The Best Laser Levels for Hanging Pictures Perfectly Straight

A laser level can make the once difficult process of hanging a picture straight on your wall a quick and easy task. The right product can even make hanging a group of frames up simpler than ever before.

I think we’ve all had the experience of putting a picture up on the wall, trying our best to get it perfect, then noticing that it’s crooked afterward. Instead of taking it down to start over, perhaps multiple times, why not get a tool that eliminates the hassle altogether?

Laser levels can be used for both outdoor and indoor tasks. Common inside tasks include verifying heights of cabinets, windows, or doors, leveling counter tops, wall alignment, and of course hanging pictures.

Once you understand how to use a laser level, you’re ready to put it to work. Use it outside for checking the alignment of your decks and fences, surveying, measuring land elevations, and masonry installation. These useful tools can be used for large tasks or simple everyday needs.

Comparison Table

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level
  • 3-pronged approach
  • Ships with 3 x AG 13 button-cells battery
  • Can measure locations on a wall
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Tacklife SC-L01 Classic
  • 8-Foot measuring tape
  • Smart pendulum leveling system
  • Support can turn at 360 degrees
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TBTeek Multipurpose Tool
  • Works for Indoor
  • 3 Mode Laser
  • Multipurpose Laser Levels Tool
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Bosch GLL 1P Laser Level
  • Easy grip handle
  • Range point up to 65 feet
  • Features 2 built-in bubble vials
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Firecore Self-Leveling Tool
  • One-button operation mode
  • IP54 water-resistant design
  • Multiple operational uses
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Our top picks for laser levels

Each of the laser levels on this list was chosen for its ability to help you hang a straight frame every time based on user reviews. But most of them have many uses outside of just this task, along with great overall value for their price points.

We found the best laser levels came from brands like Qooltek, Tacklife, TBTeek, Bosch and Firecore, all manufacturers that produce quality, durable goods that hold up over time and remain accurate as well. Here’s a look at the top laser levels on the market.

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

A tool that can be used for hanging your pictures straighter is great, but a multi-tool such as this Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is even better. Included, you will find a leveling bubble with triple positions, a new level for great results, and a fine-tuned measuring tape. This laser level is meant for indoor use as it fades in the sunlight.

“The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is light enough and small enough that anyone can be confident using it to hang beautiful photographs or working on home projects,” said Laser Level Guide. “No need to fiddle with multiple buttons, one button operates as the on and off switch for the laser level.”

You will soon realize just how much this tool can do. Use it to level your shelf shops or to put up hooks in your kitchen. It comes with batteries included (and an extra set) and produces a nice, bright light. There’s also a small screwdriver especially meant for accessing the batteries.

This multipurpose device is also useful for helping you in remodeling tasks, such as hanging curtains. It comes with not just a level, but a set of levels. The included tape measure is 8 feet in length and shows inch measurements as well as centimeters. The measurements on the bottom of the level are useful for hanging wallpaper, laying flooring, installing shelves, and more.

When you’re using the tape measure, it’s best to have a helper there to hold it unless you’re working with a flat surface. This can be used in any situation that calls for accurate measurements or a straight line, but remember to use it indoors. The device is plug and play and completely user-friendly. Note that the tape measure isn’t flush with the level’s underside and is about a quarter-inch away from it.

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Tacklife SC-L01 Classic

Tacklife SC-L01 Classic Cross Line Laser

When you order the Tacklife SC-L01, it will come with the tool itself, a magnetic base, a soft bag to carry the level in, AA batteries, and a user’s manual in English.

The nylon zippered pouch will keep the base and level protected against scratching or impact damage. You’ll also receive a 24-month warranty on the included warranty card.

This device is easy to use and handy to have in your tool collection. The device is big enough to stay stable, even outdoors in moderate winds and is small enough to grip easily. The laser creates cross lines which are perfect for getting your pictures straight. The horizontal line produced even goes around corners. Although it’s great for hanging pictures, it can be used for much more.

