69 Creative Ways To Give Money as a Gift

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Certain occasions call for cash gifts. Graduations, weddings, or birthdays for that person in your life who is never satisfied with anything you get them. These are situations where the best present to give is currency but, sometimes, you don’t know what to write on a card when giving money. There has to be a better way!

As creative people, we don’t want to just put a heap of cash into an envelope and plop it down in front of our recipient. We want unique DIY money holders and ideas that stand out from the typical money holder card. This gift needs flair. It needs to stand out amongst a sea of other green laden gifts in the pile.

For that very reason, we have put together this list of sixty-nine ways to creatively give cash as a gift.

1. Money Cake

Money cake, Graduation gift, money gift,

The first item on our list works well for graduation but can be used for birthdays or any other celebration. You would need to roll up several bills so, if you aren’t planning to give a fortune, you might want to stop at the bank and get some singles and two dollar bills. There are so many ways you can go with this the possibilities are endless.



2. Grows On Trees

Fitzsimmons Tabletop Money Tree Paper Disposable Centerpiece

Our next idea is quite simple and you can throw it together easily or you can take it a step further. All you need is a picture stand, the kind of which can be found online or in many houseware type stores. There are little metal clips that are meant for photos but you can put fives, tens, and even twenties in there instead. Glue on some decorations to spice it up.



3. Lei It On Me

50 Dollar Money Lei - Yellow and White Lei - Graduation Lei - Cash Lei - Dollar Bill Lei

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii or have watched a movie or television show based there then you know a customary tradition to put one around the neck of travelers to say hello and farewell. Typically they are made of flowers like Kika blossoms, carnations, and other florals favorites. This one is made of dollar bills, or more if you like.



4. Money Bags

Graduation College Fund Money Bag

There’s a reason why this term is popular. Because, when armored cars come to ATMs, banks, and other businesses they are either collecting or delivering notes of value. When they do this the cash is put into bags. With this fun drawstring sack, you can give an undisclosed amount to your receiver in a fun way.



5. Magic Money Puzzle

Magic Money Puzzle Gift Box

Image Source: www.instructables.com

Here we have an idea that will take a bit of know-how where woodworking is concerned. If you have a table or band saw, drill with a bit set, a sander and some experience then this puzzle box is a fun way to give a cash gift and get some laughs while you’re at it. This box is hard to open so you can watch your loved one struggle for the prize.

6. Fold It

Money Origami ring - heart box - US dollar bill - ring with holder - kids gift - money gift - christmas Stocking stuffer

Origami is an ancient art of folding paper that has origins in several cultures like China, Europe, and Japan. It’s an art that can be learned with time and patience. Or you can pay for someone else to do it for you. In this example, the bills were turned into a box and a ring. This idea would be fun to give to teenagers.



7. Tissue Box

Kleenex Box cash gift

Image Source: redefinedmom.com

Here we have a crafters dream. All you need is a kleenex box, some fun paper or card stock, glue or tape, scissors, some stickers, markers, and some painter’s tape. With all of these ingredients, you will create a fun receptacle to not only hide the amount you’ve chosen to give, but it also creates a fun way to find the contents.

8. Smash It

man making a smash it cash gift

Image Source: www.instructables.com

Breaking things can be fun. Just ask anyone who struck the death blow to a piñata. Only this time the breaker will be crushing plaster, that you will mold with their reward inside. This project isn’t as difficult as you might think. But you need to be sure to have a container to put the money in before covering it with the mold.

9. Pop It!

woman holding money balloons

Image Source: sugarandcharm.com

Balloons are always fun at a party and you will be the hit if you walk in with some helium orbs filled with green. Not only will the creation of this gift stand out but the person of honor will be delighted every time they look at the balloons. Just be sure not to let them fly away.

10. Bon Bon Bills

A Chocolate Box of Money in wooden background

Image Source: lifeasmom.com

Here’s a great idea and all you need to do is get a box of candy. Use the box, and the paper cups, to hold different denominations. This is a clever way to reuse something that would just be thrown away. Or, it’s a great reason to buy a box of candy and eat it all.

11. More Origami

There’s a reason why this art form is so popular. Not only is it a cute way to present your gift, but it’s also fun to make. This video gives a step by step guide to creating a little box made of cash with simple folding techniques. It includes a diploma for graduations.

12. Your Fortune in a Cookie Shape

cash in the shape of a fortune cookie

Image Source Here

Fortune cookies are always a pleasure at the end of a delicious Chinese meal. This idea takes that tradition and adds a bit of origami to create a neat present for a birthday. At first, the task might seem annoying with all the folds but the finished product is well worth the work.

