Our Review of Arteza Art Supplies: A Comprehensive Look at the Brand

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It is no secret that art is more than just about hobbies or having talent: art is a regular form of therapy. There are people who turn to art therapists in order to express their emotions and feelings by engaging in artistic activities. Whether you have a talent or not, art is something that makes life on Earth infinite times better: whether it’s making music, writing books, or creating paintings. Our Arteza review shows why they are such a trusted brand. So, in the name of glorious art, let’s dive in!

Who Is Arteza?

Is Arteza a good brand? Arteza is the kind of brand that likes to think they’re more than just that: they advertise themselves as being human. That’s because people connect with other people, not with a brand per se. Arteza is a company supported by creators, whether they are designers or musicians. And isn’t it wonderful when you can mimic that hobby into a business that makes going to work a joy every day?

arteza mixed media pad isolated in white background

When you first visit their website, the first thing that you’ll notice (aside from the vibrant colors that catch the eye) is the variety of different product categories. Their website is really easy to navigate, dividing the products into categories, but also group them according to the craft they serve.

Leaving all other introductions aside, we wanted to show you the company’s product categories and give you an idea about what their product line has to offer.

Pricing Policy

Before we get on to the actual product categories, we have to talk a little bit about MSRP, as there are some things you should know before you start buying stuff. MSRP is short for “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price”, and it is basically the price that other similar competitors have on their products. What Arteza does is to compare their products to other brands that provide a similar level of quality and adjust their prices so that the customers don’t feel ripped off.

The role of MSRP is so that customers can compare the prices for similar products on the market and witness that they are getting good deals on quality supplies.

Pencils & Pastels

Professional Watercolor Pencils - Set of 72 isolated in white background

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If you are a drawing enthusiast, you need to have a set of colored pencils. In fact, colors can sometimes explain a lot more about the artist than the actual elements that are used in the drawing. How often do you see depressed people using colors like yellow or pink?

Their pencil and pastels variety is very generous, ranging from sets of 24 to 72 pencils per set. They also sell regular pencils, be they individual or in packs. Some of these sets come in very good-looking boxes, giving you a storage method that’s both elegant and practical. You can choose between watercolor pencils, woodless pencils, colored pencils, and even 2H pencils. Prices are also extremely convenient, as a set of 72 colored pencils costs less than $30. And if you want to know more, check out our honest Arteza watercolor pencils review.

Paper & Boards

If you like to sketch and draw, you are most likely a fan of scrapbooks and pads. This particular product category is very generous in terms of what kind of pads you can buy. For example, you can purchase individual pads or sets of multiple products that come with different covers and different numbers of sheets. The pads look super professional, some of them having covered with drawing and sketching, while others are available in a single color.

You can find mix media paper, acrylic paper, scratch art paper, paper pads, watercolor pads, sketch pads, and more. But there is one more particular subcategory that we’d like to address: coloring books. Even if Arteza only has a number of two coloring books available, these are super therapeutic and can provide hours of relaxation. One of their coloring books is also available for free download (you can later print it and color it).

Markers & Pens

EverBlend Art Markers - Set of 60 isolated in white background

We can go on talking for hours (or pages) about the many wonderful products in this particular category. It’s literally a rainbow parade of vivid colors that every artist out there would love to own. You can find products like metallic markers, chalk markers, gel pens, dry erase markers, art markers, real brush pens, airbrush pens, and more.

This category is also home to marker pen organizers, which are basically cases that can support 72, 108, or 144 different markers. Whenever you’re ready to stock on highlighters to help you study for the next semester, Arteza has some pretty cool deals on sets of up to 60 markers.

Paint & Mediums

Welcome to the wonderful world of painting, and forget everything you knew about quality watercolors being ridiculously expensive. It doesn’t matter if you need oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, or fabric paint, because Arteza gouache has got you covered. What you’re going to love about shopping here is that they offer sweet deals on bundles with multiple colors.

For instance, they have a set of 60 x 30 ml bottles with fabric paint, in colors that are to die for. The paints are permanent and machine-washable, which basically allows you to create the T-shirt of your dreams. The price of the set is $54.99, but the number of products available will allow you to paint many beautiful fabrics until you’re ready to buy more supplies.

Art Sets & Bundles

Arteza Real Brush Pens + Arteza Mixed Media Pad + Arteza Fineliner Pens + Water Brush

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Buying sets of supplies is more convenient for a number of different reasons. First of all, you get a great deal when it comes to price per unit, and you also benefit from products that are similar in quality, but available in a lot of different colors. Arteza offers craft bundles, art sets, drawing sets, or acrylic paint sets, all of which look amazing and are super fun to work with.

Let’s look at some examples. You can buy a set with 24 brush pens, two watercolor pads, and six water brushes for $53.99. The brush pens are made with quality ink which is resistant to fade and bleeding. The water brush pens have different tips that will give you more control over what you draw, and watercolor pads provide a great drawing surface and are acid-free, so you can rest assured that your work will withstand the test of time.

You can also buy an acrylic painter’s starter bundle, which is very generous in terms of what it has to offer. The bundle comes with 60 colors that are available in tubes of 22 ml each, plus 28 panels of four different sizes. The paint has a buttery texture and will hold brush strokes when you use it, while the panels are primed and ready for you to create masterpieces. The price of the set is $65.99.

