The Best Monogram Machines for Beginners - 2021 Reviews

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Making an informed choice for your monogram machine will save you a lot of trouble later on and keep you from wasting money. It will also ensure that you get the best product for your new, exciting hobby. This article will walk you through the best monogram machines out there for newbies.

What could be more thoughtful or personal than a monogrammed pajama set, handkerchief, towel, or bag? This simple process can give ordinary items just the right touch to make them into perfect gifts. Monogram machines, also known as embroidery machines, are what can make these ideas a reality. These useful and versatile devices not only expand what’s possible for gift-giving but will offer you relaxation and entertainment in your free time.

Once you decide to invest in a machine, the ideas will just keep flowing. But you have some considerations to make before investing in one. The market is full to the brim of features and brands, which can get confusing. For beginners, this can be especially overwhelming. Let’s make this easier by looking at some of the best items on the market for you.


Brother PE540D 4x4
  • Easy to learn and use embroidery-only model
  • Easy-to-view back-lit touch screen LCD display to view your designs
  • Includes 35 built-in Disney embroidery designs
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Brother LB6800PRW
  • Enjoy true versatility with a full range of 67 sewing stitches
  • Creative embroidery design options with 70 built-in designs
  • Comes complete with 4-inch-by-4-inch embroidery hoop
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Singer SE300 Legacy
  • Has 250 built-in stitches including basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches
  • Automatic needle threader sewing machine
  • Has extra-large embroidery area, snap-on embroidery hoops, usb stick embroidery design transfer, bobbin winding while embroidering
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Singer 7256 Fashion Mate
  • Push button stitch selection
  • Has a 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sewing machine is warranted for use in the US and Canada at 110 volts only
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The Best Monogram Machine for Beginners

Each of the items on this list was selected for its high quality, affordable price, and overall value based on user reviews. The machine that is best for you will have features suited for your unique needs, which you will find out more about in just a moment.

  1. Brother PE540D 4×4
  2. Brother LB6800PRW with Case
  3. SINGER SE300 Legacy
  4. SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate

Brother PE540D 4×4

Brother PE540D

Looking for five embroidery font options, 120 frame pattern choices, 35 Disney designs, and 70 decorative designs built right into your device? The Brother PE540D has all of this and more. The machine is easy to use, even for beginners, and offers plenty of options for embellishing your creations.

“As far as features are concerned, it boasts of a surprising range of functions designed to render the embroidery process even easier,” said My Sewing Adventure. “From a wide range of built-in patterns to various lettering fonts, sewers can be sure that they’ll enjoy a wide range of features that will not only enhance their sewing projects but also guarantee their comfort.”

The easily viewable LCD touch screen on this monogram machine will help you see built-in tutorials and your own designs, while computer connectivity offers you the option to import countless embroidery designs online. You will find a USB cable, bobbin thread, bobbins, set of needles, and 4 by 4 embroidery hoop included with your purchase.

Embroidery machines can be hard to afford for some crafters, but when compared to competitor products, the price of this one is hard to beat. Taking a look at the manual may seem intimidating at first, but putting this machine together is a lot easier than it seems on paper. Just snap the hoop on and snap a simple addition to the bottom and you’re ready to start.

To get more design options, just download some frames, fonts, or designs to the machine and transfer them using the USB port. The Brother PE540D uses the PES format for files, which is important to know since there are a lot of types. At the front of your monogram machine, you’ll see Brother’s website location for their design library.

The manual should be clear enough, even for complete newbies. If you get confused or aren’t one for reading manuals, however, you can easily find YouTube tutorials online. This machine will do everything you want, with the exception of larger designs. Once you have it up and running, you’ll come up with endless ideas for what to use it for.

Whether you’re interested in selling embroidered products for your business or just want to create personalized gifts, this machine is perfect for home use. Please note that the speed and size aren’t suitable for larger business purposes and are better for personal projects.

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Brother LB6800PRW

Brother LB6800PRW

The next item on our list is made by the same trusted brand that we covered above. The Brother LB6800PRW offers a variety of 67 stitches, 4 by 4-inch design editing and embroidery, and an LCD display screen for viewing your designs and stitches.

“Great features are nothing without quality, and you get that with this machine,” said Quilter’s Review. “Brother also backs up all of their machines with a 25-year warranty. It’s a nice addition to help you protect your investment.”

Enjoy the creative design options for your embroidery projects, including 70 designs, five lettering font options, 120 frame combinations, and computer connectivity for importing designs from websites. Please note that this isn’t compatible with MAC computers. This machine comes with a soft cover, bobbin thread, USB cable, rolling bag, seven different sewing feet, and a 4 by 4-inch embroidery hoop.

With this purchase, you receive free customer support over the phone for as long as you have the machine, a limited 25-year warranty, and a user manual. You will get easy, reliable threading with both the bobbin and top thread for consistent and even stitching. A one-touch, automated cutter cuts your bobbin and top threads easily.

Even if you’ve never sewed before, you will find this device user-friendly and intuitive. Use it to embroider items or just to shorten hems, switch zippers out, make aprons, or create pillows and curtains easily. The automated thread cutting and needle threading on the Brother LB6800PRW make this machine not only suitable but ideal for beginners.

