11 Awesome Heat Press Vinyl Designs Collection Just For You

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Cover Image: 11 Awesome Heat Press Vinyl Designs

Heat transfer vinyl is an extremely popular material amongst T-shirt fans who want to have the craziest messages and the best designs worn on their chests. Typically found in sheet form, this type of vinyl is available in plenty of colors and styles so that the result can be anything from traditional to futuristic.

We’re going to show 11 things that you can create using heat press vinyl, but be aware that we could easily have given you hundreds of ideas. We’re just trying to avoid boring you guys. With that in mind, let’s look at some designs that might inspire you.

Camouflage Pattern Vinyl

a pillow with Camouflage Pattern Vinyl bomb design

Camouflage T-shirts aren’t dead, so why should camouflage vinyl be any different? Whether it’s worn by a true soldier or just someone with good CS: GO aim, this pattern is a rugged statement that you’re a fan of all things military. It’s available in lots of awesome color combinations, even for those who like more than just dark colors.

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See the Light

personalize grey t-shirt with sayings - heat press vinyl

Learn more at: www.instructables.com

Talk about creative messages, what could be more inspiring than having your favorite quote imprinted on your T-shirt? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of motivational messages or hardcore funny quotes, the important thing is that heat press vinyl can personalize your T-shirt so you can make a statement every time you leave the house.

Sun Halftone Pattern

Vector poster sun. Halftone circle with a gradient. Techno frame symbol of the universe, the planets of the solar system. Trendy flyer

There’s something very psychedelic about the choice of colors and the sun-like pattern of this design. The colors and symmetry are hypnotizing, to say the least. This is merely a cool suggestion, but it opens up a world of possibilities in terms of geometric shapes that you can use to create visually appealing patterns.

Flash Gordon

a black t-shirt "Flash Gordon" Dual Color Design Heat Transfer Vinyl

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As a tribute to space hero Flash Gordon, you too can create the faithful logo of a character born way back in 1934, but one that manages to delight comic-book lovers even today. Using the colors that made him famous (yellow and red), you can proudly wear a T-shirt with a heat press vinyl design that only true fans will understand.

Love Yourself Vinyl Pattern7

A hand-drawn illustration with lettering love yourself. Feminism quote made in vector. Woman motivational slogan. Design for t shirts, posters, cards, bags. Floral digital design.

A little bit hipster-ish, but 100 percent cool, this design idea is for those who always like to look on the bright side of life. The pale, yet beautiful colors create a massive visual impact, while the message of loving yourself is just about everything you need in a daily dose of inspiration and motivation.

Customized Vinyl Pattern

a man wearing white customize t shirt Heat Press Vinyl design

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Ok, so maybe you’re not really a Gary, but you could be an Andy, Billy, or Gregor. The important thing is that you can use heat press vinyl to create custom T-shirts that really suit your personality. An absolute must for people who have their own YouTube channel!

Colorful Space Vinyl Pattern

Space embroidery set on black background. Cosmic fashion needlwork pattern with rainbow colors for textile prints, stickers, scrapbooking, patches.

If there’s anything cooler than heat press vinyl… it’s heat press vinyl that imitates embroidery. While this particular example is focused on people who love all things space, the pattern itself can be applied to a multitude of areas. I mean, can you just picture the Nyan cat in an embroidery-like pattern on someone’s short?

Rhythmic Gymnastics Heat Transfer Vinyl

a black t-shirt with Rhythmic Gymnastics Heat Transfer Vinyl design

Check out this gorgeous glitter heat press vinyl that motivates simply by looking at the shine of the print. Of course, you’re free to replace the Nadia Comaneci-like figure with a basketball player if you will. We just added this here to show you that designs can go a long way if you’re a sports fan (or part of a choreography band).

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Tribal Flame

Tribal Flames.Vector illustration ready for vinyl cutting.

What is it about tribal motifs and patterns that make people look super cool? Well, we’re not about to analyze that, but we would like to show this abstract tribal flame that would look amazing on your shirt, pillows, flag hanging above your dorm bed, or fall fleece blanket.

Black Denim Pattern

a white t-shirt on placed on the grass with denim jeans design

Learn more at: www.instructables.com

What marks a fashion statement piece better than a print with some other piece of clothing on it? You already know the famous baggy women T-shirts with an imprint of elegant women wearing enormous black sunhats and large blue skirts. This is like that, only with a black denim print.

Bulls Pattern

Black and white image bull in tribal style - vinyl-ready!

Not, this is now a tribute for the Chicago Bulls, but rather an amazing tribal heat press vinyl idea for your T-shirts. Feel free to replace the bull with the animal of your choice (a puma would surely look nice) and create custom prints that really bring out your spirit animal.


With the wonderful world of heat press vinyl, you can customize fabrics with the designs that you want. Available in a multitude of colors and schemes, you are limited only by your imagination. All you need is some good vinyl material, heat transfer film, and means to cut your design. Whether you create custom designs for yourself or want to make personalized items for gifting or selling, there is an entire world that unfolds before you, and all you have to do is to get creative.