They say the economy has turned around recently. Job reports are looking good. People are smiling and not taking out financial frustrations on loved ones as often. Even consumer spending around the holidays is on the up and up.

But let’s be real. Buying Christmas gifts can add up quickly, especially if yours is one of those families that has no problem reproducing and growing at a rate that seems, at times, out of control. We are also one of those families.

In any case, going the DIY route when it comes to Christmas gifts is a great way to make your holiday budget go as far as possible. But it also tells people, look, I made this thing for you. I spent my time – WHICH I CAN NEVER GET BACK – on you. So…take that for what it is.

If that’s the way you’re going to play things this Christmas, and we put ourselves squarely in that group, then here’s a list of more than 70 ideas for DIY Christmas gifts. Some of them are good for anyone (who doesn’t like hot chocolate?), and others are better for kids, elderly folks, or significant others.

Some of them are good for friends, teachers and those people on the gray area of your network that are kind of like acquaintances but also more like strangers because you’d never in a million years include them in the list of people that gets a phone call as soon as you hear you’re pregnant or have contracted some rare disease that scientists are to this day questioning whether or not it actually exists (it’s all in your head).

So without further ado, here’s MostCraft’s Ultimate Guide to DIY Christmas Gifts. In no particular order.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornaments

diy christmas gifts
via Bubbly Nature Creations

Every year, our family spends at least three hours, combined, throwing up from drinking too much hot chocolate. So you can see why we’d start this list off with what appears to be, at first glance, a trio of hot cocoa bombs, but which is actually a series of cute DIY ornaments.

This project offers a peppermint chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate, but you can mix and match and get real weird with it until you find the hot chocolate mix that makes your heart content. As for us, we’ll be readying the bathroom for all the hot cocoa drinking this year.

DIY Photo Coasters

diy christmas gifts
via Pop Sugar

A lot of people live in a world where Instagram and hashtags are really important. Sometimes it’s hard to get these people to look up from their phones. With this DIY project, you’ll be able to get their attention for at least a few minutes by making something in your online life part of your real, physical life.

Glittered Monogram Coffee Mug

diy christmas gifts
via Glued to My Crafts

Whenever you forget your first or last name, it’s nice to have a glittered monogram mug to remind you. These are easy to make and if you have a lot of family members that have names starting with a lot of different letters, you can make so many that you can spell out funny things as they dry.

In our household, we made the word CONSPICUOUS just from making these mugs for our cousins Cory, Olivia, Nell, Smith, Pearl, Ivy, Chrissy, Unilever, Orpheus, Unilever Jr. and Sam. Cool, huh?

DIY Cocktail Mix

diy christmas gifts
via Something Turquoise

We all have that friend – or group of friends – that loves drinking so much that it tends to affect the way people think about them. But you’re not the judgmental type, so instead of making it a big deal, just give them a gift that will enable them and make them think it’s acceptable, this level of drinking they have going on. Just kidding!

But for real, this is a cute idea and Fireball is still so hot these days, though it has seen a dip in popularity once the hipsters discovered whatever drink they discovered after Fireball.

DIY Homemade Candles

diy christmas gifts
via Something Turquoise

These cute candles would be darling for anyone expecting around the holidays, but you can use any color combination to make a set of candles that fits just about any decor or color scheme. We love mason jars and please believe us when we say, consider this the first of many mason jar related DIY projects you’ll see here at MostCraft.

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

diy christmas gifts
via Love Grows Wild

There are few feelings in life that are better than the ones you get when you rub yourself with a good sugar scrub. You feel rejuvenated, but also a little sweet and sassy, and it’s this combination of strange feelings that led us to include this mint sugar scrub on the list.

Not only will it make you feel great, but if you accidentally inhale some of it during your next exfoliation session, there’s probably not a whole lot to worry about, and it might even taste good.

DIY Vanilla Bath Salts

diy christmas gifts
via Simply Designing

Where we’re from, bath salts are the sort of thing that make you run around the city tearing people’s faces from their heads. But this kind of bath salts is the nice kind, not the stuff you see on Cops or Intervention.

This vanilla bath salt mix from Simply Designing is a great way to give your friends and loved ones the magical feeling of salt on skin, and it’ll allow everyone to keep their faces intact. Win-win situation, we’d say.

Hot Cocoa Christmas Package

diy christmas gifts
via Frenchie Wraps

It should be clear by now that we truly enjoy hot chocolate. This little getup is a great way to add even more to your basic DIY hot cocoa gift basket, and we love the coordinating Christmas colors and accents. Check out how this was all put together at Frenchie Wraps.