For those who plan to travel with their machine, the bag that comes with it is a great addition. It’s made of thick nylon and has six padded nylon pieces for extra storage sections and to make the bottom and sides stiff for added protection. This can be removed for easier storage when not in use.

The bag is made especially for this machine and will, therefore, fit much better than a universal, generic bag. In addition, you’ll have more room for extra accessories. The wheeled handle and bag are well-made and sturdy, weighing about 10 pounds. You will find that the bag isn’t fixed to the device handle but instead slips over it with a back strap. You may also choose to carry the machine without wheels using the top handle. Read more on Brother embroidery machines here.

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SINGER SE300 Legacy

SINGER SE300 Legacy Sewing

When it comes to embroidery and monogramming, automated machines are in higher demand these days. The SINGER SE300 is a stylish, computerized machine with six alphabet options, 200 designs, a USB stick for transferring designs, and 250 stitches.

“Another highlight is the inclusion of a good LED light for illuminating the working area,” said Embroidery Machine Review. “Buyers feel that it is just enough for close up work but not too bright that it causes any glare or hurts their eyes.”

This device offers great auto-tension and auto-threading features, with simple elements and quick, easy changes on the bobbins and needles. In other words, there’s little time wasted and a great flow for your stitching sessions. In addition, you’ll find some extra features in the packaging when you order this machine, including two hoops for projects of different sizes, a selection of feet and needles, and simple sewing tools for users.

Most monogram machines require a lot of hours in class to learn how to put them to use. With the SINGER SE300, however, you can be up and running just a couple hours after unpacking and assembling the product. The included decorative stitches will start up instantly, just use the keypad to access them.

If you want to go beyond the included designs, there are additional designs available for download and a USB stick included. As soon as you are acquainted with the machine, your designs shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get started on. This machine is well-protected and packaged to withstand shock from rough shipping.

The model itself has a sturdy body shell and durable parts and was clearly solidly constructed. Although you can get similar products that are made just for embroidering, a machine like this that offers both sewing and embroidery options is ideal. You’ll get the foot pedal, snap on base, many types of feet, two hoops, needles, a printer manual, and some basic tools for sewing.

The bilingual instruction manual and has a 58-page English section with useful information regarding troubleshooting, use, and setup. Although you can find cheaper options out there, you’ll have to purchase extras that are already included when you buy the SINGER SE300. Keep in mind that some may notice this machine is missing a hard cover and prefer a choice that comes with one.

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SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate


If you’re looking for an exceptionally smooth sewing experience, the SINGER 7256 is a great choice. Awarded the Best Buy Award by the Consumer Digest, it offers simple bobbin winding and a simple-switch feature, both of which will prevent your material from getting bunched up. It’s also budget-friendly and suitable for complete beginners.

“The computerized controls on the Fashion Mate consist of four buttons surrounding the LCD screen,” said Erin says Sew. “This layout is popular on a lot of models produced the past several years. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and helps change stitch selections and settings quickly.”

This machine was designed to make your sewing projects run more smoothly while helping you get your projects done as quickly as possible. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this model has the extra advantage of easy, simple use. Due to its computerized design, this device is suitable for many different purposes.

You will find each of this machine’s features displayed on a readable screen, helping you activate features with a single touch. Although the device is perfectly beginner-friendly, it’s also suitable for experienced professionals. Speedy and quiet, the SINGER 7256 is very different from cheaply made machines because of the low-noise motor.

The Fashion Mate machine has automatic needle threading and comes with a thorough instructional DVD, especially useful to beginners. This model has easy controls and is a more stylish upgrade from the SINGER 7466 machine. It has a see-through bobbin case, helping you keep tabs on your thread, a thread cutter, self-threading needle, and offers easy pivoting for corners with the drop-down position on the needle.

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Tips for Beginner Embroiderers

Once you invest in your first monogram machine, you’ll be understandably anxious to get started. It’s not uncommon to be nervous, but if you’re prepared, there’s no reason to be. When you first start out with this hobby, you might make some mistakes. However, mistakes will give you the lessons you need to continually improve your craft. Follow these tips to become reliably successful at embroidering:

  • Set Aside Plenty of Time for it: No one ever became a master of their skill without hours and hours of diligent practice. In order to learn a new craft, you have to practice and research the skill. Set aside some time to dedicate just to embroidery, whether it’s taking classes, reading, or just sewing. Once you see the great projects you’re capable of, you will be glad you did.
  • Keep Learning: There are two attitudes you can approach unsuccessful outcomes with: seeing them as learning opportunities or as failures. The more you try something out, the better you will become, so don’t forget to stay humble and keep learning!
  • Do Test Stitches: There’s always a chance that one design will come out differently. The thread used, needle, fabric, stabilizer, and digitizer can all play a role in this. You might even experience your design files getting corrupted. If you make a habit of testing out your stitch designs before you embroider, you can save yourself both time and frustration.

Remember that with any skill, success won’t be instant. Stick with beginner projects at first until you advance, then you can move onto challenging techniques after growing in confidence. Follow these tips and you’ll be a great embroiderer in no time.