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Cover Image: The Best Liquid Wax for Hardwood Floors (When DIY Won’t Work)

Hardwood floors never go out of style. They are beautiful and unique, but those who have them know that they can also be demanding. Since they are made from natural materials, they do get dull after a while and need polish to stay looking fresh. A quality liquid wax for your hardwood will keep the glossy look indefinitely, as long as you apply it every few months.

Solid wax can be time-consuming, so liquid wax is a quicker alternative for those short on time. Although you have to apply it more often, each application will take less time. Once you’ve applied the wax everywhere it’s needed, just allow it to dry. Liquid wax comes with a solvent which will evaporate, leaving polish behind on your floor.

Most wood floor owners already know a bit about hardwood maintenance, but wear and tear still happens over the months and years. Even if you’ve had your hardwood for a long time, you can keep its surface glossy and shiny with the right liquid wax. These products come in many types and brands, which can make choosing one overwhelming. Here is our list of the best liquid wax products out there.

The Best Liquid Wax for Hardwood Floors

  1. Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish
  2. Hope’s Floor Revive Floor Shine
  3. Minwax High-Gloss Floor Reviver
  4. Weiman High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish
  5. Dura Seal Durafinish Liquid Floor Wax

Each of the products on this list was selected for its ability to protect your hardwood floor and create a shiny, beautiful finish. We have chosen these items for their popularity based on user reviews and whichever one you choose will bring your floor back to life.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish

For a product that comes with natural ingredients, Howard Feed-N-Wax is a good choice. It has Orange Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Beeswax listed as its main ingredients. Note that it also contains Petroleum Distillate, however, which is less natural.

“While we make all reasonable attempts to use only eco-friendly products in our house,” said Elizabeth at Apartment Therapy, “we will continue to make an exception for Feed-N-Wax until we find something green that works as well – call us shallow, but our furniture has never looked better.”

This is the best option for your hardwood floors if you are concerned about being able to recognize the ingredients in what you apply to your floors. The ingredients used are very effective for cleaning your floors without ruining them. You may also use it for both unfinished and finished wooden floors.

Howard Floor-N-Wax isn’t only suitable for hardwood floors and can also be used on furniture. When you go the economical route and buy furniture used, it doesn’t always come in the greatest condition. Now you can restore dull or scratched wooden pieces easier than before.

Since it has more natural ingredients in it, this product doesn’t provide excessive shine but does still give a nice shine that lasts. The beeswax and natural oil in this wax prevent your floors from dulling or getting chipped and the special ingredients included easily restore small marks and scratches.

Hope’s Floor Revive Floor Shine

If you need a product that will bring your hardwood floors back to life, Hope’s Floor Revive could be the answer. It will help worn-looking, dull, and scratched floors look like new again. Once applied, it leaves the wood clean, shiny, and makes scratches far less noticeable. Note that it will require a few coats to get this result.

“This is a product designed for many different floor coverings – not just sealed hardwood floors,” said The Doc at the Wood Floor Doctor. “It’s suitable for vinyl, marble, slate, linoleum, concrete and tile. This product revives old, lifeless floors and makes them beautiful again.”

If you’ve just moved into a new place with floors that have no luster or shine to them, a product like this can really change the game. You don’t have to pay a professional to do your floors and can instead do it yourself. Although they won’t look the same as having your floors professionally sanded, coated, and stained, it will still bring them back to life and make them look much nicer.

Each bottle is supposedly good for around 320 square feet, but if you use it wisely, it could stretch further than that. It won’t stain or leave behind a residue, only a rich and warm shine.

Minwax High-Gloss Floor Reviver

If the hardwood in your house is old, worn out, and lacking the lustrous shine it once had, Minwax High-Gloss will help it become beautiful again. The wax also works well for wood floors that have become dull or slightly scratched, though note that it won’t be effective on heavily damaged surfaces. If your floor has serious damage, it’s better to consult a professional or replace them altogether.

The main ingredient in this product is polyurethane, which has long since been known to restore even the dullest old hardwood floors. Use this on a regular basis and you can come to expect a floor that shines like new. It creates a nice shine on your floors without being too shiny and will never leave a waxy buildup behind like other products do.

Just apply one coat to your floors and it will dry quickly. The water-based ingredients used in the formula make it easy to clean up. This can be used on all hardwood flooring, even unpolished surfaces. Not only does it polish your floors, but it provides a protective and durable layer to prevent further damage so they can stay looking great.

