The Best Paver Sealers for the Perfect Wet Look

Paver sealer is a highly effective way to protect your paver surfaces from the damaging elements and help them stay preserved. Mother Nature is great at creating moss, weeds, mold, grime, and dirt over time. Add harsh sunlight and water damage to the mix and you can expect to see discolor and fading on even the best of cement surfaces.

You can take steps to counteract this process, lock out unwanted moisture and stains, and preserve the attractive color of your paver by sealing it every so often. Not only do sealers offer protection, but some brands can enhance the existing beauty of your paver, bringing out tones that weren’t as noticeable before.

This is especially true of “wet look” paver sealers, designed to work along with the brick’s natural hues and keep your paver looking fresh and rich for multiple varied seasons. Sealers work by filling in the tiny, microscopic spaces within the concrete or brick, blocking moisture transmission with an internal layer of protection.

Comparison Table

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold
  • Premium sealer for stone, tile and grout
  • Maximum stain resistance
  • Water-based formula, For interior and exterior use
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EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic "Wet Look" Semi Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base
  • 100% pure acrylic
  • 5 Gallon
  • Non-yellowing formula
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Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer From Black Diamond Stoneworks
  • Resists chemicals
  • Water based sealer VOC
  • Works on exposed aggregate
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Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer
  • 5 gallons
  • Non-yellowing UV resistant
  • Solvent based for best adhesion
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Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Sealer
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • Solvent based
  • Provide up to 5 years of life
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You don’t have to seal concrete for it to perform well or do its job, but spending a bit of money per square foot is worth the investment. Not only does using a sealer extend your concrete’s service life, but it looks much better, isn’t hard to do, and can be done in a day or less in most cases.

You don’t need special skills or expensive equipment to do this, and even those without much DIY experience can take care of it on their own. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, there’s always the option of hiring a qualified professional, of course.

This particular type of sealer is also effective for solidifying and strengthening sand joints between each paver, which reduces moss and weed growth and protects the brick against sand erosion. Sealers designed to create a wet look work so well that they are becoming an increasingly common choice among homeowners.

The semi-gloss or darkening shine is created by an acrylic material that deepens existing tones in the brick and will readily catch the attention of whoever walks by. You can find out which parts of your property you need to be sealed by taking a quick walk outside and looking at any brick or cement areas you have. Any pavers that haven’t been protectively sealed will have visible cracks from weeds, grease, grime, or other contaminants.

To get the best results, make sure you read the product instructions thoroughly, since each brand will vary in small ways and you want to get the best and longest-lasting results.

Read carefully to find out exactly how the product should be applied, how much time is needed between coats, how many layers you should apply, and instructions for cleaning up once you’ve finished. If you do it right this time, you will waste less time in the future trying to correct mistakes, bubbles, or imperfections in the sealer.

Next, you should think about the safety factors of sealing your driveway or other brick and concrete surfaces outside. The surface should, ideally, come out slip resistant as soon as the sealer has dried.

The majority of driveway sealers must meet federal requirements for this, but there’s also the drying process to think about, when the sealer might still be dangerously slick and risky. This factor is directly affected by how textured your concrete is, along with how thick the sealer you’re using is. Usually, the sealers that have more resin (and more shine) make slipperier surfaces while drying.

A concrete surface that is naturally smooth and then has a thick sealer designed to have a wet look will definitely be slick and pose a risk of someone slipping on it, for example, while a concrete with a broom-finished design to it won’t.

And a sealer that has a thinner consistency or a lower-gloss to it will create a surface that is less slippery. These are especially important considerations to make if you have children that will be around while you’re sealing your paver. Another safety factor to consider is fumes. A lot of paver sealers have a mild or light odor and are considered non-hazardous and generally safe.

However, this can vary according to product, and you should always properly air out enclosed spaces that you are using these materials in, just to be safe.

As you can see, the benefits of using a sealer are substantial. You will end up with a finish that doesn’t peel or chip, protects your driveway from oil or engine fuel, eliminates pesky weeds, reduces damage done by insects, and is unaffected by ice or water.

The sealer will protect your cement or bricks from discoloring, is suitable for application both inside and outside, and creates a durable, chemical-resistant layer on the pavers. It’s hard to find a downside to using a product like this, so now that you’re aware of the reasons why you should, let’s look at some qualities to keep an eye out for when you make your purchase.

