59 Craft Storage Ideas: Simplify and Declutter

Crafters have a tendency to see potential in supplies in ways others may not, which leads to various collections of products to meet their creative needs. The downside of this is that often their vision exceeds their storage capabilities, and clutter ensues. This article explores various craft storage ideas to help organize supplies, as well as craft creations so you can better find, and use, the materials you have. And who knows? Perhaps you will rediscover and be even more inspired through your decluttering and organizing process!

Stickers/Ribbons and Other Craft Supplies Storage

Small crafting items, such as stickers, ribbons, buttons, and brads easily become lost amongst larger items. When you need a way to stash your small materials that are not only easy to find, but also easy to see for crafting inspiration, these ideas may be exactly what you are looking for.

1. Stamp Storage Binder

Stamp Storage Binder by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, Faux Leather, 3 H × 10 W × 9.75 D Inches, Gray (CH93822)



Stamps are a great way to add detail and personalization to your greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and for fun with children. They also can get quite messy and end up disorganized very easily. These storage binders are made to work as an organizer to keep them all in place.

2. Tiered Crafting Trays

Tiered Crafting Trays
Image Source : hgtv.com

Tiered trays are a great DIY craft to make in and of itself, but what better way to take advantage of your creation than use it to help organize your supplies. Keep your scissors, glue pens, markers, and other day to day necessities in arm’s reach and visible for use.

3. Wheeled Crafting Table

Rolling Craft Storage Cart



A small cart can be a great way to keep your crafting materials close by and visible for use, but also have them organized and out of the way. Plus, the work surface is a great way to place unfinished projects.

4. Plier Stand

Do it yourself plier stand in triangular form cardboard.
Learn more : embergrass.blogspot.com

DIY this quick project to help avoid having to dig through drawers to find the perfect sized pliers. This handy design allows you to store your various pliers, see which is which, and keep them tucked up, out of the way in a compact manner.

5. Rolling Drawer Cart

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers



Drawers are a common go to for crafting storage, but having a system that helps organize and separate your papers, markers, glue, ribbons, and other various products is incredibly helpful. A wheeled drawer cart is perfect for this need.

6. Closet Organizing Plans

Closet Organizing Plans
Read more : blesserhouse.com

If you have a storage closet you can take advantage of for all your materials, you probably are wondering what is the best way to organize it all. Bins and easy to access shelving is a great way to keep everything out of sight, but easy to look through for inspiration. Be sure to label everything!

7. Crafting Cabinets

Arrow 4 Sided Thread Ribbon and Storage Cube Craft Table



Like storage drawers, a cabinet can also be a great way to take advantage of vertical space to place shelving and bins to help keep your materials all in order. Wheeled cabinets can be a great resource as well to provide you portability.

8. Glitter Storage

Glitter Storage
Image Source : artfulpanoply.blogspot.com

Glitter, although an awesome detail for many projects, can be a real pain to store in an effective manner. Take advantage of old salt and pepper shakers and other various ‘tea tray’ type condiment holders to create a sparkly, yet usable display.

9. Wicker Baskets


Mobile Merchandisers CR0620-3B-MB 3-Tier 3 Square Willow Basket Counter Display Rack,Brown



Tiered wicker baskets are the perfect solution for knitting yarns, scrapbook papers, ribbon, rolled tulle, or anything else you want to have the option to look over and pick and choose from. Plus, they can be placed just about anywhere and blend in well to the decor.

10. Labeling Options

Mason jar with labels and filled with glitters.
Learn more : justsomethingimade.com

Since many craft things are small and easy to tuck away, they also are easy to forget about. Make sure you never forget what you have with easy to print labels for all your jars, bins, baskets, and other solutions.

11. Color Coded Bins

Storage Rack Organizer Plastic Craft Case



Stackable bins, combined with labeling, are an excellent way to solve space saving issues. Color coding your bins can make it easier to know what is what and help you keep track of what you are working on, what supplies are low, and keep finished projects tucked away.

12. S-Hook Solutions

S-Hook Solutions
Source : iheartorganizing.com

Many materials have a way to be hung. Paintbrushes, scissors, pliers, and even some bottles provide a way for you to slip an S-hook through an opening and hang from a strung wire or other material. You can set this up in a closet or even part of a room.

13. Washi Tape Holder

Washi Tape Holder
Find out more : blog.consumercrafts.com

Washi tape is awesome to use for so many projects, but it is such a pain to find an effective storage solution in order to see what you have available. Use a wooden dowel tree to hang your tapes from and keep them visible for mixing and matching purposes.

14. Paint Pot Wall

Paint Pot Wall
Image Source : bybrittanygoldwyn.com

Paint pots are another product that are hard to store in a manner that makes it easy to see what you have. Tossed in a drawer, they get mixed up and often forgotten. Designate a part of a wall and stack them by color for a unique solution.

15. DIY Mini Storage

DIY Mini Storage
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

Make your own mini cardboard storage with these easy instructions. Turn your everyday waste into something that you can not only use, but also looks awesome! This is a great budget friendly hack for all sorts of storage solutions.

16. Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic Solutions
Image Source : wecanbeaoriginal.com

Placing magnets on the bottom of your paints, glues, and other smaller items allows you to take advantage of unused space in a unique way. Mount a baking tray on the underside of your cabinets and shelves and stick your supplies to it.

17. Makeup and Sewing Organizer Upgrades

Makeup and Sewing Organizer Upgrades
Learn more : hearthandmade.co.uk

Take over ol makeup and sewing organizers and turn them into your very own, customized crafting kit. Small objects work especially well in the small compartments these organizers have built in. This is also a great way to take your work with you.

