The 5 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants: Aquascape Reviews
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Aquariums can look pretty plain without the right items inside them. Of course, you probably have your fish but what if they want something to hide behind or swim next too?

You might have looked into those little rock caves, signs and other decorative things to place inside the tank, but have you ever thought of adding some of the freshwater aquarium plants out there that can provide you with the beautiful look and feel you want out of a fish tank?

They’re easy to care for and can make the tank look beautiful, while providing healing effects to the fish and cleaning effects to the tank. This means less work for you overall.

With so many options to go with, you can customize the tank to look however you’d like, depending on the type of plants that you choose to place inside the water. This is what is going to make your tank stand out.

I chose many of the colorful, yet larger ones to go in my tank. This was because I wanted something that dominated the inside and provided my fish with a way to have their own privacy and space when swimming around on the inside.

Ready to find your freshwater plants for the inside of your aquarium?

Comparison Table

25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants Package
  • Get 6 grown plant bunches
  • Provides natural resting and hiding places
  • With 6 grown plant bunches, 1 of each species
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Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant
  • Easy and secure placement
  • Ideal for 20 -75 gallons aquariums
  • Includes 13 plants from 3to 15 Inch tall
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3 Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prevents excessive algae growth
  • Live plants that absorb nitrates
View Product
Live Java Mini Moss Plant tied to a Natural Coconut Husk
  • 100% all natural moss
  • Removes nitrate, CO2 and waste
  • Don't need to be anchored to grow
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Potted Dwarf Baby Tears Aquarium Live Plant
  • Grown organically
  • Get one 2 inch pot of Dwarf Baby Tears
  • Includes West Coast Tropical plant Guide
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What to Look for in Freshwater Aquarium Plants

  • Natural characteristics: You want something that is not fake and plastic, but something that is natural and going to provide benefits to the water and fish living within the tank. This can come from the most natural plants throughout the area. Always check to find out what the plants are made of, and whether or not they’re natural.
  • Ease of use: Putting the plants inside the tank should not be a hassle. You should easily be able to place them down into the ground on the tank and allow them to sit there easily. If there are many directions with the plants, you might want to choose others.
  • Size of plants: Depending on the size of the tank that you’re placing these plants in, you want to make sure that you’re going with the right size plants. You want them to look nice inside the tank but not over take it. This can be done with the right size plants for the inside of the tank.
  • Species: You may enjoy one species of plant over another, or your fish might not be well suited for some. Checking into this ahead of time can prove to be beneficial when you’re not poisoning the water or the fish inside your tank.

25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants Package


25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants Package

In order to get a good mix of items throughout the tank, you can go with a package deal such as 25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants Package that provides you with a way to grow the plants right inside the aquarium.

You get a healthy mix of plants, such as Anacharis and Amazons and others that are going to provide your tank with a healthy look and feel.

These plants are the most ideal for aquariums that are 10 or more gallons of water since there are many of them, and a lot of the choices can become much larger inside a tank.

Easy to set down on the floor of the tank, you can easily place them throughout the water with ease. They do come with instructions to keep them growing and healthy, but for the most part, aquatic plants do not need a lot to grow, making this an ideal package for any fish lover.

Customer Feedback

  • Comes with more than enough plants for one tank
  • Easy to plant
  • Came in great condition
  • Plants grow fast inside the tank
  • Plants look great inside the tank
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Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant


Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant

For a natural plant variety, the Marina Aquascaper Variety Pack Aquarium Plant provides the user with a way to decorate the inside of the tank with ease.

They simply slip under the gravel inside the tank and are able to provide the shade and privacy that some of the fish inside might love. Additionally, they come with easy to read instructions for caring for the plants.

Ideal for aquariums between 20 to 75 gallons, and provide the user with 13 different plants that all vary in height.

Though these plants are not all natural, they’re made from natural looking materials without chemical compounds, so that the fish inside the aquarium are not going to become sick due to being exposed to chemicals that might come off inside the water.

Easy to set up and split up, depending on what it is that you want inside your tank. Pull them out of the bag and decorate the tank today.

Customer Feedback

  • Great buy for the price
  • Bushy and full
  • Real life looking
  • Easy to place inside the tank
  • Arrived fast
  • Great selection of different plants
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3 LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls


3 LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls

For a little something different, but still pretty cool; the 3 LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls provide tanks with a cute little extra addition that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get from some of the other plants on the market.

Grown in Japan, they continue to grow and flourish while they are placed inside the fresh water aquarium.

They can provide fish with a way to play and enjoy the privacy that each of the balls gives them, while also enjoying the moss that they’re made from. This provides the fish and other aquatic pets with a way to enjoy their time in the tank.

They help improve the quality of the water inside the tank, as well. This is because they absorb all of the negative items inside the water and hold them inside their large bristles. Additionally, they are also great to use within other bodies of water and not just inside tanks.

They require minimal maintenance and they continue to grow and live for up to seven years, making them ideal for any plant and fish lover.

Customer Feedback

  • Great bundle at a great price
  • Exceeded expectations
  • Grew fast
  • Great addition to the tank
  • Kept my water healthy and clean inside the tank
  • Stand out well inside the tank
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Live Java Mini Moss Plant tied to a Natural Coconut Husk


Live Java Mini Moss Plant tied to a Natural Coconut Husk

Big, bushy, beautiful and green; the Live Java Mini Moss Plant tied to a Natural Coconut Husk provides your tank with a way to stand out when there is not much going on inside it.

Coming all the way from Asia, these husks provide a delicate balance inside the tank that does not pollute the water but actually helps clean it and make it stand out a bit more. Your fish are sure to love the extra privacy that they can get when hiding behind the big tuft.

Simply set it at the bottom of the tank and the plant will absorb the water and sit at the bottom, allowing the fish to use it at their whim, while also providing the tank with a beautiful appeal.

It provides a more naturalistic appeal than some of the other plants, and since it is real and alive, it will continue to grow and provide a cluster look inside the tank.

It has a long lifespan, allowing you to keep it inside the tank for years to come without having to worry about replacing it or adding new plants to the inside of the tank for additional foliage for the fish within. Providing your tank with oxygen, it works in conjunction with the filter and oxygen system.

Customer Feedback

  • Great quality
  • Makes the tank look awesome
  • Came quickly
  • Easy to use and add to the tank
  • Shrimp love it
  • Adds color to the inside of the tank
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Potted Dwarf Baby Tears Aquarium Live Plant


Potted Dwarf Baby Tears Aquarium Live Plant

For something a bit more beautiful and scenic, you can enjoy the benefits that come from the Potted Dwarf Baby Tears Aquarium Live Plant when it is placed inside your tank.

A bit different from the tufts of other growth and plant life that is inside the tank, this is more like a potted plant that you have to anchor under the gravel inside the tank in order to have it flourish within the water.

It is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, so you can add it to the tank right away, and it also is easy to use. The package comes with two different plants that are easily able to be replanted and removed from the pots that they come in to keep them moist.

It is long lasting, meaning you do not have to worry about continuing to purchase additional plants to add to the inside of the tank when you’re using these.

They have a great deal of growth throughout the years, as well. This provides your fish and other water life with plenty of privacy when fully grown out.

Customer Feedback

  • Very green and healthy looking
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy to use
  • Great for any size tank
  • Some fish do eat the plant
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