Canvas & Surfaces

Arteza Canvas Panels, Rectangular, Multiple Sizes - Pack of 28 isolated in white background

Of course, every work of art needs a canvas. The musician uses a score, the writer uses paper, and the painter uses a canvas. Arteza offers a variety of canvases and surfaces that are available in multiple shapes and sizes so that you can be really flexible with your end result. Plenty of their canvases are sold in packs so that you won’t have to place multiple orders if you want more than one unit.

You can opt between mini canvases, foam boards, canvas panels, or stretches canvases. Foam boards, for instance, are available in packs of 12, in both white and black versions. The boards are dual-sided and provide great support for crafting projects, but also for presentations or painting. They are easy to cut, work really well with supplies like paint, markers, or glue, and are available at a price of $29.99 for a set of 12.

Now, imagine that you want to create miniature canvases with wooden supports that can be placed on a piece of furniture, desks, nightstands, coffee table, or other flat surfaces. You can purchase a pack of 14 of these little babies, all featuring a smooth cotton surface, and a pinewood stretcher-bar.


Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Colors + Arteza Premium Wood Slices + Arteza Miniature Brushes

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Crafting is another very generous category, but one that does incorporate products that you may have seen in the aforementioned categories as well (for instance, you can find foam boards under canvases, but also here, under crating supplies). Naturally, since Arteza really made an effort for users to have a pleasant browsing experience and find the supplies they’re looking for in record time, they have divided this section into different crafting categories.

That means that you can shop for supplies that are meant to be used in body art, sculpture, or wood crafting. For example, those who are looking for support for wood crafting can buy a set of 45 wood slices designed for a multitude of different projects. You can use these in pyrography, paint them and use them as coasters, draw them with markers, and plenty of other ingenious ideas that come to mind. The set also comes with 50 feet of twine, so that you can hand your miniature art pieces wherever you like (that must have given you some awesome tree decoration ideas).

Since it’s important for an adult to invite children into the world of art in hopes they’ll fall in love with it (at least as a way to channel all that energy that seems like an endless resource for children to tap into), Arteza also has a category designed for kids and the supplies they need to welcome art into their lives. Under this category, you will find sets of colored pencils, chalk combs, metallic flash tattoos, fuse beads, tempera paint, finger paints, and others.


Arteza Dry Erase Markers + Arteza Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers + Arteza Dry Erase Lapboards

You might have noticed that certain art supplies are missing from the aforementioned categories. Don’t even think that Arteza has left them out; they’re just files in the “others” category. Here, you can find quilting supplies, planners, journals, wall frames, brushes and tools, and other items that might be considered supplies for arts and crafting.

Let’s assume that you have your heart set on making an announcement board. You can find a set of letter board letters for less than $10. The set comes with 376 letters, plus symbols and numbers, all of them being available in a gold and silver version. Easy to read and extremely eye-catching, these letters can serve a multitude of purposes (yes, even for making a welcome sign for your wedding venue).

Oh, and one of our most favorite supplies are dry erase lap boards. But that’s just because we love making schedules and keeping track of our writing goals (writing is a form of art too, okay?). Aside from buying the boards themselves, you can also find sets of erasers and compatible markers that are easy to remove from the board.

Shipping & Returns

conception of transporting of loads all over the world

Naturally, it’s very important for you to know the shipping and return policy of every single product that you buy from the internet. It took a long time for online sales to earn the trust of people who weren’t willing to give out their credit card information, so reliable websites always make this information available to everyone before the actual purchase is made.

If you’re interested in buying some arts and crafts supplies from Arteza, you should know that they offer a 30-days return policy on products that haven’t been opened and used. It’s important that you return the product in the original packaging if you want to benefit from a full refund.

Now, you’re probably wondering who exactly can benefit from these amazing supplies. First of all, know that Arteza only delivers products to the continental US. That means that you can’t order if you’re from Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Alaska, or Hawaii. The company doesn’t ship internationally (that includes you, Canada), but they do have a UK website, which you can visit if you want to place orders from the UK.

Each order placed from inside the US will benefit from free standard shipping. However, you also have the option to select expedited shipping, but it will cost you an extra $4. Regular deliveries can take between three and seven business days, but those who pay for expedited shipping can expect to receive their products in two or three business days. The company has several warehouses across the USA, so there’s no telling where your order comes from.


a smiling women using Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools from Arteza

When it comes to art and crafting supplies, Arteza isn’t just a brand that provides you with the materials you need, but one that’s looking to balance quality products with convenient and competitive prices.

Their website is super easy to navigate, and there’s no chance of anyone getting lost or confused with this intuitive interface. You might not even be sure what exactly you’re looking for, in which case it’s enough to browse a certain category and you’ll surely receive proper product guidance.

The best part about Arteza is that they offer products in bulk (some might say that the worst part is that they offer products in bulk), which means that you get really convenient offers for buying sets that will keep you supplied with whatever you need to make art! And if you’d like to try them out for yourself, use out Arteza discount code for instant savings!