13. Everyone Loves Flowers

Money Flower Bouquet in wooden background

Image Source Here

If folding a cookie seems intricate how about a rose made from the green. This project doesn’t require much. A few bills, floral tape, artificial leaves, and floral wire. Make sure the money is the crispest you can find. This approach is smart and would be a neat wedding gift.

14. Make Them See Stars

dollar Bill Origami Stars

Image Source Here

Stars guide us through the darkness and times can be dark when you don’t have any money. This fold brings that ideology into your offering. You can create a bunch of stars and put them in a box for the person to find.

15.  Create a Brick House

Money Inside a Brick Gift

Image Source Here

Our next idea is not for the faint of heart. It requires a drill, which isn’t the tough part, but it requires the creator to seal money into a hole they put in a brick. The idea is to let the person you are giving to break that brick until their cash prize is released. If you want to make it a bit softer you can paint a flower on the side.

16. Dress It Up

Money Origami Shirt and Tie Instructions

Image Source Here

Here we go with the origami again but it’s no surprise once you try it because it’s a fun way to pass the time. When you add some moola to the mix it kicks the task up a million notches. This is a great idea for someone who just got a promotion or landed that new job. It could go toward a new wardrobe.

17. Toilet Roll Humor

embroidered toilet paper, white elephant gift with a few twenties in the middle

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Toilet paper is something we can all use and can’t have too much in stock. With this gift, you are being creative with your packaging while offering a useful gift.

18. Seal It Up In a Jar

handmade stache jar with money and chocolates inside

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Most crafty people have jars lying around their house, which is what makes this idea so attractive. You can create this with things you might already have in your stash of craft items that you know you’ll use someday. This style makes a great wedding gift.

19. Wreath of Wealth


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You may never consider money a good as a Christmas gift but what about a wreath for a different celebration? This wreath is great for graduates. You can also make one for bridal and baby showers.

20. Emoji Bank

All you need for this project are a few pieces of a cup for the model, cardboard, paint, some glue, and a box cutter and you’ll have a charming homemade box that hides the true gift inside.

21. Emergency Frame Funds

“IN AN EMERGENCY” GRADUATION GIFT on frame in white background

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Some of us aren’t looking for a day-long enterprise but want to put a little something extra into that cash gift. All you do is get a frame, a printer, and a little bit of creativity. This is a great idea for teens that are headed to college for the first time.

22. More Roses

woman's hand holding Dollar Bill Flower Bouquet

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Creating flowers from paper is lovely. When those papers are valuable notes that can be spent on fun they are all the more beautiful. This technique is a bit different than the money roses we talked about earlier.

23. Christmas Ornament Cases

This is one concept that can only be used for one holiday. But, this is great for kids as a Christmas gift when they get to be that age where they want to shop for themselves.

24. Rolling in Dough

If you know anyone who is graduating from culinary school or headed toward that type of career this is the perfect gift that offers a bit of fun along with function. Top it off with money and that will be one happy chef!!

25. Cap It

Here we have another event-specific idea, which is fine because it creates distinctness to the celebration. Graduation caps are an iconic image and this one is created simply with a box and some paper.

26. Use It As A Wrapping

This video will show you how to wrap money for a gift with the cash. So you can wrap an empty box because let’s face it, the cash is the present. Or you can wrap another gift with capital.

27. Tie It

We don’t mean to tie the money together, but you can take it and arrange it around a tie. This idea is a fantastic Father’s Day present or for your favorite graduate.

28. Cash Crown

Money Headband for Graduation on the wooden floor

Learn more at: bigideas3.blogspot.com

This project will take forty bills to be exact, so dollars might be the way to go. Of all the origami projects this one would be perfect for the princess in your life. It would be great for anyone. Who doesn’t love wearing a crown?

29. Lantern of Loot

can with money inside

Check out more ideas at: eighteen25.com

Here we have a gift that isn’t event specific and would put a smile on anyone’s face. It can be used to express everything from congratulations to good luck. You can add some candy to sweeten it up a bit.

30. Laundered Money

Stocking Stuffer Gift: Money Soap

Check out more ideas at: www.instructables.com

Why not put the cash into a mold of soap? It would be hilarious and might even come off as annoying to the person you give it to because they will have to use it up before getting to the actual gift.

