Arteza VS Prismacolor: Let’s Look at Both

If you are an artist, you’re probably familiar with all the popular brands that supply good materials for your projects. But if you’re not, you’re probably looking for some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Two such examples are Arteza and Prismacolor. Both of these names have made it their mission to deliver quality products to people who are interested in arts. And if you’re not sure which one of these is more suitable for you, we’re going to describe each of the company’s stories and offerings to help balance the odds.

Arteza VS Prismacolor Comparisons

Arteza Prismacolor
Arteza Real Brush Pens + Arteza Mixed Media Pad + Arteza Fineliner Pens + Water Brush
rismacolor Premier Pencils Adult Coloring Kit with Blender, Art Marker, Eraser, Sharpener & Booklet, 29 Piece
Check The Price Check The Price
  • Products are available on their website.
  • Selection of art and craft supplies.
  • Not too much company history info available.
  • Can only buy from third-party retailers.
  • Only sells art supplies.
  • Transparent about brand history.

A Closer Look at Arteza & Prismacolor

It is difficult to compare the products of two brands from a completely objective point of view, especially when we’re dealing with a topic that’s subjective by nature: art. Instead, we wanted to give you the tools that will help you determine which of these two brands deserves a chance first (tip: we’d try them both at least once before drawing any permanent conclusions).


arteza mixed media pad isolated in white background

About the Company

You can tell that Arteza is a company more focused on establishing rapport with its buyers instead of throwing impressive numbers about achievements. Arteza is very specific about what their main goal is, even if they use plenty of metaphors to state it. Created by artists for other artists and people that are enthusiastic about craft, Arteza is a company that’s looking to bring forth good products and supplies at competitive prices.

Product Line-up

Arteza delivers materials and supplies for people who are interested in arts and crafts. While their product line-up isn’t the widest one available, they do have a little bit of everything, and all their products are offered at really competitive prices. The trick with buying convenient stuff from Arteza is to purchase in bulk or take advantage of their sets and packages. The most popular categories of supplies and products sold by Arteza include colored pencils, pastels, paints of different types like gouache, mediums, markers, pens, boards, papers, crafting supplies, and all sorts of art sets.

Their sets are extremely convenient not just in terms of price, but also in terms of items that are included in a set. For example, they have what is called the Ultimate Creator Bundle, which includes 72 pens, 48 brush pens, 6 water brushes, and a pack of two media pads that can be used for drawings and sketches.

Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Colors + Arteza Premium Wood Slices + Arteza Miniature Brushes

For those who are interested in crafts, Arteza provides support for different DIY projects, including colored flitter, quality clay sculpting tools, wood slices, and the best Arteza brush choices for artists. Wine glass metallic markers, heat transfer vinyl sheets, mini canvases, chalkboard wall stickers, and they even have a special category of art and craft supplies for children.

Shipping Policy

Sadly, Arteza is a company with products made available only to the US public. Each of their products can be shipped anywhere in the US, with a few exceptions that are mentioned on each product page you’re interested in.

Those who opt for standard shipping can expect to have their products delivered in a maximum of 7 days, while those who decide to pay extra for Expedited shipping can receive their products sooner.

They offer a 30-day refund on products that are returned in their original state, and partial refunds for situations such as damaged goods or missing parts of the products/sets you’ve purchased.


Berol Prismacolor

About the Company

Prismacolor is a brand with a very old-dated history. They have supplied professional artists with the tools needed ever since 1938. In 1969, the company that was known as Eagle Pencil Company became Berol, so the Eagle Prismacolor pencils became the Berol Prismacolor pencils. In 1995, the company was purchased by Newell Brands and they continue to operate under this name.

Product Line-up

Before talking about the products available, it’s important to mention that, unlike Arteza, Prismacolor won’t give you the possibility to buy these supplies straight from their website. Instead, each individual product page will mention the third-party retailers and sellers when you can find the product you’re interested in. They are generally available on the websites of large online retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

Now that we got that out of the way, we should also mention that Prismacolor’s product line-up isn’t as generous as that of Arteza’s. You will find that they do have a quality selection of colored pencils, markers, graphite pencils, pastels, accessories (such as sharpeners, erasers, or carrying cases), and sets (coloring kits of adults, portrait sets, grey marker sets, charcoal drawing sets, etc.).

Prismacolor Premier Pencils Adult Coloring Kit with Blender isolated in white background

Shipping Policy

Because you can’t buy their products directly from their website, the shipping and return policy will greatly depend on the seller that you choose. Each individual website has its own rules related to shipping and returns, so you will have to look for that information depending on where you choose to buy Prismacolor products from.


Similar, yet with striking differences. That’s how we’d describe the experiences with the Arteza and Prismacolor brands. This isn’t an article meant to judge the quality of the products that each brand offers, but we aimed to give you more objective information that would tilt the balance in either direction.

In the end, both Arteza and Prismacolor are brands that people love, only for different reasons. Arteza became popular because it offered goods at a competitive price. Prismacolor is considered to be a veteran in the industry, but its product offer is quite limited. In the end, it really depends on what you’re looking to buy. If you’re looking for canvases and glitter, Prismacolor can’t give it to you.

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