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Home and Office Reviews

Home is where the heart is, and that’s also where you spend a lot of time. So make your home comfortable and just the way you want it. Our home and office product reviews help you find just what you need to put the finishing touches on any part of your home, from kitchen to bedroom and everything in between.

Below, you’ll find some of our most popular home and office reviews.

Home and Office Technology

If you work at home, like we often do, or if you simply like to do arts and crafts in your home office, you’ll enjoy finding some of the best computers, printers and other devices on today’s market. We’ve reviewed everything from the best heat transfer printers to the best laminators for home use.

For photographers and those who enjoy making their own framed pictures, we’ve reviewed the best mat cutters for home use, as well as the best guillotine paper cutters. If you have kids that are in school and seem to spend hours on end doing homework, we’ve rounded up the best electric pencil sharpeners and for when they wake up in the morning, the best alarm clocks for kids.

The Comforts of Home

We’re avid readers, so of course we looked at the best book lights for reading in bed, and the inner writers and organizers in us also enjoyed looking at the best Moleskine alternatives, though sometimes you still have to go with the classic.

For those of you who understand the frustrations of waking up in the morning to a kitchen full of trash, we reviewed the best dog-proof trash cans (also keeps out other critters and kids).

We live in Phoenix, so we’re used to seeing Tuft & Needle stores around the valley, but if you aren’t familiar with their mattresses, check out our take on Tuft & Needle vs. Casper, another fine startup in the emerging bed-in-a-box industry.

For those who enjoy cooking, you may also enjoy our review of the best silicone baking mats.

When we’re relaxing after a day of work, we enjoy a nice record as much as the next fam, so we reviewed the best turntables under $400 because that was the budget we wanted to work with at the time. And speaking of relaxing, there’s nothing better than listening to music in the shower with the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for the shower, and if you need to get bronze before you clean, check out the best indoor tanning beds.

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