While it may not completely cover up deep scratches, it will help them blend into the floor and become less noticeable. After this, you may be the only one who notices them. In order to make the most of this product, make sure you follow the included instructions in terms of cleaning the floors first and keeping all furniture off them for a full day.

If you have or are thinking of buying a place with white oak or other light wood floors, this formula can save you. If you have to do your polishing in segments (because you can’t put your furniture back for 24 hours), make sure you stop staining at the crack in the board so it doesn’t show any overlap when you continue.

Weiman High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish

In order to simplify the act of restoring your floors, you need a liquid wax like Weiman High-Traffic Polish. This product both polishes and restores in a single step instead of using many steps or different products.

This floor restorer doesn’t require any rinsing, diluting, or mixing, making it ready to use immediately. This mixture is formulated to rejuvenate your wood floors immediately, leaving them with a brilliant shine.

This mixture won’t leave any sticky residue behind and will work to make your wood floors last longer. Its micro-filling technology will remove small dents and scratches, providing a scratch-resistant layer to keep new dents away. This can be used on all floor finishes and will instantly protect old floors and restore luster. In addition, it dries quickly for your convenience.

The liquid comes with an easy-pour spout and comes in a bottle that is simple, convenient, and fast to use. While other products might require multiple days to use on your floors, this one can cover an average-sized foyer and dining room in less than 20 minutes. It will leave a very shiny surface that holds up well, even if you use a damp mop on it often.

While many homeowners are willing to pay a high price for a product that helps restore their hardwood floors, it’s a bonus that products like this offer low costs. Make sure you clean your floor well before you use this and it will only take a half hour to dry.

Dura Seal Durafinish Liquid Floor Wax

Dura Seal Durafinish Liquid Floor Wax

For those who are disappointed that Bruce Liquid Paste wax was discontinued, Durafinish Liquid Floor Wax is a suitable replacement. This can be used to restore even very old floors and make them look newer.

If you use this in a “high traffic” space in your house, use the same amount as you would in another part of the house. Using more product on more worn areas will mean that your floor gets sticky, takes longer to dry, and is more difficult to buff out.

This coffee brown color is ideal for walnut floors and will make the wood grain rich, deep, and more pronounced. When you pour the wax, make sure you don’t splash it. Even the most inexperienced people will be able to use this product with good results, but you should still do your best to apply it evenly. Before you decide to install all new hardwood floors, try this product.

Note that although this liquid wax is very effective, you need to use it in a very ventilated area. It produces fumes that can be harmful or overwhelming without proper air flow. Open up the windows and run some fans, just to be safe.

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors in Good Shape

Hardwood floors are not ordinary floors. They require more care than you might have believed to continue looking great. To make sure none of your hard work with polishing and restoring goes to waste, observe the following rules in your home:

  • Vacuum Once a Week: May homeowners do this already, but if you’re new to hardwood floors, you might not be aware of its importance. Underfoot, dust is like sandpaper that will eventually wear out your floor’s attractive finish. When you make sure to vacuum on a regular basis, you are both maintaining the floor’s appearance and protecting it from harm. You may use a brush attachment for this as rotating brush attachments might scratch up your floor. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or would prefer not to use one, a microfiber sweeper can do the job just as well.
  • Use a Long Indoor Floor Mat: One of the best-known tips for keeping your floor in good condition is having guests remove their shoes when they first arrive. However, that doesn’t always work out and people forget. A longer indoor floor mat near the door will help prevent ice, salt, water, and dirt from getting trekked into your house. When dirt does get on your floors from people’s shoes, a bit of spot cleaning can fix it, but keeping dirt out altogether is the ideal scenario. Find a walk-off mat that is at least four feet long so that people will rub moisture and dirt off their shoes, even when they forget to wipe or remove them.
  • Use Area Rugs in High-Traffic areas: Certain areas in your hardwood floors will wear out quicker than others, especially if people walk across them multiple times a day. You can reduce this a bit by placing throw rugs over those areas. Before you select a rug, however, ensure that it doesn’t have a backing as rubber or vinyl can trap humidity, ruining the finish and damaging the wood over time.
  • Use Furniture Pads: Your furniture will eventually scratch up your hardwood, even if you never rearrange it. Simply sitting on or using furniture creates enough pressure against your floor to leave scratches over time. In order to prevent this, use furniture pads under the legs of your couch, table, and chairs. This will help your wood floors in great condition and the pads also make it easier to move your furniture when you decide to.

Cleaning can be hard work, so taking these small steps on a regular basis will help immensely with keeping your house in great condition all the time, not just right after you polish the floor.