31.  A Different Kind Of Flower

box with money and flowers

Check out more ideas at: flickr.com

While past ideas had flowers made from folded money this has rolled money on one side with a beautiful array of flowers on the other side. This is perfect for the person in your life who loves everything feminine.

32. Pizza Dough

pizza box with money designed as a dough

Check out more ideas at: www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

You wouldn’t want to have this pizza delivered by anyone other than you but this is as unique a gift as it gets. And the contents will be the biggest tip this person will ever receive.

33. Bride and Groom

Origami Cash Bride and Groom

Check out more ideas at: flickr.com

Grab a cigar box, some white tissue, and fold those bills into a little tux and dress to give a bride and groom a delightful memory that can be unfolded and spent on something they love.

34. Tie Each One

rolled up money with tie of some bakers twine and stapled poem on the top

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Rolling money is easy and this idea incorporates red to give it that Christmas look. Of course, you can change the color scheme to reflect whatever your recipient is celebrating.

35. Delivery Time

plastic animal figurine coated with gold glitter. Tied tiny package filled with cash to its back to create a magical money delivery

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Get some animal statues and paint them. Then put the money in boxes and tie them to the animal’s backs. This can work for Christmas or as a surprise for a child.

36. Money Baton

woman's hand holding tube with the wrapped money and candy

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To make this all you need is a long, clear plastic tube. They are easier to find than one might think and if they come with candy inside, you can add it to the present or keep it for yourself.

37. Shadow Box Bank

SHADOW BOX BANK on the wooden floor

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All you need is a shadow box picture frame, a good background (this can be printed from online templates), a way to drill an opening in the frame, and your safety gear. What you should end up with is a personalized bank for someone special.

38. Party Car

toy car with gift cards and money

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This is a simple idea that would work well for a kid’s party. People can add cash to it if they like. All you need is a toy car, some spiral paper straws, printed signs and cards, and some tape or glue. You could leave the straws on the side of it for people to write personal notes to add.

39. Rainy Day Funds

little umbrella that you painted yourself, and when your friend opens it – POP, some cash falls down from it

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Soon-to-be brides would be thrilled to get a gift like this at a shower. It covers so many themes it’s mind-blowing. And all you need is an umbrella and some string.

40.  Important Tools

Having the right tools to do the job is important no matter what the job might be. When it comes to life money is an essential tool and when you are headed out into the world after graduation it can come in handy.

41. Gift Box

Gift Box with inside in wooden background

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Teachers are people and people like presents. This box is personally painted by a student with a familiar-looking piece of fruit. You can put any design you like at the top and, on the inside is the surprise.

42. In The Can

a big roll of cash in a can

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Talk about simple. Save a can and lid the next time you open one and clean it out well. Make sure that the top can be put back on and look like it was never opened. Then cut some confetti and stuff it all in.

43. Album Reserves

photo album of cash

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If you can do this with the twenties like pictured in the example I would like to invite you to my next birthday party. All kidding aside, this is fun but will be tedious and laborious for the recipient. But with all that cash, it would be well worth the effort.

44. Homemade Graduation Envelopes

Here is a paper project that won’t require as much folding as the origami examples. And, you won’t be using the money as the envelope. Instead, you will make holders that are designated for a graduation party. The cap gives it all away.

45. Coated in Candy

Kinder Surprise Gift

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If making candy is one of your passions then this is the project for you. We all know how great it is to find a toy in between that chocolate just imagine how amazing this would be instead.

46. Freeze It

block of ice in a container with a cash in the middle placed in plastic

More awesome concept at: mommysavers.com

What about putting it into a freezer bag and surrounding it with a block of ice. If your family or friend loves ice then this is a win-win situation. On the plus side, it wouldn’t take much to get the contents out. This would be a good trick to play as a prank.

47. Bracelet

Why buy jewelry when you can take a few dollars and create a bobble for your loved one’s wrist. It’s a simple process that requires some tight origami folds.

48. Cover the Cap

2 ladies wearing caps made of money

More awesome concept at: azpicklesandicecream.blogspot.com

Graduation is a common time to give money as a gift. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd and get rid of that old cap that’s just taking up space. Or, you can create one with cardboard.

49. Advent Advantage

Advent Calendar Box

More awesome concept at: www.instructables.com

I don’t know about you but I would much rather find money in my Advent calendar than candy. Twist this Christmas tradition with this DIY project. It’s sure to make anyone’s month terrific.

50. Cash Box Tower

Have you been wondering what you could do with that box from your latest Amazon delivery? Watch this video and get inspired on how to turn something you would probably throw away and turn it into something useful. You could spray paint a delivery box instead of purchasing new materials.

