If your kitchen d├ęcor is a bit dull but you can’t afford a full renovation, adding just a few decorative accents may liven it up. When strategically placed, a lamp, curtain, potted plant, ceramic jar, copper accent piece, simple wood shelf, or watercolor painting can rejuvenate your kitchen. Here’s how to make it work for you.

1. Tiffany-style Lamps

Tiffany-style hanging lamps are available in various sizes and colors at affordable prices. These lamps are works of art and sure to draw the eye away from a bland color scheme. Choose a larger lamp with a bold design and light or bright colors, rather than one with a fine pattern and very dark colors.

Try to hang the lamp in a central location, for example over the kitchen sink or above an island. For darker cabinetry, go for a lamp with bright shades of yellow, orange, and red. For lighter cabinetry, light or bright colors will work; try lemon yellow, pink, and shades of blue or violet.

2. Checked Curtains

Checked curtains are a kitchen classic and will lend a relaxed country feel to your kitchen. With large windows, you’ll have the option of using wooden rods and rings, which go well with checks. If you have a small window you may want hang only a small ruffle or valence just above and slightly overlapping the window.

This will make the window look bigger and give you the advantage of a decorative curtain accent without compromising on natural lighting.

3. Get Green with It

A potted plant will bring life into your kitchen. Choose varieties that are low maintenance and work well indoors. The pothos plant has cheerfully bright green leaves and is adaptable to various display areas.

Peace lily and English ivy are lovely smaller plants for windows and shelves while dracaneas and parlor palms can be placed in large pots on the floor. Some herbs do well indoors too, such as parsley, oregano, and, rosemary. These will not only beautify your kitchen but also lend fresh flavors to your recipes. Place plants in decorative terra cotta or ceramic pots that fit your color scheme.

4. Containers, Containers, Containers

Ceramic jars, plates, and bowls come in an endless variety of colors and designs. Choose ceramic pieces that coordinate well with your other accent items. Jars can be placed on a counter or display shelf.

These are not only decorative but also help prevent kitchen clutter. They are handy for storing cookies or common kitchen ingredients. Ceramic plates can be hung on the wall or set on display shelves, while bowls can be filled with attractive fruit or candy.

To go the extra mile, consider using an airbrush compressor to give a ceramic jar or pot an artistic life of its own. Your guests will love the extra touch and you’ll get the chance to show off your creativity!

5. Copper Tones

Copper items are fun accent pieces, especially for a more traditional look. You don’t need a giant collection of hanging copper pots, which may create clutter. A few copper pieces will do the trick. Try a tea kettle, water pitcher (filled with fresh flowers?), or a small hanging rack of copper utensils.

6. Wood When it Matters

A simple wooden accent shelf is both decorative and functional. Use it to display ceramics, potted plants, family photos, or any of your favorite accent pieces. You can buy a simple display shelf or put one together yourself.

Choose a simple board of your desired dimensions. Fix decorative brackets into the wall and attach the board on top. Make sure the wood matches your cabinetry or paint it with a coordinating color.

7. Beautiful Watercolors

A very large watercolor painting will act as a focal point and fill your kitchen with light and color. Some great themes for a kitchen painting include fruit, a cornucopia, a bunch of multicolored peppers, or large sunflowers.

Try your own hand at painting, or ask a friend or family member to paint one for you. (Kids may enjoy getting involved in this.) Even a very simple painting will serve the purpose. But if you want something more professional, find an online portal and commission a freelance artist at an affordable rate. Use a thin wood frame or have the painting laminated onto a plywood.

Use several or all of these accent ideas to bring life to your dull kitchen. Try to stick to two main colors in selecting your items, and make sure that one or two are large enough to make a strong impression. Even without a major remodeling, your kitchen can become a colorful and cheerful space.