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As a nurse, I know how much it sucks standing on your feet through a 12 hour shift. Heck you don’t even have to be a nurse to experience the pain and suffering of a long day on your feet on hard surfaces. Ask a retail store worker, a shelf-stocker or anyone else with a standing-based job.

Throughout the day my legs would begin to swell, and ache. I never realized they were swelling until I tried out a pair of compression hose for the first time. They really helped ease my discomfort, but they weren’t comfortable, if that makes sense.

They would fall down, and they were a bit itchy and just unpleasant in general. I was debating whether to give up compression hose entirely, when a friend suggested compression socks instead. I gave them a try and never looked back.

That first pair that I had was AMAZING.

Comparison Table

Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men
  • Reduces swelling
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Wide variety of colors and designs
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A-Swift Performance Compression Socks
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Helps regulate temperature
  • Anti-fungal and Anti-odor
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Nurse Mates Women’s Compression Trouser Sock
  • One size fits most
  • Wide calf up to 22" circumference
  • 8-15 mmHg compression
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CompressionZ Men and Women Running Casual Socks
  • CompressionZ full-length
  • 20 30 mmHG compression
  • 72% Nylon and 28% spandex
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ABD Athletics Premium Compression Socks
  • Elevates oxygen levels
  • Enhances blood flow
  • 30-day guarantee period
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I felt better instantly, the fit was comfortable and I was able to go throughout the day without aches and pains. Unfortunately that first pair wore out quickly, and doing laundry daily to keep them clean wasn’t practical.

That’s when I decided to run to the local pharmacy and pick up a pair, unfortunately they were nothing like the high quality socks I had at home! They didn’t work very well, they weren’t as comfortable and I disliked them more than the compression hose I started with.

Over the years I’ve tried out many different brands and styles of compression sock, and I’d like to pass on that information to another nurse, because buying subpar compression socks sucks. They’re not cheap, and everyone wants that first pair to work well.

What to Look for in Compression Socks for Nurses

  • Compression: Above all else the socks need to offer plenty of compression. They need to keep your legs from swelling, help support your veins and just keep away those unpleasant side effects that come from standing all day.
  • Comfort: On top of working, the socks should also be comfortable. Who would want to wear a pair of overly hot, or itchy and scratchy socks all day? Not me! These socks are chosen based on how they feel on the foot and the calf.
  • Style: Finally you have to consider style. While it’s not the most important thing in the world to have a cute pair of compression socks, it’s helpful! Most of the top socks come in attractive prints, and this makes owning them that much more enjoyable.

Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men

Go2 Compression white sock with purple orange blue green dots


The line of Go2 Compression Socks is a solid option for nurses and other professionals on their feet all day long. They come in a range of attractive patterns but more importantly they offer a nice tight fit when sized properly.

The key here is making sure that you buy the proper size, get them too small and they’re uncomfortable, pick up too big of a size and they are ineffective. Size them just right and you’ll experience relief from swelling and discomfort.

You’ll be a nurse running around on their feet in no time, without the added pain and pressure that you’d normally feel without the socks.

Customer Feedback

  • Easy to put on
  • Extremely comfortable
  • No edema since wearing them
  • Ultimate relief
  • Kept my blood circulating
  • Cute designs
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A-Swift Performance Compression Socks

A-Swift Performance Compression Socks in multiple colors and designs


These A-Swift compression socks offer an excellent fit with plenty of support without feeling overly tight. They’re a perfect balance between the two extremes and will help alleviate pain and discomfort from standing or sitting too long.

The main thing that I really enjoyed about this pair of socks is that they’re not so thick and hot as some. They breathe a bit better, and they help mitigate odor throughout a shift better than most others.

They’re designed for use by athletes, but work really well for nurses as well, since they get the job done and do it the right way the first time around. No more swollen, uncomfortable feet for you again.

Customer Feedback

  • Impressed with the quality of the socks
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
  • My legs and feet feel awesome
  • You’ll forget you’re wearing them
  • Best brand by far
  • No problems with slipping down the legs
  • Will not hurt your ankles
  • Eliminates any and all issues that were previously had with other socks
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Nurse Mates Women’s Compression Trouser Sock

Nurse Mates Women Compression Trouser Sock with different colors ribbon

If you’re looking for a moderate level of compression to help alleviate pain and swelling these Nurse Mates Women’s Compression Trouser Socks are awesome. They have a cool EKG pattern that other nurses will get a kick out of, but more importantly they work quite well.

The socks stay in place throughout a shift, they offer a small amount of squeeze, but not enough to be uncomfortable by any means. If other socks seem a bit too tight to you, these are just the ones to try out next.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re really affordable either as one of the cheapest options on my list at the moment, and since they work it is well worth it. I would recommend these on a list to anyone that has a job where they have hurting feet and legs.

Don’t take the pain, get a good pair of compression socks to help with that.

Customer Feedback

  • Just the right amount of compression
  • Not too tight and not too loose
  • Received so many complements on the design
  • Notice a difference after a long shift
  • Comfortable to wear
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CompressionZ Men and Women Running Casual Socks

CompressionZ for men and women with multiple color polka dots socks


CompressionZ makes an excellent set of compression socks and these are good for nurses or any other professionals on your feet for an extended period. There are two things to like about these socks. First and of course most importantly they’re comfortable, soft and they offer enough compression to work well.

Second, they come in a bunch of cool prints that make buying them a lot of fun. I have quite a few of these socks and I love picking and choosing from the different prints when deciding which I’m going to wear for the day.

So if you want something that not only provides you with a cool way to show off during those long shifts, while also having something that works and keeps the pain away; these socks are just the socks for you and your feet and legs!

Customer Feedback

  • Love these socks
  • Reduces and controls edema
  • Great for long shifts
  • Reduces pain in the feet and legs
  • Keeps circulation in the legs
  • Fun prints and designs to choose from
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ABD Athletics Premium Compression Socks

ABD Athletics Premium socks in black white green pink colors


When standard compression socks just don’t seem tight enough to you to do a good job, these ABD Athletics Premium Compression socks are the ones to pick. While they’re a bit tighter than I prefer, I have several friends that swear by this brand and this pair specifically. They are tough to get on and offer a great deal of compression.

If you’re not getting the results that you’d hoped for from your other compression socks, give this pair a shot. They certainly offer enough squeeze.

So what are you waiting for? Order yourself a pair before one of those long shifts and give them a try. You will not only feel better and lighter on your feet but your legs will thank you for it after a long day of running around.

Customer Feedback

  • Little bit of a struggle to get on and off
  • Tight fit that doesn’t slouch or slide down
  • Highly recommended
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Great for workouts, not just long shifts
  • Great bright colors
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