Coffee Christmas Gift Set

diy christmas gifts
via Carolyn’s Homework

Over at Carolyn’s Homework, she says this makes a great gift for a teacher, but we’ll take things further and say that this would be a great DIY gift for just about anyone. In fact, we’d make it for ourselves if we were so inclined.

And we are.

DIY Wooden Growth Chart for Wee Ones

diy christmas gifts
via Create and Babble

At MostCraft, there’s news bigger than the fact that we get down on hot cocoa every year. We’re expecting! With that in mind, we wanted to include a few kid-related gifts, and this is one of them. This adorable growth chart from Create and Babble is shabby chic and would make a great Christmas or holiday gift this year.

Lighted Canvas Christmas Wall Art

diy christmas gifts
via Rhapsody in Rooms

If you want to make something look fancy, ADD LIGHTS TO IT! But seriously, this project looks so cute, we started our own canvas a few days ago. This gift is wonderful because there’s a lot that goes into it, but it’s also relatively simple. With just lights, canvas and a few decorative touches, you can make and give something that looks like it’d be a lot more expensive than it was.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

diy christmas gifts
via Mom4Real

Funny story: one year, my mom went to the mall and came back with a sugar scrub that she bought for about $40. I put it on that night and in the morning, I looked like I had third degree burns on the majority of my face.

I’m not sure where things went wrong, but you can rest assured that this won’t happen with this adorable peppermint scrub from

Yarn Monogram Letter

diy christmas gifts
via Catch My Party

This is just plain adorable, and depending on who the gift is for, you can make it: light and colorful, plain and serious, girly, boyish, whatever you want. We personally want to make this project with some cool ombre yarn that gives the whole thing a neat blended look.

Use the right ergonomic crochet hooks and yarn ball winder and this project is a breeze. Pictures to come!

Glass Luminaries

diy christmas gifts
via Pet Scribbles

This gift would be perfect for the Christmas traditionalist in your family. You know the type: the person who has their tree up the day after Halloween, who changes all their radio station channels to Christmas music sometime in early November. The ones who, when asked, say that they can’t decide whether Elf or Christmas Vacation is their favorite movie. Not favorite Christmas movie. Just movie.

Christmas Candles in Mason Jars

diy christmas gifts
via Candy and Clothes

These look like they could be sold at a fancy candle store for profit margins that would embarrass even your rich uncle who rarely attends family gatherings so as to not mingle with the “riff raff.”

But fortunately, you can make these and give them away for far less than you’d think. They’re also fun to make, so that’s good too.

Burnt Wood Cutting Boards

diy christmas gifts
via Design Mom

This is probably one of our favorite DIY gifts here, and we’ve already made three for our friends and family. One of them is elephant themed, and even though it took some time to burn a nicely proportioned baby elephant into the wood, it was worth the time and energy, and if our friends don’t love this thing then we’ll be taking it back.

And using it nearly every night, or at least ones that you can’t find us down at Outback Steakhouse.

Coconut Oil Lotion Bar

diy christmas gifts
via The Coconut Mama

What better way to start off the year than with coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil have been touted as “awesome” and “life-changing,” though it’s unclear what aspects of your life it will change, other than having soft skin and smelling like coconut.

Lavender Lotion Bars

diy christmas gifts
via My Frugal Adventures

One word of warning when making these homemade lotion bars. You will, at various stages of the process, be tempted to eat said lotion bars. It’s not something that’s advertised on the blog, but know that at a certain point, your desire to eat something delicious looking will outweigh the logical part of your brain that says, don’t eat that. It’s a lotion bar.

DIY Grandkids Photo Holder

diy christmas gifts
via My Simple Obsession

Grandparents are usually really proud of their grandkids, even if the kids are, well, not that great. Just kidding! All grandkids are great. If you want to show some love to the grandparents and grandkids in your life, try this awesome photo holder that can be customized to your family’s needs. If you don’t have grandkids, it could just say “kids.” Or “dogs.” Or whatever.

Adult Style Hot Chocolate Mix Package

diy christmas gifts
via Hey Gorg

This simple gift combines the best of both worlds: drinking and drinking hot cocoa. If you want to add a little edginess to your DIY gift baskets this year, add something spicy that will tell people it’s acceptable to drink in your presence.

DIY Infinity Scarf

diy christmas gifts
via H is for Handmade

Some things go on forever and ever without stopping, and infinity scarves are one of those things. They go on forever because there’s no end and no beginning, and if you think this is starting to sound like some sick philosophical puzzle, that’s because it is.

