Choosing the right staple gun is important if you want to get your work done right the first time. Don’t be one of the many buyers who take this process for granted and end up with work that has to be redone within a year.

A lot of people assume that purchasing a staple gun for upholstery is as easy as selecting the first affordable model they come upon. But this is a crucial mistake that can end up wasting a lot of time, nerves, and not to mention your hard-earned money. To find the best upholstery unit, you must know which qualities to seek out. Since it’s unlikely that you’re already a staple gun expert, this article is here to help you make the right choice.

It’s completely pointless to purchase a flimsy model that can’t even make it through a full project. Given the fact that you probably aren’t an expert on the matter, we are here to help you with the issue. Once you get yourself a quality tool, you’ll start discovering many uses for it outside of just upholstery work.

The Best Staple Guns for Upholstery

The units below all offer top-notch performance. We have sifted through a variety of staple gun models and found a list of the tools that offer the best value, reliability, and will work for entry level workers.

  1. The Fasco F1B 50-16
  2. The Surebonder 9600A
  3. The Stanley TR250
  4. The Porter-Cable US58
  5. The Stanley TR45

The Fasco F1B 50-16

fasco upholstery staple gun

This model was crafted specifically for upholstery work and will, therefore, work best for those projects. The Fasco F1B 50-16 can penetrate wood easily and the staples can make it through solid hickory without any issues or misfires.

“The design of the Fasco F1B 50-16 Upholstery Stapler Pusher is as simple as possible,” said Staple Gun Reviews. “You won’t receive a fancy colored tool, but you’ll receive a simple one that has been designed with the idea of functionality in mind. Thus, it’s quite easy to put it to work and benefit from all the advantages that it brings.”

The F1B 50-16 stapler offers single shots and is a great replacement for your old, manual tool that has been giving you difficulties each time you use it. With this model, just give the trigger a simple pull and it will drive a staple easily into whatever material is present. Although it may seem like magic, its efficiency comes from being air-powered.

Due to its air-powered nature, the gun is a lot easier to transport and weighs only 2 and a half pounds! Unlike other models, your hand won’t get sore from pushing a lever all day and you also won’t wear out your arm toting around a heavy stapler gun. This gun has a speed firing capability that is automatic and adjustable, as well as a long magazine. The Duo Fast staples the tool calls for are easy to find.

Just use the adjustment knob to choose the speed you desire, from super fast to single shots. The magazine has double length, cutting down loading frequency by 50 percent. This is perfect for screening jobs, craft projects, house wrap, and felt paper projects in addition to upholstery work.

This staple pusher can work with Duo Fast 50 staples, as stated, or comparable counterparts. Use half-inch by half-inch staples that are anywhere between a quarter-inch and 5/8 inch, depending on the project. When using this stapler, it’s recommended that you use two drops of oil each time you take it out. The oil shouldn’t make a mess or be a problem, just point the stapler and shoot. The gun is easy to maneuver for both pros and complete beginners.

The Surebonder 9600A

Surebonder 9600A

If you have much experience with carpentry or upholstery work, you have likely worn out many electric powered and hand powered staple guns over time. You can use an air-powered model, such as the Surebonder 9600A and completely change the work that you do. This gun is crafted from all metal and will drive staples perfectly straight into both oak and pine using the same level of air pressure.

“In terms of safety, this staple gun is all for it,” said Jaycee at Air Tool Guy. “The mechanism ensures safe working condition for the users. The gun also features a quick release mechanism for a much simpler stapling experience. You would also find the staples easy to replace because they are of standard sizes.”

This staple gun is compact, lightweight, and comes with a fully adjustable port for exhaust. This gun is faster to use than others since you don’t need to sit it flat on your working surface like other guns to get the staple completely in. You will find the pointy nose on this model very useful for tight spots, which will save you time on screen jobs and big insulation.

This Surebonder staple gun offers safe, fast performance and all the power needed for putting house wrap up, installing insulation, personal crafting needs, and more. The tool is versatile and offers precision for more specialty projects like creating picture frames, finishing the backs of cabinets, and repairing screen doors.

The quick-release magazine on this staple gun can hold up to 100 staples and enables you to refill quickly on the job with its simple drop-in loading. There is a view window for seeing how your staple supply is doing as you work, so you’ll know when a refill is necessary. You’ll also find a handy safety mechanism for preventing accidental firing.

This gun comes with rubber grips and a balanced body for a comfortable fit in your hand. Use it for hours at a time without any fatigue or discomfort. The stapler comes factory equipped with a fast connector so you can get your projects set up fast. It also comes with a durable carrying case for keeping the tool safe when not in use.

Are you tired of having to buy a new slap stapler or hammer tacker every time you have to staple plastic or roofing felt? This tool will last you for years and can be used to cover large areas and to staple 6 mil plastic for temporarily covering projects you’re working on. It will not jam or fail as you work. Note that some users may dislike that the handle is covered in plastic which has a chemical smell.

The Stanley TR250

Stanley TR250 SharpShooter

For a staple gun that is easy for nearly anyone to use, the Stanley TR250 is a good selection. The product is easy to squeeze and works great as a wire tacker, cable tacker, brad nailer, and of course as a traditional staple gun. Its all-metal drive channel allows for better penetration into surfaces with stronger driving power and less force needed.

“The Stanley TR250 is built with aircraft grade aluminum so the housing is just as durable as if it were an all-steel construction,” said Staple Slinger. “This is combined with a flush nose design that gives your pressure more leverage in driving the points of the staple into your preferred material.”

