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Camille Severino


Camille Severino is a lifelong crafting enthusiast and talented artist. Since her early days, Camille has been deeply passionate about crafts, experimenting with various mediums such as rug hooking, crocheting afghans, and painting. Her creative journey has led her to become well-versed in a wide array of artistic techniques.

At, Camille eagerly shares her love for arts and crafts, drawing on her extensive experience and expertise to inspire and guide fellow crafters.


  • Decades of experience in various craft mediums
  • Creator and writer of the self-published comic strip, 3 Feet of Wood
  • Currently working on her first novel
  • Enjoys cooking, baking, painting with acrylics, and playing the guitar in her spare time


Camille’s multifaceted artistic talents are showcased in her comic strip, 3 Feet of Wood, which she both writes and illustrates. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her current project, as she is in the process of completing her first novel.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Camille is a passionate cook and baker, always seeking new recipes and techniques to perfect her culinary skills. She also enjoys expressing herself through painting with acrylics, and unwinding by strumming her guitar.

Camille’s diverse background in various art forms and her love for creating have shaped her into a valuable resource for our Mostcraft community. Her ability to connect with readers and provide practical advice stems from her firsthand experience and passion for all things creative.

Join Camille here at as she shares her wealth of knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for crafting, DIY projects, and the artistic lifestyle!

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