Fortunately, you can avoid going down the rabbit hole by just making one of these scarves and not thinking too much about the existential principles behind them.

Candy Coated Christmas Pretzels

diy christmas gifts
via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Eating is just as popular as drinking around the holidays, so we included this wonderfully delicious looking snack set as a DIY gift. Unlike a lot of the other gifts listed here, which look delicious but are actually inedible, you can eat this one to your heart’s content.

Or give them away and watch other people eat them, but not too intently, or else it will look like you did something to the snacks and you’re just waiting for them to be eaten, especially if you have the kind of face that, when resting, looks suspicious or evil.

Pottery Barn Knock-off Advent Calendar

diy christmas gifts
via Brepurposed

When you think of knock-offs, you might think Louis Vuitton or Tesla cars. But Pottery Barn can also be knocked off, especially when it comes to their $149 advent calendar. Learn how to make your own and save over $100 for something that’s just as cute and arguably more sentimental with this tutorial from Brepurposed.

DIY Lace Cement Votives

diy christmas gifts
via Say Yes

If you put a gun to my head and said, choose one project from this list that you really want to make because it’s just really on another level as far as being neat and cool and stuff, I would probably choose these votives.

They’re unique, relatively easy to make and something that everyone can enjoy. Doesn’t matter if it’s for Christmas or a birthday or anniversary or something else, these are awesome. This cannot be overstated.

DIY Lemon Coconut Shampoo

diy christmas gifts
via Essentially Eclectic

The say you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday, but who is “they” anyway? You’ll be tempted to use this stuff every night because of the way it smells and makes your hair feel. Fresh. Rejuvenated. Like it hasn’t felt in 18 years. Back when things were different. But things were always different. Always.

Fold-out Photo Holder

diy christmas gifts
via The DIY Village

This wonderful DIY Christmas project is great because it’s like Instagram but without the phone. It’s a perfect way to capture your memories in a cute, small compartment that can be carried wherever you adventure.

DIY Chalkboard Cheese Stone

diy christmas gifts
via Frankie Hearts Fashion

One of the funnest things we can think of would be to use this chalkboard cheese stone to write the different types of cheeses on the stone, but all of the cheeses are the wrong ones and so people get confused as to what they’re eating, and then it actually ends up not that funny because people – your guests, most likely – feel like they’ve been duped in a way, and now you feel bad too because what started out as a small joke is now something that may or may not affect your long-term friendship with people.

DIY Maple Pecan Granola Munch

diy christmas gifts
via Coupons and Freebies Mom

Remember the term “granola head?” Neither do we. But this little bunch of granola looks delicious and it’s easy to make. Check out the tutorial from Coupons and Freebies Mom and see just how easy it is to make yourself.

Mr. and Mrs. Pillows

diy christmas gifts
via Seth and Kait

Some people get married around the holidays and so they try to make the holidays an extension of their honeymoon, by making comments like “oh this is our first Christmas together!” and things like that.

Do your best to make these people happy by making gifts like these pillows, which are useful because you’ll never forget which one is hers and which is his.

DIY Burnt Wood Christmas Coasters

diy christmas gifts
via Making it in the Mountains

The same people that love drinking whiskey, Fireball or hot chocolate might also like these wood coasters, which can be used to keep drinks like alcohol, soda and water in place. They’re shabby. They’re chic. BUT DON’T DARE CALL THEM SHABBY CHIC!

DIY Dipped Candles

diy christmas gifts
via Martha Stewart

If you want to bring your A game to dipped candles, here’s the way to go. They’re beautiful, easy to make, and afterwards, you can tell people “I made these with the help of Martha Stewart. You might have heard of her.”

People will love this when you say it!

DIY Flannel Throw Blanket

diy christmas gifts
via It’s Always Autumn

Even the hot states like Arizona and Texas get cold sometimes, so you no one has an excuse to not have or desire a nice fleece throw blanket. If this is you, or someone you know, do yourself a solid and just make the damn thing! There’s a good chance once you do, you’ll have to make a second one because you’ll become emotionally attached to the first. That’s how these things work.

State-shaped String and Nail Wall Decor

diy christmas gifts
via Useful DIY

Speaking of Texas, here’s a great way you can show your love for the Big Ass State. Or any other state you like. It’s up to you. Your life, do what you want.

