Cover Image: Fork Finds Recycled Utensils

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Do you like repurposing thrift store finds in creative ways?

Do you enjoy transforming traditional objects into works of art or quirky jewelry?

One object you might never have considered up-cycling is a metal fork. There are numerous ingenious ways you can transform a piece of cutlery.

Review the following five creative craft ideas to see which ones you might want to try. Just be sure not to use your good silver!

Corncob Holders

Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, curl the outermost tines of a fork inwards. Repeat until you have four pairs. Tie together with a pretty ribbon or piece of twine and give as a gift to a corn-on-the-cob lover. Never again will they burn their hands on hot corn when they have your lovely gift of handmade corncob holders at their disposal.

Fork Wall Art

Purchase oversized forks, spoons, or knives from your local thrift store. Add petroleum jelly to the edges of your cutlery using a cotton swab. Spray paint in your favourite color and hang as wall art or give as a housewarming gift.

Place Card Holders

Use old, mismatched forks from the thrift store to create place card holders for your dining table. Use a pair of pliers to bend the handle of a fork approximately two inches below the tines. Curl the tines of the fork back in the opposite direction to form the perfect spot to hold a place card. The next time you invite guest over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, they will be impressed by your creative table setting.

Kitchen Graphics

Create three graphics using the words knife, fork, and spoon in a variety of font styles. Once you are happy with your word art, print each one off on a piece of coloured paper. Place each piece of word art inside a spray painted picture frame (paint all frames the same color).

Spray paint a knife, fork, and spoon the same color as your picture frames. Hot glue each utensil to the corresponding piece of word art. You now have an artwork grouping to hang on your kitchen wall. This craft also works great as a wedding gift.

Fork Earrings

If you know someone that is into steampunk art, consider making fork earrings. Cut the head off of a fork and buff the edges until smooth. Pierce with a single hole (pick up a metal punch from the craft store) and you have a single pierced earring ready for hanging.

You can also consider curling the tines of the fork for dramatic impact. This look isn’t for everyone, so make sure you have a recipient in mind or you’ll be forced to sell your crafty earrings at your next garage sale.

These are just five ways you can recycle old cutlery. With not much more than a can of spray paint and a pair of pliers, you can repurpose utensils in numerous creative ways. If you’re looking to recycle other materials, such as scrap metal, you can find plenty of DIY projects or companies that will take your leftovers.

Do you think you will be attempting to recreate any of these crafts for your own home?