Heat Transfers

In today’s Etsy-driven maker’s world, more people than ever are making DIY and professional projects using heat transfer processes. No matter what you’re end goal is for heat transfers, here you’ll find more about the best supplies and materials for the job.

Heat transfer is a fun way of applying vinyl and other materials to clothing, kitchenware and other products using heat to transfer one material to another. Below, you’ll find which printers, papers and vinyls we recommend for those just getting started.

The Best Heat Transfer Printers

best printer for heat transfers

Discover which printers are best for heat transfers and avoid those printers that should stick to simple black and color ink printing. With the right printer, you’ll find your heat transfer projects become much easier to finish with a nice professional touch.

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The Best Heat Transfer Paper

best heat transfer paper

With a quality printer, the next thing you’ll want to focus on is using high-quality, durable heat transfer paper that will hold up over time. These papers are best for both beginner and intermediate heat transfer enthusiasts.

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The Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Packs

best heat transfer vinyl packs

Vinyl packs offer variety and challenge to the heat transfer crafter. Find fancy, gliterring types of vinyl or subdued, subtle vinyls that are better for more formal projects. Either way, you’ll find the best vinyl packs on the market here.

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How to Make Heat Transfers

how to make heat transfers

Learn the basics of how to make heat transfer projects using the right printer, materials and technique – including mirroring images, getting the colors right and working with different types of fabrics and surfaces.

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How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

how to layer heat transfer vinyl

Once you’ve got heat transfers down, the next step in creating even more fab projects is layering materials, such as vinyl, to give your creative expressions more depth and polish. Learn the basics to getting started with vinyl layering here.

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What Can You Do with a Cricut Machine?

what can you do with a cricut machine

Turns out, quite a bit. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Cricut machine projects along with step-by-step instructions on how to make ’em happen.

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Heat Transfer Resources

If you’re just starting out, here are a few helpful resources on learning more about heat transfer and what kind of projects or products might be best for you. With enough practice and trial-and-error, you’ll soon find your sweet spot when it comes to heat transfers and will be able to make products with ease.

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