This device uses a pendulum leveling system meaning that the pendulum will lock when you turn it off. Once the pendulum is unlocked, the laser beam will become activated, auto-leveling once it’s placed close to vertical or horizontal. To begin the manual mode, just press the button on top. You may lock lines to get alignment with other angles if needed. Though it can be used outdoors, the tool works best inside and comes with a Class II laser.

Use the Tacklife SC-L01 in screen printing tasks, such as printing logos onto garments and getting perfectly aligned results. The unit is high-quality and built to be durable. The light is very bright, works well, and will blink if the unit isn’t level. After 30 minutes of non-activity, the tool will shut itself off to save batteries.

If you’re installing kitchen cabinets, this will save you both time and money, cutting out a whole lot of hassle. In addition, it has a great price compared to other similar products. The tool can be mounted to your tripod and used for projects up to 50 feet. You may also choose to affix it to a metal surface with the magnetic bracket included. The level can be turned around a full 360 degrees to project at any angle or position and the height can be adjusted from the tripod.

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TBTeek Multipurpose Tool

TBTeek Multipurpose Line Laser Level

If you plan to use your laser level for many different tasks, the TBTeek Multipurpose Tool will suit your needs.

For those who are not very knowledgeable or experienced with tools in general, a multipurpose device can be a lifesaver. Included is the laser level, triple-positioned bubbles for leveling, and a fine-tuned measuring tape.

The tape measure is 8 feet in length, making it perfect for smaller projects. It’s coated with nylon to allow for maximum strength and durability.

If you’re tired of having to pull out multiple tools every time you want to hang up a picture, this eradicates that need. Just use the TBTeek tool and a pencil; everything else needed is already attached to the device. The tape measure comes with gradations of 1mm and 1/32 inch. The blade is auto-locking, making it easier to work with. The blade can be smoothly extended with the self-locking mechanism, then retracted again easily.

The included tape measure works great but make sure you press the button both when you pull it out and reel it back in. If you just need a quick, short measurement, there’s a ruler right there on the tool’s side. The TBTeek Multipurpose laser level comes with extra batteries and can be used to screw, line up, and measure picture frames. If you enjoy doing your own remodeling and home improvement tasks, this device will help a lot.

Use it for hanging pictures, architectural measurements, household needs, installing tiles, shelves, curtains, pipes, or ceiling. It can also be used to place furniture more precisely and for creating murals inside. Like most other lasers, it’s recommended for indoor use or in dim outdoor lighting as the beam fades outdoors or in the sunlight.

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Bosch GLL 1P Laser Level

Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point

For a simpler product suitable for those only needing a single laser line, consider the Bosch GLL 1P Laser Level.

If you are working with a project of 30 feet or less, the laser will give you an accuracy of 3/16 inches. In addition, it has a 65-foot point range and a 16-foot line range. The quarter-inch mounting thread makes the tool compatible with most universal tripods but it also comes with a magnetic mounting base.

“The laser allows you to level and align without actually having to detach the tool which makes it simple and efficient,” said the Best of Machinery. “The one switch operation feature is easy to use and versatile mounting accessories allow for easy setup.  If you are looking for an easy to use tool which is straightforward then look no further.”

While you’re using the laser, you don’t have to detach the tool at all. The light is great for short range and interior jobs and provides effectiveness and accuracy. If your main goal is to hang straighter pictures and to use a laser for window treatments and other similar projects, this tool is perfect.

Use it as both a laser level and a spirit level with the two included vial bubbles. For simple tasks like leveling shelves in your kitchen or mounting speakers in your living room, the Bosh GLL 1P can also be used.

The light produced is bright and the handle is easy to grip. The battery compartment can be accessed easily when you need to change them out. The compact design of the Bosch GLL 1P Laser Level allows for easy angular, vertical, or horizontal uses while the hand level gives you easy leveling and alignment every time.