51. Money Tassels

origami money graduation caps and tassels

More awesome concept at: sugarandcharm.com

This is a much simpler project that is still creative. One large bill folded with the tassel addition will put that something extra in your gift. You can find out the school colors of the graduate and coordinate.

52. Paper Ornament Money Holder

Gift Money Holder

More awesome concept at: stampone.wordpress.com

Designer paper is needed for this design but it’s pretty simple and, once you get the hang of it, you could whip out a couple. They would make great stocking stuffers or a nice way to handle all of your gifts this year.

53. Origami Dream

If you found our previous paper folding ideas unchallenging then this is the task for you. There is so much detail be sure to start this in enough time for the party. You can use the money to make the items in the box or just throw a bunch in there. The box is a gift enough.

54. Money Muncher

woman's hand holding Money Muncher From an Old Tennis Ball

Check out the full tutorial at: www.instructables.com

Here’s an interesting way to get some use out of those tennis balls that are sitting around. Be careful when cutting the mouth but this could also be a fun project for kids to draw fun faces.

55. Party Favor That Pays

The money is all rolled up inside this prettily wrapped present and the recipient pulls out the bills slowly to reveal the entire amount

Check out the full tutorial at: www.craftsalamode.com

This project looks easy to make and can be fun for the receiver to unwrap. You could make this for all types of occasions by using different papers. You could be known as the person who brings money poppers to the party.

56. A Pad for Payments

$2 Bill Pad

Check out the full tutorial at: www.instructables.com

It’s no small task to make this gift but you must be precise. Making pads is super easy if you have the right tools and this would be the talk of any party.

57. Three For One

These three simple wrapping ideas are specific to Christmas but they are a wonderful way to get people off your list while putting a little bit extra into the presentation to show that you care.

58. Blow Up Balloons

Blow Up Balloons, man smiling holding Blow Up Balloons with money inside

Check out the full tutorial at: davidstausfamily.blogspot.com

Instead of using helium you can put coins into balloons and blow them up by hand. The idea would be to fill up a bunch of them so that they fill up a room like a ball pit in a children’s playground. It would be a lot of work to get all the coins but not without benefits.

59. CD Money Case

This is a great way to utilize those CD cases that are going unused since digital music has become the preferred platform. Depending on the reason why you are giving the cash, you can tailor it to the reason for the celebration.

60. The Money of Steel

a piece of plywood with superman logo made of dollar bills

Check out the full tutorial at: www.livingonadime.com

You can fold the bills and attach them to a piece of plywood. I would be careful about the adhesive you choose. Having money rip while trying to dislodge it wouldn’t be a good time. The gift would be memorable.

61. Wall of the World

The idea behind this is to use currency from all over the world. You could have fun arranging colors, designs, and textures although finding the different bills might prove to be challenging.

62. Liter Loot

If you are a soda lover then start saving those liters. You can hit all the graduation parties with this exciting present that could add to the party decor.

63. Window to Wealth

If you are looking for an activity that you can do as a family then this is right up your alley. It’s a great idea for the kids to create this as a gift for a grandparent or other family member.

64. Pyramid Payout

There never seems to be a shortage of ways you can take a simple piece of paper and turn it into something beautiful. This example is no different. And the size is perfect for hiding cash gifts.

65. Coin Bento Box

While this contraption looks like a bento box the fact is, it’s much more. This display item holds coins, in this case, pennies, which give it a lovely copper hue. We suppose all cash gifts are not meant to be spent.

66. DIY Envelopes

If you have some pretty pieces of paper lying around just fold them into envelopes for your cash presents. They’re simple and so enjoyable to create you’ll have a ton before you know it.

67. Brown Sack

If you have kids you might have some of those brown paper lunch bags in your kitchen. Those are a great base for a creative sack of money to offer as a gift. All you need is a hole punch, some ribbon, and imagination.

68. In a Book

With an old edition, an Exacto knife, and some sealant, you can cut a nice space out of a book and create a box to hold the cash you want to give. These are a blast to decorate.

69. Put It In a Ring

Our final idea is simple and won’t cost anything more than the money you give. Just fold it into a ring and slip it onto the person’s finger. If you choose this to ask your partner to marry you then you might want a new approach and a different kind of ring.


At one time giving money as a gift wasn’t that common but today it can be an easy way to get something for that person who hates everything. Besides, all the time it will save you from shopping and it gives the person the freedom to choose their gift or save the money for a rainy day.

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