What to Look for in Paver Sealers with a Wet Look

  • Versatility in use: A quality product is versatile, meaning it can be used on a variety of surfaces. If you’re touching up your driveway and have some left over, it’s convenient to be able to use it on the stone walkway out back, pebbled surfaces, or to protect your garage floor. Perhaps you have natural stone you’ve been wanting to seal, or need to protect and preserve the floor at your work’s warehouse. You shouldn’t have to buy a different type of sealer for each surface you are applying it to. The right product will protect a multitude of surfaces from harmful UV damage, oil and water stains, cold or hot weather conditions, dust, unwanted moss, and pesky weeds.
  • Easy application: Try to find a paver sealer that you don’t need professional experience or equipment to apply. It’s much more convenient and inexpensive to do the application yourself, so a product that comes with simple instructions and doesn’t require complex steps is ideal. Not everyone is a professional home improvement worker, and the right brand will be completely user-friendly for the average person. You should only need a basic roller, large paint brush, or specially designed sealer sprayer and perhaps some protective plastic and gloves to get the job done.
  • Simple cleanup: A lot of paver sealers can leave a mess and take ages to clean off. Despite our best intentions, it’s easy for sticky materials like this to end up all over the place. Try to find a product that is easy to clear from all the areas you don’t want it when you’re done sealing your driveway or stone fireplace. Getting a product that’s easy to clean up afterwards will ensure that the finished result is extra nice and polished-looking. In some cases, an environmentally friendly ingredients list is important, as well, so do your research and plan accordingly.
  • An attractive and long-lasting finish: Quality paver sealers are built to last and shouldn’t have to be reapplied very often, whether you are using a single or double coat. In other words, they should always require low-maintenance. One major reason why people choose wet look paver sealers is how they look, so find one that creates an appealing and glossy finish that lasts. The right product will keep your brick or cement looking fresh for months, or even years after application, and won’t turn yellow with age.

Here are the best paver sealers for a wet look that offer performance, value and an overall quality product that lasts.

  • Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold
  • EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic “Wet Look” Semi Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base
  • Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer From Black Diamond Stoneworks
  • Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer
  • Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Sealer

EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic “Wet Look” Semi Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base
Best Paver Sealers for a Wet Look

EnduraSeal is a manufacturer that has more than 5 decades of decorative concrete experience. They specialize in creating quality products, including water-based sealers, solvent based paver sealers, acid stains for concrete, and various materials to help you get a long-lasting and beautiful floor finish.

Their 100% Acrylic “Wet Look” Semi Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base is a high-performance sealer that will give that attractive wet look to most types of concrete or brick, along with stone, tile, and even pebble surfaces.

It won’t yellow over the years, comes at an affordable price, and is designed to be highly strong and durable. You can use a pressure washer to prep the area you plan to seal, and rust remover in certain areas if necessary, before you apply it.

The container for this product is user-friendly and comes in a screw top plastic jug, allowing you to pour it out as you go. Since this is a thicker sealer built to be strong and effective, it won’t work in an average sprayer. Instead, get a sprayer specifically designed for this type of product.

On the other hand, the sealer can be applied with a roller attached to a lengthening pole for reaching  tough spots, if needed. The roller provides you with an easier cleanup (simply toss it out when you’re done) and a more thorough sealing job, forcing the product into the crannies and tiny voids with pressure.

This results in an attractive finish that allows each stone or pebble to shine with its natural color, and the boring, dull gray surface you had before will be a thing of the past. A 5 gallon capacity jug of this product will cover about 750 square feet.

One coat of this paver will look great, and it’s up to customers whether they want to apply a second coat. Remember while using this that coarser textured surfaces will require more of the product to create a coat than a smooth garage floor, for example.

You should definitely make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly and apply this product correctly, or you might end up with bubbling that requires a lot of hassle to fix. This is especially true when sealing stamped concrete surfaces and can mean the difference between a beautiful finish and a mess that takes a long time to resolve.

If you decide to do more than one coat, apply a thin one first and allow it a couple of days to dry before you apply another thin layer. Over-applying the sealer will cause indentations and imperfections.

Some users of this product will find it helpful to use anti-slip powder to prevent dangerous falls while the sealer is drying. This type of product can also help reduce bubbling and although it will make the finish a bit less shiny, some may find it worth it.

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Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer From Black Diamond StoneworksWet Look Natural Stone Sealer From Black Diamond Stoneworks

Black Diamond is a well-known name that is successful in over 50 countries across the globe. Their Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer is from the company’s premium STONEWORKS’ line, which is dedicated to natural stone sealers and cleaners.

Always made in the USA, this sealer has been used, tested, and designed by professionals and provides your cement or stone surfaces with an effective, attractive, and glossy finish that lasts.

This product can be used for both exterior and interior applications for added protection and beauty, providing resistance to UV ray damage, water, chemicals, and general wear and tear. Whether you need to seal pavers, natural stone, slate, or other types of masonry surfaces, this product will add protection and shine without yellowing. It’s clear, durable, and doesn’t darken surfaces.

This Wet Look Sealer is easy to clean up with water, simple to use, and will cover about 600 square feet of stone surface. You can apply it with a typical paint brush or roller.

It will go on white at first (which is useful since it helps you see where you’ve already applied the product and make sure you are spreading it evenly) but dries clear within 20 to 30 minutes. It’s designed to create a shiny-looking surface and help the stone’s natural colors come out and pop.