The included wall mount helps with reaching tight spots in your remodeling or DIY projects. It’s simple to set up and you can get your leveling measurements quickly. Included with the tool, you will find AAA batteries, thumbnail mounts, a mounting strip, and mounting plate.

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Firecore Self-Leveling Tool

Firecore laser level

For those without much experience using a laser level, the Firecore Self-Leveling Tool is a great start. Best for use indoors, it can help you hang pictures, shelves, and even a television with accuracy.

When you’re not level, the lasers will blink to warm you, then beam steadily when it’s straight.

“Batteries not included, but if you are looking for a simple laser level on a budget, you don’t have to resort to one of those annoying “level with a laser pointer” combinations,” said the Wood Tools Guide. “This guy is super affordable, fully functional, and even has self-leveling capabilities.”

It comes with a mounting socket at the bottom that will fit with most camera tripods, while the angle bracket comes with a couple of strong magnets for attaching to metal surfaces. The laser is sharper and brighter than many competitors’ products and can even be used outdoors just after sundown. It’s easy to figure out for beginners and will shut off automatically when not in use.

If you need to measure lines near a supporting surface, you should use a small tripod that has flexible legs. This will make adjustments easier for uneven surfaces. The lines are nice and bright inside and will show ceiling to floor and a fair distance side to side, as well. The main difference you’ll find between this model and costlier options is how thick the laser lines are.

If you need to use this outside, using laser glasses is suggested so you can see the light better. For getting a laser level somewhere high up, prop the tool on something and use a camera stand for the best results.

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Safety Tips for Using a Laser Level

Since you will be using a specialized device that comes with a laser beam, it’s important to always follow certain safety guidelines. It’s no secret that laser beams can cause harm to the eyes and in some cases, the skin.

Laser beams with certain strength can harm not just the user but people nearby if not used with proper care. Before you even use your new tool, you should be aware of its basic features and all of the possible hazards it can lead to.

Keeping your Eyes Safe: When you are using a laser measure or laser level, your eyes are at the highest risk for damage. Even in low strengths, laser beams can hurt your eyes if you stare at them directly. You must, therefore, keep your eyes safe each time you’re working in the vicinity of laser beams.

This can be done by wearing specialized goggles or safety glasses while you work. Try your best not to look at the beam directly and you should never point the light toward your face.In addition, you should never set the laser level at head level or near a reflective surface since the beam can reflect and harm you or anyone standing nearby.

For safety-related reasons, the laser level must be set up above or below your head level so the light will stay out of contact with your eyes.

Keeping Bystanders Safe: Just as the laser beams must not be pointed at you, you must never point them at others, including drivers, vehicles, or pets. The beam could distract or blackout a nearby driver, leading to an accident.

For this reason, you should never point the beams out the window. Laser beams can cause damage to the eyes of your pets, as well, if you aren’t careful.When you aren’t using the laser level, always turn it off. This is especially important if you’re working at home while others are present and leave the room, even for a moment.

A bystander could walk into the room and accidentally look into the beam, so always switch it off. Thankfully, many laser levels come with auto shutoff features, but double-checking is still recommended.

Laser Levels and Children: If you’re using your laser level around small children or at home, kids might see this as an opportunity to play or be attracted to the bright light. If you live with small children, it’s recommended that you mount the level higher so the kids cannot reach it. The device should never be left unattended in this case, even if it’s switched off and up out of reach.

Flame Hazards: Your laser level should never be kept anywhere near flammable gases, dusts, or liquids since the beam can lead to an explosion. It’s always necessary to check the area you’ll be using the laser level thoroughly. When you are working with the level, keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.

Read Labels Carefully: All laser levels will come with warning labels and instructions to help you use the tool properly and to prevent certain risks. Before you use the laser level, read these sections carefully and follow the indications and warnings in their entirety. Never remove or destroy the labels that come on your tools.

Your laser level is a useful tool for your home, not a toy. Make sure that you are always observing the rules above so you and the people you live with can stay safe no matter what.