Coffee in Burlap Which is then Placed in Jars

diy christmas gifts
via Saturday Crafternoons

Everyone has room for coffee snobs in their lives, so you’ll also have room for these interesting burlap-etched glass contraptions. Fill them with neat coffee things and it’s something that all the snobs and coffee hipsters in your life will JUST ABSOLUTELY DIE FOR!

Embroidered Wall Art

diy christmas gifts
via Little Miss Momma

We’ve been talking about states for a while now, and this DIY gift goes perfect with the theme. If you’ve moved a lot and just really can’t decide which places makes you happy, then this will bring back memories and also remind you that no matter where you are, there’s always somewhere you’d rather be.

Chocolate Chip Rolo Cookies

diy christmas gifts
via I heart naptime

Let’s be frank. Everyone loves cookies and sometimes less is more. So do what makes sense for your body, mind and stomach.

Soap Bars That Look So Delicious You’d be Tempted to Eat Them

diy christmas gifts
via Happiness is Homemade

We know this guy who, infamously, went over to our aunt’s house and accidentally (we think?) ate a handful of potpourri. That sounds funny, but what’s not funny is how delicious these look, even if they’re not for eating. We’re willing to look past that and dream of them crunching between our teeth anyway.

DIY Terrarium Kit

diy christmas gifts
via Wit and Whistle

This is a great DIY gift because it really mixes things up. Perfect for curious kids or adults, this terrarium kit from Wit and Whistle has the classic homemade look of a cool gift, but it doesn’t look cheesy or frugal. It looks like something we’d like to get for a white elephant gift!

Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Quickbread Mix

diy christmas gifts
via Sunset

There’s a specific diet that says all you can eat is bread. Is it healthy? We don’t know. But does it sound like it might work out okay? Sure. This cute looking breadmix is the perfect alternative to the hot cocoa mixes you might see around the holidays, and it’s a great way to get someone to learn a new skill: breadmaking!

Burlap Christmas Wall Art

homemade christmas gifts
via House on the Way

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that we’re big fans of burlap, and though we usually use it only for wreaths and garland, this burlap wall art project really caught our eye. The Christmas messaging is great for around the holidays, but you can also use the tutorial to make just about anything you want, from words and quotes to more artistic designs.

House on the Way offers an easy way to make wall art that looks like it came from an expensive store that gets really busy at Christmas time and becomes one of those places that you end up skipping because the prospect of waiting in line for so long just seems so not worth it.

DIY Snow Globe

homemade christmas gifts
via Artsy Ants

Who doesn’t like snow globes? If you said “me” then you’ve got another thing coming. Sure, maybe the store-bought, mass produced snow globes don’t do anything for you, but try feeling the same way about this cute little handmade globe.

The beauty of these gifts is that you can put just about anything you can think of in the globe – trinkets, small animals, small children. Whatever you want!

DIY Wood Christmas Ornament

homemade christmas gifts
via Upcycled Treasures

Our DIY Christmas ornaments covered this, but we figured it would also make a great DIY Christmas gift. We’ve given these out as gifts during years that we’ve had a tight present budget, and everyone loved them and loved how much time and customization we put into each one. So it worked out for everyone!

Paper House Luminaries

homemade christmas gifts
via Fellow Fellow

Everyone (well not everyone everyone, but a lot of people) enjoy building villages around the holidays. It’s like creating a small little life that’s different than your own, and you think well maybe I could live differently in this small holiday town where everything is Christmas year-round and I don’t have to pay any bills or worry about flood insurance or anything like that.

But it turns out that everyone in the village does have to pay flood insurance because the whole thing was built not too far off the banks of a high and often raging river (especially in El Nino years) and even though flooding is rare, when it does happen it really makes a mess of things, so although the flood insurance is a pain in the ass it’s something that you really just have to accept, unless you want to move somewhere else and not live in the Christmas village.

DIY Skinny Ties for Dad or Brother or Husband or Grandpa

homemade christmas gifts
via Design Mom

Alright alright! A little DIY gift for the fathers and boyfriends and husbands out there. This great idea comes from Design Mom, and she shows you that finding big old bulky ties found at the thrift store or in your dad’s closet don’t have to stay that way.

They can be trimmed down to something skinny and sexy with little effort, and they look great in their newly shaped trims.

Message in a Bottle Locket Keyring

homemade christmas gifts
via Shrimp Salad Circus

Here’s a DIY Christmas gift for the boyfriends or girlfriends out there. Is it a little sentimental? Sure, but that’s what these things are all about. Check out how Shrimp Salad Circus makes these little message in a bottle keyrings, and then figure out what special words you’re going to give to your friend or lover. Good luck poets!

