The Most Comfortable Hard Hats for Construction Work

Protect your head is what everyone says while working on any big project. I thought they were full of it – until I hurt my head on the job.

So then I decided that maybe, just maybe, they were right and I should invest in something that is going to provide my head with the protection it is in need of. So I set out on a mission to find the most comfortable hard hat on the market.

I wanted to make sure that I had something that was durable enough to fit on my head, but also something that wasn’t going to slip right off.

Hard hats are pretty hard to come by if you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable and protective, unlike some of the other choices on the market then you’re going to find yourself having a harder time searching for the right fit.

I came across a few different options that I was quite pleased with, and I am sure you will be too if you check them out. Also, check out our recommendations on lunch boxes.

Here are my five top options that I recommend to anyone that is in need of a hard hat for whatever work they’re going to be doing that they need to be protected from.

Comparison Table

Vented Hard Hat, Full Brim - Yellow
  • Offers the finest combination of safety, personal comfort and value in head protection
  • Vented design provides comfort and protection
  • Full brim offers full coverage protection
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Lift Safety DAX Full Brim Resin Hard Hat - White
  • Full brim, reinforced resin shell - triple reinforced crown for superior impact protection
  • Perforated Clarino® synthetic leather dome with molded EVA foam insert for more protection
  • 6-point suspension system for secure fit
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Pyramex Full Brim Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat
  • Lightweight shell constructed from High Density Polyethylene
  • Ratchet suspension is easy to adjust and allows the wearer to easily modify the fit
  • Full brim around helmet protects wearer from sun and rain
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Fibre-Metal by Honeywell E1RW11A000 Super Eight Full Brim Ratchet Hard Hat
  • Fiber Metal Heavy Duty, Roughneck P1 Series injection-molded Fiberglass Full Brim Hard Hat
  • Delivers practical protection at a very affordable price point
  • Suspension and a frontal Terry Fabric Sweatband
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Venitex Men's Diamond V Baseball Cap Style Safety Hard Hat
  • Fluo colors and retroreflective bands for high visibility day and night
  • Innovative button adjustment to fit head
  • Innovative "baseball cap" shape to improve the vertical vision
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MSA Safety Works 818066 Hard Hat
  • Adjust the size quickly and easily
  • Nylon crown suspension straps fit comfortably
  • Lightweight and balanced for all day wear
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What to Look for in Hard Hats

  • Protective qualities: You want to have this first and foremost. Not only are you purchasing a hat, but you’re purchasing one that is supposed to protect your head. This is why the protective covering on the hat should be one that is highly protective, provides full coverage and can take a fall or dent with ease, without breaking.
  • Size:Depending on whether or not you have a large or small head, some of the hats out there might not fit you well. With this being said, the size of the hat is going to matter on whether or not it is going to be able to fit you.
  • Versatility: Some of the hats come with different features that you should be aware of. You want to use them to your advantage, and when you can; this can always be a good thing. Make sure to check them out when purchasing the hat to know what you’re going to be getting.

Pyramex Full Brim Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat


Protection has never felt so good with the use of the Pyramex Full Brim Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat that provides the ultimate in protection.

With a 4 point ratchet suspension around the inside of the hat, you can easily fit it to your head and comfortably place it where it needs to go while you work. The visor on the front provides sun coverage while working outdoors.

The hat also comes in many different colors, if you need to use a specific one for the type of job that you’re working on.

The shell is made from high density polyethylene products that protect the outside of the head, even in the roughest of work conditions and comes highly rated by safety guidelines throughout the USA.

The hat is equipped to handle ear muffs, chin straps or other accessories that you might need to wear while doing the job. There are slots on the outside of the hat that you can use to place these items in, so you do not lose them if they fall off.

