The Best Aquarium Backgrounds for Fun Fish Tanks

Have a beautiful look on the inside of your aquarium, so you can create an oasis for the creatures living within. Not only that, but these backgrounds can also be great for you to look at. Pair the beautiful pictures with the soft sounds of the water and bubbles and you have your own comfort zone.

I felt like my fish tank needed an upgrade, a change because I was sick of seeing the same old look over and over again. Additionally, I wanted to make the inside of the tank fun and exciting for the fish that I owned.

With so many different options of backgrounds to go with, you can choose one that works the best for you and what you want out of the aquarium, or what you think your fish might like.

This is one of the best ideas out there and I wish I would have thought of it sooner, since I would have given my fish a little more to look at earlier than I am doing now. Beautiful oasis’ and other scenes await you. Choose the one you like the most or go with a couple – I definitely got a couple.

Give your fish something to look at when it comes to swimming around all day, you wouldn’t want to stare at the wall, would you?

Quick Comparisons of the 5 Best Aquarium Backgrounds for Fun Fish Tanks

Mangrove with Sunlight
  • Plenty of sizes available
  • Tear Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
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Universal Rocks
  • Can be cut to size if necessary to suit your tank
  • Easy to install
  • Realistic rock replication flexible background
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Seascape Double Sided Aquarium
  • Very clear high resolution
  • Unique, 3D take on an aquarium background
  • 36 inches high, 50ft long
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Aquatic Creations Static
  • Easy application and removal
  • Residue free removal
  • May be cut to desired shape or size
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Marina Precut Background
  • Suitable for use in fresh and marine aquariums
  • Durable
  • Reversible
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What to Look for in Aquarium Backgrounds

  • Size: The right size aquarium background means that you’re going to make the entire tank look like the picture that you chose for it. If you do not obtain the right size for the tank, you will find that you have overhang or even too little of a picture, making it look weird.
  • Durability: You want to go with something that is tear and scratch resistant, since you want to make sure that it is going to be able to stay on the side of your tank for some time to come. With the right cover, you can actually protect the glass on the tank.
  • Versatility: Not all stickers are made for all tanks, checking to make sure that the background that you choose is versatile with the tank that you own is a must. Sometime, certain tanks might have products or coating on them that makes it so these cannot be used.
  • Ease of Use: Since you have to be the one to put the background on the tank, you want to make sure that it is a sticker or other background that can easily be placed on and taken off without having to fight with it. You might be the one to break the tank if you’re unable to do both.

Mangrove with Sunlight / Aquarium Background Fish Tank Background


underwater background with light shining into the water and sand and vegetation on bottom

The Mangrove with Sunlight / Aquarium Background Fish Tank Background provides the user with multiple sizes to choose from, so no matter what size the fish tank is, you always have the right background sticker for the occasion.

The best part is that it easily tapes to the back from the outside and does not completely stick. This gives the tank the change of look that you want, but it also means that the ease of use is much better than some of the other backgrounds out there.

This also means that it is versatile on where you can use it and with what. You do not have to struggle with large amounts of tape, since the picture is lightweight, yet beautiful; allowing the colors to pop through the tank to the other side.

The realistic HD look is a look you might not be able to be provided from other backgrounds. They also sell different looking backgrounds, if you want to choose a different scene to go with.

Customer Feedback

  • Works great
  • Looks fantastic in my aquarium
  • Provides another dimension to the tank
  • Fast shipping
  • Great price

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Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background


Sandy rock backboard with gravel base

Whether your tank is for fish or for reptiles, this Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background can provide them with the rocky background they can come to love and know.

The easy to install background is flexible, allowing you to move it how you need it to lay on the outside or even inside the tank during installation. The included clips allow you to move the background, clip it to the side and allow it to sit there with confidence.

The background is thicker and can be cut to fit to the size of the aquarium that you’re covering.

It looks realistic, which is one of the biggest benefits of choosing this background over some of the others, not only that but it provides a soft, warm rock look rather than the beach and other oasis scenes that you’d find for tanks.

Customer Feedback

  • Worth every penny
  • Installation is a bit harder
  • Ships quickly
  • Perfect, firm fit inside the tank
  • Durable quality material

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Seascape Double Sided Aquarium Background


deep blue water with a second picture of a dark background with rocks and sea plants

If you want a background that is more versatile with more options than some of the others, the Seascape Double Sided Aquarium Background can provide you with the options that you need to see inside the tank.

You can have the tank dimensions cut right into the background before you purchase it, allowing you to choose the size when you order with them. They start at two feet and you can order more, as needed.

One of the best parts of this background is that it is completely easy to install to the back of the tank. You just have to epoxy it in place using silicone. Smooth it over, and you’re set to have a beautiful background oasis on the tank that you’re putting it on.

Once installed to the back of the tank, it puts a whole new 3D perspective on it, giving your tank another dimension. Your fish will enjoy this view much more than staring out into the open area that they’re around. This can also look great with some good lighting.

Customer Feedback

  • Order by the foot easily
  • Stunning color
  • Easy to install onto the back of the tank
  • Provides an illusion
  • Fast shipping

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Aquatic Creations Static Cling Aquarium Background


Multiple cling backgrounds that go on the back of the tank

Choose which background looks the best on the back of your tank when you look through the many different options that come with the Aquatic Creations Static Cling Aquarium Background.

Easily cut it to shape the size of the tank and apply it with ease on the back. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of having a 3D background that allows the fish to have something to look at all day.

Unlike some of the other choices, the removal on this background is one of the best that you’ll find. Once removed, it does not leave a residue because it uses it’s own glue to stick to the outer portion of the tank, instead of a thick silicone glue.

One of the best ways to describe putting on this background is like putting on a screen protector for your phone. It is easy to do and you just have to make sure to remove all of the air bubbles that get trapped under the cover.

Customer Feedback

  • Long lasting
  • Easy to put on
  • Looks great
  • Brilliant colors
  • Holds up, even if it becomes wet

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Marina Precut Background

Background with lots of green vegetation and some driftwood


Enjoy giving your fish a scene that they’re going to love when you put on the Marina Precut Background easily to the back of your tank.

You can choose from a few different scenes, depending on which look you’d like to go with or choose to purchase a couple of them to switch out, depending on your mood for the day, week or month.

The water resistant background lasts for a long time, since they provide you with a long lasting, durable appeal that you would not be able to find with some of the other backgrounds on the market.

Easy to install inside or outside of the tank. It is also suitable for both salt and fresh water tanks, depending on which you have. The vibrant color will never fade, even with years of use; making it a beautiful addition to have on your tank.

Have different scenes on the front and back of the background, so you can flip it as desired to change it up a bit. One of the most versatile backgrounds for tanks on the market can now be yours.

Customer Feedback

  • Easy to size to the tank
  • Gorgeous design and color
  • Easily attached to the side of the tank
  • Two different scenes on each side

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