Few products inspire creative writing, drawings, ideas and random jottings like Field Notes, and their Fall 2017 edition is perfect for the writer in all of us.

The “Dime Novel” edition is a throwback to the fiction works that became popular in the 1800s for being cheap and accessible. Until then, many novels and literary works simply weren’t great for portable use, and Field Notes claims that the original dime novels – from brothers¬†Erastus and Irwin Beadle – essentially began the “mass-market American paperback” market.

“As evidenced by their name, dime novels were sold for a dime (sometimes a nickel), and featured colorful cover illustrations,” says independent research library The Newberry. “They were bound in paper, making them light, portable, and somewhat ephemeral. Publishers issued dime novels in series, numbering each novel individually.”

The Dime Novel edition notebooks are a unique size for Field Notes – somewhere between their memo book and notebook size – and ideal for writing the next great American novel. Or just notes to yourself. Whatever works.

Check out the Fall 2017 edition to learn more about the Dime Novel notebook and its literary roots.