Homemade Sugar Scrub Cubes

homemade christmas gifts
via Smart Schoolhouse

By now it should be clear that this DIY gift calls into the category of “things we’d like to eat but probably shouldn’t.” If you see a trending pattern here, you may be smarter than average.

DIY Leather Mason Jar Holder

homemade christmas gifts
via A Beautiful Mess

This is a great gift for all the makers-hipsters in your life. Buy one of these online from the maker-hipster of your choice and you may be paying for someone to continue their maker-hipster ways. But make one yourself and see how it feels. It feels good. Real good.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

homemade christmas gifts
via The Connections We Share

Anyone can slap together some shoddy looking cookies, but it takes a real DIYer to make the whole package look pretty and appealing. That’s just what you have here, something that looks storebought, but really, you can put it all together in your kitchen and home office. Or if you bring the laptop and printer in the kitchen, you can just do it all in the kitchen. Neat!

DIY Lavender Bath Salts

homemade christmas gifts
via Lia Griffith

Second bath salt joke: what do you get when you accidentally inhale your grandma’s bath salts? A real bad headache.

If the first DIY bath salts didn’t do it for you, this lavender set might get your bubbles going. Lia Griffith, a goddess among mere mortals, shows you just how she put this set together, and you can do the same USING YOUR OWN HANDS AND IMAGINATION!

DIY Beach Jar Frame

homemade christmas gifts
via Pink Buckaroo Designs

They say if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, you’re lucky enough. Or something like that. For those of you not by the beach, this will have to suffice. Is it the same thing? No, not at all. But does it help a little bit, as a constant reminder that you’re nowhere near where you want to be? Maybe. That’s up to you to decide.

DIY Stenciled Pillows

homemade christmas gifts
via Inspired by This

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are one of our favorite bands, and home is one of our favorite places to be. So check out this pillow tutorial from Inspired by This and maybe you too can enjoy the comforts of pillows at home.

Collage Board with Stock Photos of Random Children

homemade christmas gifts
via Fynes Designs

Picture frames are just so…organized. Change things up with this collage board, which allows you to post things all willy nilly but make it seem like you had a method for the madness. Which you do, right? There’s a logical reason you do things? Suuuuure. Sure.

Expensive Looking Photo Frame That’s Not Actually Expensive

homemade christmas gifts
via Restoration Redoux

Sometimes photo collages are just a little too willy nilly, so if you’re the type of person that likes to box in your photographs, this picture frame tutorial from Restoration Redoux is perfect.

It’s not just any frame either, it’s a nice looking, dynamic picture frame that actually takes your focus from the photo to the frame, so in a way it’s like subtly saying, hey, I know you’re looking at this picture, but what’s really important here is the frame. Look at me, the frame says. LOOK AT ME.

Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

homemade christmas gifts
via Smart Schoolhouse

Another day, another sugar scrub. This one would be great for anytime in the fall or winter, and we love the color scheme they used. If we aren’t making this for Christmas, we’re making it for Thanksgiving! And instead of eating turkey, we’re lathering this on all our guests as they walk in the door.

DIY Wooden Clipboard Decor

homemade christmas gifts
via Live Laugh Rowe

If you were to ask us, wooden clipboards remind us of trying to pass our physical exam quotas in second grade PE. But for other people, they make cute decorations. You can choose what you want to associate them with after making this awesome DIY clipboard.

Friendly Animal Keychains

homemade christmas gifts
via Between the Lines

Who doesn’t love animal keyrings?

Nourishing Christmas Lotion Gift Jar

homemade christmas gifts
via Lil Luna

This DIY Christmas gift for women or men is the perfect alternative to those cheap looking lotion packages that you see at the store. Instead, buy a few separate pieces and put together a cute looking package like this. It’ll look more personal and give the person who gets it the impression that you put more thought into the gift.

Holder of Towels!

homemade christmas gifts
via Lana Red Studio

Great project from Lana Red Studio. We’ve even done a few of these for our own home, and they look great. We also use one to hang aprons in the kitchen when it’s fall and winter. Also known as prime baking time!

DIY Camera Strap

homemade christmas gifts
via The House that Lars Built

If there’s a photographer in your life, they can never have too many customized homemade camera straps. They’re fun, give your camera some color and become a great conversation pieces when you’re in one of those places that get a lot of pictures, like the Grand Canyon.