Use it over natural stone straight out of the ground, over tiles at your wet bar, or apply it to your fireplace brick inside the house. It can even be used on a copper sink to bring out shine and color.

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Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver SealerEagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer

Eagle IFP is known for creating concrete products for various types of decorative or plain concrete and proudly manufactures here in the U.S. Their products are suitable for do-it-yourself work at home, or for professional use as a contractor.

Their Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer is designed to protect your pavers from salt damage, water damage, oil stains, and color fading. It’s made from pure acrylic and is very breathable. The product is solvent-based which helps with adhesion, reseals simply and easily, and is self-priming. It’s resistant to UV rays and has been specially crafted to stand the test of time without yellowing.

Comparable products cost twice as much as this sealer, which is nearly commercial grade and made with high quality ingredients. It’s recommended that you use at least two coats to get a perfect finish. Keep in mind while using this product that porous surfaces will require extra thoroughness and attention for the same result.

The product is affordable, helps your sidewalk or driveway look like new, and the solvent –based consistency works better than products based on latex. You can roll this on in thin layers, waiting a minimum of 6 hours between coats.

Make sure that you apply this to a dry, clean surface, preferably on a sunny, cool day. Clean the surface with a power washer first and then use a roller to apply the sealer. You will likely have better luck with metal rollers since the solvent in this product can weaken some types of plastic.

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Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look SealerArmor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Sealer

Foundation Armor is an international distributor and family owned business that manufactures coatings and sealers in the United States. Their formulas are crafted from high quality resins and can be applied to various stone and brick right after opening.

Perhaps you are someone looking to make some small home improvements without much personal DIY experience under your belt, or perhaps your needs are more professional. Either way, this company has the product you need.

The Armor AR350 Sealer darkens your concrete surface, making it appear wet and fresh. Faded or dull surfaces are renewed instantly after applying this sealer, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor concrete, natural stone, bricks, and aggregate concrete.

It’s suitable for coating garage floors, warehouse floors, driveways, or even pool decks and can be applied with a roller or pump sprayer. Choose from various color choices or go with the traditional clear option. You will also find matte packets and non-slip options.

The low-gloss, satin coating created by this sealer is resistant to salt, UV damage, water, mildew, heat or cold, hot tires, mold, and more. It will reduce deterioration and concrete dusting from surface abrasion and protect your concrete from harsh chemicals, bringing the color out of old stone.

The product is easy to recoat, self-priming, has impeccable bonding characteristics, and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Whether you are sealing a surface that has never been sealed before, or concrete that was sealed previously with a solvent-based product, this sealer will do the job. Make sure that you test out the area first to ensure compatibility before you start for best results.

As a general rule, you can cover 1000 square feet with a single coat of this 5 gallon sealer, or cover 500 square feet with 2 coats. Specifications for coverage vary according to application method and porosity of the material being sealed.

Use it on traditional pavers, acid stained surfaces, integrally colored brick, stamped or poured concrete, retail floors, and more to bring the surface back to life. When you apply this product correctly, it will last for up to 5 years. It goes on easy, can be applied with a regular large brush or roller, dries fast, and cleans up simply. It leaves a strong smell, but this dissipates after a few days.

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Common Paver Sealer Questions Answered

Usually, choosing the right sealer to apply to your driveway is about considering performance and overall aesthetic appeal, in addition to the amount you’re ready to pay for it.

Remember that picking the right product and using it correctly will allow your concrete to last much longer and stay looking fresh for years.

Here are some other common questions you might have about paver sealers and their answers:

  • How Long should you wait to apply sealer? If you have just put concrete in, you are probably wondering what the appropriate waiting period is before getting it sealed. The majority of resin or acrylic sealers and other penetrating sealers can be applied once you’ve had the concrete for at least 28 days so that it’s had a chance to dry fully. This will give you the best and most lasting results. Try to do this when the weather has been dry for a fair amount of time and when it isn’t too hot or humid outside, but at least over 50 degrees.
  • When to seal after re-sanding pavers: If you have recently re-sanded your pavers, you will have to ensure that the stones are completely dry first, instead of only the surface. This will require substantial time and is worth the wait. Moisture left over inside of the pavers can move to the surface, and when there is already sealer there, it traps the moisture and can form unattractive white blemishes on your paver tops. If you decide to go with a sealer that is water based and has little to no shine to it, moisture is not as big of a concern for you. You will still want to make sure your pavers are dry, but excess moisture will dry out easily underneath water based products.
  • What is paver efflorescence and how should you handle it? It’s a powder-like, white deposit that may appear on paving stone surfaces after installation. Some people who are new to using pavers might be a bit alarmed at the sight of this and notice that it happens right after the stones have been installed. This substance occurs when salt rises to the top of the pavers and can usually be easily brushed away. If you leave it alone, the elements will naturally dissipate the substance, which is not harmful to the stone. If you do wish to remove this anyway, and it won’t easily brush off, buy a product made especially for that purpose, which the majority of mason suppliers will carry.

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