We’re all about spending time indoors doing the projects we love, but there’s nothing like being in the outdoors. Whatever your hobby, you’ll find some of the best outdoor products on the market, and our list of reviews is growing all the time.

We also feature some of our favorite products that we use outdoors, from work boots like the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger to the best watches for backpacking.

Below you’ll find some of our most popular sports and outdoor product reviews.

Hiking Boots & Equipment

Here at Mostcraft, we’ve got people from all walks of life helping us out, so we’ve covered everything from the best American-made hiking boots to the best hydration packs for mountain biking. We’ve reviewed the best vegan hiking shoes for our animal-friendly friends and the best trail running shoes for flat feet.

Leisurely Activities

We’ve reviewed the best pickleball paddles, the best tennis bags for women, the best tennis stringing machines and the best pitching machines for Little League, in case you have a child prodigy on your hands and want to make sure he or she is getting as much practice as possible.

Hunting & Shooting

For the avid hunters among you, we’ve reviewed the best electronic ear muffs for shooting, the best shooting sticks for hunting and the best gloves for bow hunting. We’ve also covered the best marine binoculars to be able to see far distances, and the best 3D deer targets for realistic hunting scenarios. We’ve also reviewed the best headlamps for hunting, but which can also be used for other sports and activities.

We’ve reviewed the best compound bow quivers, as well as the best archery releases. For other archery equipment, we’ve reviewed the best archery arm guards, the best archery gloves and the best recurve bows for hunting. If you’re just getting started in bow hunting, you may find our review of the best recurve bows for beginners helpful.

Outside Work & Play

For those who find themselves constantly working on the house or garden, we’ve rounded up the best knee pads for flooring, and the best propane fogger for insects.

Running & Team Sports

Here you’ll find the best calf compression sleeves for shin splints and the best triathlon shorts for Iron Man competitions.

Security & Safety

If you’re worried about self-defense, consider our best expandable police batons, which can be used in the home or car as a great way to defend against predators and animals. We’ve covered the best hard hats for construction work, as well as the best pepper spray for runners. Combine these two things and the combination is potentially mind-blowing.

Outdoor Hobbies

We’ve recently reviewed the best beekeeping suits for those of you who like being surrounded by buzzing bees, as well as the best lawn fertilizer spreaders. You’ll find the best weed barrier fabrics for your garden, as well as the best laser distance measurers if you’re trying to get an accurate read on distances around your land.

For those of you who enjoy going to concerts, we’ve covered the best point and shoot cameras for concerts.

Other Sports and Activities

In the winter, check out our review of the best GoPro mounts for snowboarding, or the best stomp pads for snowboarding as well. You’ll find the best airsoft masks that are easiest to play in, and the best airsoft pistols to shoot your friends (or enemies?) with.

Injured from your sport of choice? No problem – check out the best kinesiology tape brands to see which ones might fit your body and needs best. If you aren’t injured, consider a sport like longboarding, which can throw you downhill at speeds that most humans will never experience on a small board. And if you’re into that, check out our reviews of the best longboard grip tape.

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