The Stanley TR250 has durable aluminum casing for a heavy duty finish that will last and last. The power level has a Hi/Lo setting for both soft and hard materials and the flush-nose design of the gun fixes the issue of trying to staple in hard-to-reach areas. The handle locks down so you can store your gun safely when it’s not in use.

Enjoy the window in this tool for viewing how many staples you have left, along with the full-stick, easy-slide staple load. The gun is compatible with 5/8-inch, 9/16-inch, and ½-inch brads, along with Arrow T-50 crown staples (heavy duty) and TRA700 Stanley Sharp Shooter staples.

Although the Stanley TR250 is very versatile and useful, it does have limits. For instance, it won’t tack into certain hardwoods, concrete, or metal as well as other surfaces. What it should be used for is tacking up items in places that are hard to reach with other staple guns. Think siding paper, insulation inside a wall, or areas near roof flashing. That’s what this unit can do for you.

This staple gun, as a bonus, can do more than just staple. It’s valuable in projects involving both wire tacking and brad nailing but you may find it limited for heavy-duty tasks. You can use it to easily staple wire up to a post, but don’t try to use it for attaching cedar to fencing frames.

Keep in mind that, as mentioned, you can use this gun with both Stanley TRA700 staples and Arrow T-50s. Although generic staples built for these units can work, they will jam more than brand name selections. This unit offers power lever access for accommodating harder or softer materials as needed. The handle of this gun can be locked down when you aren’t using it for safe storage.

The Porter-Cable US58

Porter-Cable US58

If your upholstery stapling needs are more on the heavy-duty side of things, the Porter-Cable US58 makes these tasks extremely easy for both professionals and amateurs.

“While one cannot say it’s a particularly cheap piece of equipment, the price-to-quality ratio is more than favorable,” said Timothy at Tool Nerds. “In other words, if your budget allows it, don’t hesitate to make an investment, it’s worth the effort.”

The design of this unit is lightweight, which is highly desirable with these tools, particularly when you’re using them for bigger projects. Weight has a lot to do with how quickly you can tackle these tasks and the US58 weighs under two pounds. Just follow the easy instructions listed in the manual and make sure you’re using the tool within its limits and no issues should come up.

This model works on air power, meaning it works using an air compressor separate from the unit. Some may hesitate when they see that they have to buy something separate with the gun, but this particular tool only requires about 80 PSI to function. This means you can use any compressor available if it delivers a minimum of 100 PSI. This leaves you with a lot of choices and the ability to find an affordable compressor.

Usually, upholstery guns have a hard time with nose length, particularly with thicker materials. A lot of models can’t pierce through more than a single layer of fabric, making them useless for extra projects. Thankfully, this specific tool can pierce deeper with its elongated nose, processing more layers regardless of depth.

As some experienced users may already know, stability and a light weight are two crucial factors for pneumatic guns. Fortunately, this model delivers both and you will notice it immediately after picking it up. Note that the unit is effective but doesn’t look very appealing aesthetically.

Stanley TR45 Stapler

Stanley TR45 Light Duty Staple Gun

Looking for a light-duty gun that will take care of everyday projects around the house? The Stanley TR45 is crafted from steel, offers long-lasting durability with its chrome-plated construction, and has a clearing mechanism for jamming to save you on time and inconvenience.

“Perfect for everyday stapling needs around the home or office,” said More than Big. “Lightweight with convenient handle lock for safe storage Quick-jam-clear mechanism saves time and hassles. Chrome-plated steel construction for durability.”

This is the smaller version of Stanley’s heavier-duty staple gun and is perfect for small projects like plywood or cardboard. The Stanley TR45 should be used with either Arrow JT-21 or Stanley TRA200 staples. When you’re done using this unit, there’s a handle lock that enables you to store it safely. The tool is easy to operate and is light enough for use by seniors. It also has an affordable price.

This manual, lightweight gun is perfect for jobs around the office or home. Crafters will likely find many uses for art projects and of course, upholstery work is also possible, including repairs.

3 Tips for Using Your Staple Gun

Staple guns are needed by every well-rounded handyman and can be used for many different projects. House wrapping, insulation work, and affixing wiring are just a few of the tasks that will call for a tool like this. In addition, you can use one for home improvement, like building wooden shelves and repairing furniture.

While most guns can easily punch through wood and plastic, some can also pierce masonry. This how-to section will cover the correct usage of your new tool, regardless of the specific type you’re using.

  • Adjusting Pressure: To start stapling, get your staple gun level with the material that needs to be stapled and pull its trigger. The level of pressure applied must be adjusted to fit the type of tool you’re using. With an electric gun, for instance, only a small amount of pressure is needed. Manual guns, on the other hand, will call for more pressure.
  • Preventing Mishaps: No matter what type of staple gun you use, proper tool etiquette will help you prevent any mishaps. These tools are intended to punch through tough materials, meaning that a staple pointed the wrong way can spell trouble. For starters, never leave the gun out in the open or unattended. When you set it down, always engage the safety mechanism between uses.
  • More Safety Precautions: Don’t ever point the tool at yourself or other people, even when it’s empty. As with other guns, it should always be treated as if it’s loaded, even when it isn’t. Make sure your finger isn’t anywhere near the trigger between uses to avoid misfiring the gun. Before you begin using it, read the instruction manual through a couple of times.

You will also want to check the cord when you’re using an electronic gun and keep your unit away from kids at all times. Wearing safety goggles can help you prevent injuries. When you step away from your tool, unplug it, just to be safe. These tips will help you have the best experience with your new staple gun.