwest Soy Container Wax by American Soy Organics.

Like the other options, above American Soy Organics is offering a wax that is in fine flakes, making it super easy to use and while it looks very similar to the other products and offers up all the same benefits in terms of consistency, hold and melting point, American Soy Organics claims that it’s the purity of their beans and the rich, dark soil of the Midwest that produce the superior bean that goes into making their wax.

Easy to melt and pour, easy to mix and consistent from bag to bag, this product seems to have it all. Great for making in a wide range of molds and the price point makes a 5 lb. bag a great value for an organic product.

Customer Reviews

“It smells good, burns long, mixes well, measures great, and stores perfectly! AND IT’S VEGAN. So much yes.”

“Easy melt and pour candles. I used a double boiler added fragrance and poured into tea lights, 2 oz. jars & 4 oz. jars.”

“Very happy with quality of the soy wax!”

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What soy wax do you use to make candles?

Let us know in the comments below!