Customer Feedback

  • Comfortable construction
  • Great look and feel
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Awesome ratchet strap adjustment
  • Love the enclosed sweatband

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Fiberglass Natural Tan Full Brim Hard Hat with Fas-trac Suspension


Nothing gets better than having fiberglass protecting the outside of your head with the use of the Fiberglass Natural Tan Full Brim Hard Hat with Fas-trac Suspension.

With a comfortable fit, great look and visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, you can make the most use of the hat that provides a comfortable solution for any hard hat work that you’re going to be doing for the days ahead.

The hat provides air flow vents within it, so that you can keep sweat and dehydration to a minimum while using it, while the fiberglass outer shell is lightweight and never holds you down on a job.

Use the ratchet adjustment on the inside to form fit the hat to your specific head size, and enjoy the attractive tan look that it provides to the person wearing it.

It meets all of the safety codes and regulations set forth by the country, so it can be used in almost any type of environment, for whatever purpose you might have for wearing it.

Customer Feedback

  • Great color!
  • Fast shipping times, got it sooner than expected
  • Snug and durable
  • Lightweight and protective
  • Breathing holes at the top keep your head cool

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Fibre-Metal by Honeywell E1RW11A000 Super Eight Full Brim Ratchet Hard Hat


Not only is the Fibre-Metal by Honeywell E1RW11A000 Super Eight Full Brim Ratchet Hard Hat protective, but it is one of the more stylish choices that you can go with on the market.

The hat comes in three different colors, so you can choose the one that would work the best for you and the job you have to do.

Additionally, it is made from a lightweight, yet durable fiberglass metal on the outside that will protect your head each and every time you choose to wear it around.

The suspension inside the helmet provides protection, while the built in sweat guard removes sweat each and every time you think your body is going to overheat. With breathable technology, as well as protective outer casing, you’re able to protect your head for a lifetime.

The full brim on the front of the hat provides protection for your eyes agains the hot sun that you may be working in.

Customer Feedback

  • Comfortable and low profiled
  • Great fit
  • Lightweight and bump proof
  • Trustworthy with a great look

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Venitex Men’s Diamond V Baseball Cap Style Safety Hard Hat


For a choice out of many colors, a great fit and a one size approach, the Venitex Men’s Diamond V Baseball Cap Style Safety Hard Hat can be your next hard hat for the job.

Enjoy more out of the hat that provides the user with many vents and sweatbands to ensure that the head remains cool and wicked of moisture throughout the day. The visor on the front will eliminate the need to squint while working outdoors, while the comfort band protects the outside of your head.

Have high visibility during the day and night times when wearing the hard hat, while also having the comfortable protection around the head that is needed using the straps.

The foam sweatband works to wick away the moisture from the face, while also providing additional protection on the head. Enjoy having the protection that you need from a hat when you add the hat to your work outfit.

Stylish, comfortable and protective for anyone that needs a hard hat.

Customer Feedback

  • Complies to OSHA regulations
  • Comfortable and great fitting
  • Protective and lightweight to wear for long periods of time
  • Fun look unlike other hard hats

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MSA Safety Works 818066 Hard Hat


If you want a comfortable appeal that also protects the head, this OSHA compliant MSA Safety Works 818066 Hard Hat provides exactly what you need.

The nylon straps provide comfort when they’re completely strapped to the head and can be adjusted to fit comfortably. Easily have the fit and comfort that is needed, without having the hard hat slip while doing the job.

Lightweight and completely balanced, so you’re easily able to wear the hat throughout the day without having to worry about having it hold you down.

The breathable technology that comes with it allows you to have adequate airflow, especially while working outdoors when the temperatures can become hot. Enjoy slipping the hat on and having protection and comfort.

The hat also provides a visor for those that need to protect their eyes from the sun while working outdoors.

Customer Feedback

  • Fine quality product
  • Fits well
  • Comfortable support band
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Color of the hat provides additional coolness

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Do you recommend a hard hat for work or other professional projects?

Let us know! We’re always updating our reviews in order to reflect feedback from our readers.

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