DIY Placemat Vases

homemade christmas gifts
via The 36th Avenue

These are a great DIY gift for the family that just moved in and has no kitchen decorations, and it’s like, what, did you spend all the money on your house? So now you can’t afford kitchen decorations?

Totally kidding. These are great additions to any kitchen and with the number of placements that are out there (check IKEA!), the design possibilities are endless.

DIY Gold Mouse Pad

homemade christmas gifts
via Homey Oh My

Yes, people still use mouse pads. And yes, gold still looks good on anything! Enough said.

Handmade All Natural Lip Balm Tins

homemade christmas gifts
via Hip Home

Finally, something that we can put on our lips without people yelling at us! This lip balm has coconut oil, beeswax and honey, and even though we haven’t tried it in person, there’s no way it can be not delicious and tingling feeling on the ol’ puckers.

Homemade Chocolate Spread (the love)

homemade christmas gifts
via Spark and Chemistry

When chocolate cookies just seem a little too boring, go for the chocolate spread, which, like Nutella, can be put on anything. And when we say anything we mean anything. It doesn’t even have to be edible. But that’s a slippery slope you’d be going down, and we don’t necessarily recommend it, unless you’re in the right frame of mind to handle something like that.

More Lotion Bars That Look Good Enough to Eat

homemade christmas gifts
via A Pumpkin and a Princess

If we had to choose to eat one of the inedible gifts on this page, it might be this one. It almost reminds us of a small rectangular watermelon dipped in yogurt, which doesn’t itself sound that good, but just the idea of it is kind of intriguing, so that’s where our heads are at.

DIY Rope Vase

homemade christmas gifts
via Design Sponge

Rope vase! We have a rope vase over here! We wanted to mix things up and not get too caught up in the scrubs and mason jars, so we thought, why not throw a rope vase up for posterity? And it seemed to work out!

Handmade Fabric Wall Clock

homemade christmas gifts
via Fabric Paper Glue

This fabric clock is great because you can make it with even just a small piece of fabric, which means if you’re at the thrift store and see something you just can’t live without, you can use it to create a fabric wall clock, which you can then give to friends, family, roommates, coworkers, colleagues, esteemed colleagues, esteemed aunts and uncles, loose acquaintances (and we mean that formally) and others.

DIY Party Animal Ornament

homemade christmas gifts
via Paper N Stitch

We’re not really sure what the deal is with this thing, but we, like most professionals, have quotas to fill, so we decided what the hell, let’s throw this thing in there and not look back. Kind of like the way our parents approached parenting, and now look how we turned out.

Home Sweet Home Planter

homemade christmas gifts
via Meet the B’s

This adorable gift would be perfect for the new homeowner, or if all your friends and family are already nice and settled, it would make a great gift for that person who likes to keep cute inspirational quotes around the house, but in a way that doesn’t make their house seem like a second grade classroom where everything’s a little too over the top and colorful and none of the kids really believe in what the posters say anyway.

DIY Pincushion and Sewing Storage Jars

homemade christmas gifts
via Wait til your father gets home

Just when you started to get sick of seeing mason jars filled with things, we bring you another DIY Christmas gift that’s a mason jar filled with things. But instead of scrub or honey or melon or what have you, these ones are filled with sewing supplies, which is great for the seamstresses or seamsters in your life.

Mason Jar Succulent Plant Holders

homemade christmas gifts
via The Golden Sycamore

We’re big fans of succulents because we live in the desert. Or maybe, it’s that we live in the desert because we’re big fans of succulents. Or maybe it’s that we’re fans of the desert and succulents just happen to be apart of that. Or maybe we’re not really fans of either, but these things seem to go together pretty well so we just say we love them.

No, we really love them.

DIY Painted Jewelry Holder

homemade christmas gifts
via The 36th Avenue

This is a cute gift and really you could do so much with it that the only limitations are in your head. Keep that in mind, dear readers, and realize also that this applies to life in general. Not just DIY Christmas gifts. Life. So if you ever feel like things are limited or constrained in a way that you can’t control, remember that life is but a dream and you, kind reader, are the best dreamer of all.

Elf Mason Jar Christmas Gift

homemade christmas gifts
via Polka Dot Chair

It would be fitting that we end things with a mason jar. After all, that’s where arts and crafts begin. It’s like the hero’s journey: leaving home, overcoming obstacles, arriving back home after having acquired some great thing or knowledge, and now adjusting to life in a new light.

And so, dear readers, we leave you with this. May your Christmas be DIY and may your journey of a million mason jars be complete in due time.

In due time.