12 Genius Ways to DIY a Coffee Bar at Home

Heading to your favorite coffee shop might be the best part of your day. If that’s the case, then we’re here to tell you that building a coffee bar in your home isn’t the next best thing to coffee shop coffee; it’s better. We put together a list of twelve ideas you can use to create that coffee shop vibe in your dwelling.

So get your idea hat on, and let’s take a look at twelve coffee bar ideas you can create at home.

1. Use the Pantry

Pantry style for coffee bar
Image Source: www.houzz.com

If you are fortunate enough to have a pantry with many cabinets and extra counter space, this is a great area to create a coffee bar for your home. What’s nice about this one is the dark wood cabinets give one the feeling of being in a dark coffee shop. They also have an excellent selection of coffee makers, so your household has a choice.

The storage available in a pantry of this size is perfect for the person who wants to maintain an assortment of different coffees. It is always nice to be able to offer guests their favorite K Pod or whole bean coffee.

Counter space is essential as well when creating a room like this. If you don’t have a pantry, you can find another area for your coffee bar design, as we show you below.

2. Coffee Bar Cart

Cart with wine glasses

Rolling carts are a fun way to add extra counter space to a room and can be used as a traveling bar to enjoy in any room of your home. This one offers two tiers held together by a metal frame with oak shelving. Put all your coffee essentials on the cart, and off you go!

Another excellent benefit of this type of coffee bar is that you can store it anywhere in your home, which would be fun when entertaining family and friends for the holidays. Carts like this also make great additions to bathrooms or places to store wine.

3. Or A Stable Shelving Unit

Shelving Unit full of design
Image Source: Instagram.com

Shelving units are not just for books. They can hold anything and are a great way to create a space that will serve as a station for coffee if you find that you’re short of countertops and cabinets. As you see in this design, just add a few baskets and a lazy Susan, and your new coffee area is complete.

This one is also designed for the fall, which means they likely have some pumpkin spice in there somewhere. It’s also lovely that this unit is moveable, so your coffee shop can go with you if you move. In the winter, you can remove the pumpkins and put up snowflakes.

4. Refurbish a Wine Bar

Refurbish a Wine Bar

As you can see, this shelving unit is designed to fit a wine fridge and accessories, but if you remove the refrigerator, you could create a lovely coffee bar along that extra wall in your kitchen. It comes with storage space for coffee mugs and a couple of other essentials.

The nice thing about this type of unit is you can alternate it from a coffee bar to a wine bar with very few adjustments. So it can meet the needs of any get-together you might be having. Add a few homemade mosaics and the look will be complete.

5. Set It Apart

Coffee bar dividing the house
Image Source: www.houzz.com

In this design, you’ll see that the creators utilized a small wall that could barely fit much. Take a tall cabinet, build one on the wall, and create a place to put your favorite morning mug and your Smeg Coffee Maker. It’s difficult to tell if this cabinet is attached to the wall or placed there.

Either way, this unit is the perfect size for that small wall. It’s tall enough to claim the space as its own, and it offers a lot of storage options to make your coffee experience memorable. This case has a marble shelf, which is perfect for espresso makers or drip coffee machines. You can drill a hole in the back for electrical cords if there isn’t one built-in like this one.

6. Hang It On The Wall

coffee mug hanging on the wall

We always forget how much we can hang from the wall. With these shelving units, you can use one kitchen area to create your coffee bar idea dream. You could hang mugs and add colors to contrast the wood finish of these shelves.

These types of shelves would be great additions to some of the other ideas we’ve included on our list. This maker offers a stand with cup hooks only and provides a place to store coffee and other essentials.

7. Put It In The Corner

Floral corner coffee bar
Image Source: Instagram.com

Corners sometimes go unused, but this designer shows how, with a few adjustments, you can create a coffee bar vibe somewhere in your home, no matter how small your space is. Be sure to include cabinets and shelves for all your products.

As you can see in the example, this little corner space has limited options, which is why the owner got creative and put a little coffee area with a little fridge for creamers.

8. Use A Cabinet

You can find external cabinets at places like Target and other department stores like that. This designer let her cabinet peek out from the wall a bit more than the wall allows but, as you can see, it only adds emphasis to the coffee station in her home.

Another thing the woman in this video reminds us about is syrups. No coffee shop is complete without a few flavors to add to your morning. Cabinets are lovely reusable pieces of furniture that can fill a great deal of

9. Go For The Ranch Look

Ranch style coffee bar
Image Source: www.diynetwork.com

This do-it-yourself coffee bar is a beautiful addition to any kitchen that has the space. The wood backing is weathered and looks like it came out of an old west cantina. The pairing of two colored planks of wood gives it that antique look.

When creating a piece, like the one we see here, it’s important to remember the storage space you are hoping for and that it can fit on the wall you intended. Tape measures are your best friend when you are planning a project of this size.

10. Barnwood Shelving

Shelving Unit

If creating a shelving unit out of repurposed wood and an old cabinet isn’t something you were looking to do, there are easier ways to make a coffee bar in your home. This Barnwood shelving unit can be used for anything, even coffee, and its accessories.

All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and you can take this unit and assign space for your makers, mugs, coffee beans, gear, grinders, filters, creamers, and everything else. If you plan to put together a unit of this size, we suggest placing the fun visual items at the top and keeping the usable things on a level everyone can reach.

11. Designate A Station

Corner coffee station with mugs and a coffee maker
Image Source: www.houzz.com

In all of our examples, we’ve seen the designer set the coffee station to an area of the home where it can stand out on its own. Some homes come with built-in shelving, like this one, and those units are always an excellent place to keep your coffee things.

For a setup like this, you would need outlets for the maker, and this one even has a water hookup, which takes work. But, if you want the best, you’d have to look far to find something nicer than this.

12. Don’t Forget The Sign

Coffee sign over jars
Image Source: Instagram.com

Another theme we’ve seen throughout this list are signs. Some say, “Good morning!” While others just let you know that this is the place to find coffee. This is where you can get wholly creative and have some fun. You can use a chalkboard and change the sign daily or burn it permanently into some wood.

Also, take note of the cup racks on the wall. Those copper mugs don’t have the same chance of shattering if they were to fall to the floor as a ceramic coffee mug. Glass canisters are another fun addition to a coffee bar. You can keep packages of sugar and stirrers in there for guests when you have brunch.


Setting up a coffee bar in your home may be one of the best ideas you’ve ever had. As humans, we love to pay homage to the things we adore, and as we’ve said before, there are few things in this world that we love more than our morning cup of coffee.

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