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Gouache Premium Artist Paint, 12ml Tubes - Set of 24

Gouache Premium Artist Paint

Arteza gouache is a set of premium high ratio color pigmented paints for artists of all skill levels and types.

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Gouache is a very particular type of paint. It is strikingly similar to tempera and watercolor, but it combines a solid white pigment with a high ratio of color pigment. These two are bound together by gum Arabic. Gouache is easy to recognize because of its velvet-like texture that manages to absorb light.

Many artists like to use gouache because of its opacity, so today we wanted to talk about a set of such colors that are both goods in quality and come at a decent price: Arteza’s Gouache set of 24 colors.

About Arteza Gouache

Gouache Premium Artist Paint, 12ml Tubes - Set of 24

One of the best things about Arteza as a brand is the people who are behind the products. Created by a community of artists and creators, Arteza is a brand that meets people where they’re at, identifying exactly what the market needs and offering it to them in the form of affordable, quality materials that help render the best results possible when working on painting projects.

We wanted to explore some of the best-selling Arteza items, and that’s when we came across the Gouache Premium Artist Paint – Set of 24. This is basically a budget-friendly option to the more expensive gouache sets out there, but one that, as you’ll see for yourself, does not compromise quality in an attempt to sell a poorly made set of colors.

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  • Price is less than $1 per tube.
  • Vivid and vibrant colors.
  • Tube is easy to squeeze.
  • No leaking unnecessary amounts of paint.
  • Good opacity.
  • Good price.
  • Nice selection of colors.


  • May get damaged during shipment.
  • Some colors change tone when dry.

What Colors Are in the Set?

Gouache Premium all colors in the set isolated in white background

There is no doubt that these colors are very vivid and are highly pigmented. This is the perfect combination for drawing things that are filled with color, but not before we lineup all the colors that are available in the set.

So, your 24-piece Gouache set will come with the following colors: A105 crimson red, A106 scarlet red, A145 vermilion red, A113 yellow ochre, A121 mid yellow, A115 rose, A165 peach red, A135 light apricot, A102 lemon yellow, A109 pale green, A164 sap green, A158 deep green, A136 viridian green, A108 burnt umber, A132 gray, A107 burnt sienna, A123 cerulean blue, A116 Prussian blue, A154 sky blue, A134 lilac, A163 white, A101 titanium white, and A171 noir.

What Can You Expect?

The Arteza Gouache coloring set basically provides you with a rich palette of colors that will help you create stunning drawings. Each one of the colors comes in an individual 12 ml tube which is very easy to squeeze. This is important because it gives you full control over the quantity of color you want coming out of the tube, as opposed to tubes that are hard to squeeze and, when applying too much pressure, will eliminate way more color than you actually need for your painting.

Each individual tube has a small color label that will tell you exactly how the color inside looks like, so you’ll find it easy to see what color you’re picking up at all times. Considering that this is supposed to be a more budget-friendly set, we are impressed with the performance of the paint.

Gouache Premium Artist Paint samples of the colors isolated in white background

You won’t have any trouble mixing the colors with water, just make sure that you add a little bit of it at a time until it reaches the desired consistency. You will also find it easy to work with the paint if you have a quality brush that’s soft enough to handle the pigment.

The colors also perform really well when you’re looking to create layers, as just a couple of coats are enough when working with both dark and bright colors. If you are a beginner, you will barely notice any difference between this set and the more expensive ones that are currently available on the market.

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Are There Any Downsides?

Yes. In fact, just about any product in the world has at least one negative thing about it, but when it comes to artistic material, these downsides can be quite subjective, so we’re just going to list a couple of things that we believe might be cons for some of the people who use this set:

  • When the paint dries, some colors tend to change their tone. This is important because the end results of a painting often rely on how the colors look at the end. If you are very picky about the color tone at the end, we do suggest creating a swatch with all the colors in the set so you can see what they look like when dry.
  • If you are not using quality brushes, the colors will retain brush strokes, which make the end painting look unprofessional. This won’t be a problem if you mostly paint things for personal use or gifting, but if you’re trying to sell your work, this could be an issue. Always opt for high-quality brushes in order to avoid marks.

Shipping & Returns

conception of transporting of loads all over the world

Arteza is a pretty standard company when it comes to its shipping policies. Those that place an order for the 24 Color Set will have their orders shipped within 3 to 7 business days, provided that the order is placed in the US. You can’t place any orders if you live in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, or if you want your colors to be delivered to US PO boxes. If you want to receive your order sooner, you can also opt for Expedited Shipping, but it’s going to cost you extra.

You also have a 30-day window to return the products and ask for a refund, thanks to the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. All the unused items have to return in their original package if you want a full refund. Arteza may also give out partial refunds to those who don’t return their items in original condition, and to those who initiate returns after the 30 days have passed.

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Customer’s Opinions

Color Quality

One of the things that you’ll most notice if you read through a considerable number of customer reviews is that people are extremely impressed with the quality of the colors compared to the price. Granted these are not the cheapest gouache colors but they beat the price on premium brands and deliver amazing quality in spite of that. People describe the colors as being very vibrant.

Color Selection

colored drawing using arteza gouache colors

The color selection on this set has been surprisingly well-received in comparison to Arteza’s same set of 60 colors. With the latter, people claim that some colors are surprisingly similar to one another, but with the 24-color set, people are really content with their options.

End Results

One of the reasons that you might not be happy with this gouache set and also one of the most common customer complaints is that the colors tend to change their tone once dry. Someone also claimed that the colors tend to dry really fast, as in before they are actually applied on the paper/canvas. However, there are also buyers who didn’t point out this potential flaw and were really happy to share how their finals paintings and drawings looked like.


Price is a very important factor to consider when you’re an art student looking for affordable supplies to get you through college, but also when you paint as a hobby and don’t want to turn this into an expensive one. People were really happy with the price-to-quality ratio of these products, and this is often something reflected in the positive reviews that got people so excited about this set.


Gouache Premium all colors isolated in white background

The Arteza Gouache set of colors will have you in a love-hate relationship. There is no in-between, you will either want to purchase it time and time again or never want to hear about it. Despite some minor downsides that we feel you can work around with a little bit of artistic know-how; this set is made from 24 amazingly qualitative colors. 24 may not seem like a lot, but you get all the basic colors you need, plus a handful of variations that you can work it.

Even if this set is less expensive compared to what is considered to be the benchmark of the niche, these colors are surprisingly high in quality and they are suitable for beginners, as well as for long-term painters that are looking to stick to a stricter budget.

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