18. Drawstring Totes

Drawstring Totes
Source : purlsoho.com

Bags are great for keeping your stuff secure and easy to move from one place to another. But drawstring totes are even better! They not only secure your work, but also keep it protected, and even provide a bit of extra room.

19. Egg Carton Supply Storage

Do It Yourself Egg Carton Supply Storage
Find out more : diynetwork.com

Recycle your old egg cartons into an easy to store, yet well organized small material holder. The cups are the perfect size for buttons, brads, pins, sequins, and any other tiny detail you like to use. Egg cartons are also great to separate paints!

20. Favorite Craft Room Organization Ideas

Favorite Craft Room Organization Ideas
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

These various ideas are perfect for just about any supplies you have and provides a bunch of solutions to take advantage of. Everything from small materials to expanding workspaces can be made with a minimum of effort.

21. Twine Organization

Twine Organizer fixed on wall.
Image Source : damasklove.com

Twine is another one of those crazy products that is easy to love, but is a nightmare to store. Avoid having it unwind and letting it get lost in a drawer and create your own little hanging twine holder that allows you to view, use, and even measure the lengths you need.

22. DIY Storage Cubes

DIY Storage Cubes
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

Although a bit decorative, you can easily simplify this design to create your own stash of storage cubes designed to hold just about anything you need for your artistic visions. You can also choose to fancy it up and make it a focal point as well.

23. Wall Organizer

DIY Giant peg board
Image Source : gingersnapcrafts.com

Do the unexpected and use a corkboard or peckboards to create a unique way to hang baskets and shelves to keep your materials in sight and organized. You can get really creative with this idea also, and make it a neat art project as well.

24. Paint Rack

Wooden Paint Rack
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

Make your own DIY paint rack with this easy to follow tutorial. This way you can always keep track of the colors and types of paints you have so you never run out- or miss an colorful opportunity when creating.

25. Ribbon Dispenser

Basket turned into a ribbon dispenser
Learn more : spunkyjunky.blogspot.com

Ribbon often goes to waste once opened as it unravels and has a tendency to tangle even when you take care to place them gently in drawers. Use this simple idea using a dollar store find to help organize and easily dispense ribbon without tangles!

26. Hanging Solutions

Hanging Solutions
Image Source : flickr.com

Shelves can create a great surface, but often it creates a situation that allows materials to be knocked off or be a bit unstable. Use this hanging ‘shelving’ solution instead that provides a sturdy, secure place for your stuff.

27. Acrylic Paint Holder

Acrylic Paint Holder
Source : dianadellos.com

Keep track of your acrylic paints when you hang them on this easy to make DIY board. This way you can locate and use the colors you need, and also keep close track of how much is left in each tube.

28. Wall Solution

Wall Solution
Learn more : allpeoplequilt.com

Wall space is often overlooked, but is seriously an excellent place to keep your materials in view for creative inspiration. Take a look at this great space saving idea to help get your supplies in order.

Artwork Storage Ideas

If you love to create, then it doesn’t take long to have a lot of finished artwork and crafts lying about looking for homes. Afterall, you only have so much space to display your work, and sometimes it is hard to give your creations. These ideas help you consider storage areas for seasonal creations, and to help keep your hard work safe and secure.

29. Storage Carts

Storage Carts with laptop on top.



Shelved and protected storage carts is a great way to place your canvas and paper creations. With multiple spaces of various sizes, you can easily lay your work flat and keep it enclosed to keep it safe and sound until you are ready to display it.

30. Display Boards

Display Boards
Image Source : cravingsomecreativity.com

Hanging magnetic, cork, or wooden boards to your wall can provide the perfect place to hang your canvases and framed artwork. Plus, when you aren’t displaying work, it provides a nice visual on your wall space as well.

31. Acetate Storage Bags

Acetate Storage Bags



Photography and certain art mediums can fade away or discolor over time. Acetate bags helps keep this from happening and allows your work to look brand new for as many years as you care to keep them in storage.

32. Framed Collages

Framed Collages

When you feel like you don’t have space to display your, or your children’s work, consider stepping outside the boundaries of crisp and clean and make a framed collage of the work. Overlap, stack, and show off various parts of the art to tempt people to take a closer look.

33. Kids Artwork Collections

Kids Artwork Collections
Find out more : 320sycamoreblog.com

Want to keep your kid’s work, but have no idea where to even place it? This protective folder and binder idea is a great way to help keep order of the hundreds of papers that come home from school each year.

34. Expanding Portfolios

Expanding Portfolios



Serious artists often have an expanding portfolio to keep their finished and ongoing work within. But your kids should also have a place to tuck their favorite creations away as well. These are also great for school memories.

35. Display Wall

Display Wall
Image Source : polkadotwhimsy.typepad.com

Take a page from professional stores in the business of display, Create a wall built to showcase your matted, frames, or rough creations. This is an amazing way to customize your display experience and can be built to any size and specification with little effort.

36. Drafting Cabinet

Drafting Cabinet



When drafting when done exclusively by hand, blueprints needed to be carefully stored for easy access all while being protected. These cabinets are still well loved and used to protect both finished art and art in the process of being finished.

37. Photo Portfolio

Photo Portfolio
Source : lilblueboo.com

Keep your photos safe and sound with special photo portfolios designed for compact, easy storage solutions. This is a great way to organize pictures, supplies for scrapbooking and allows you to walk away without losing your creative thought process.

Marker Storage Ideas

If you love to use markers as a creative medium, it doesn’t take long to acquire a variety of different types, colors, sizes, and tips. Getting them all mixed up is a real pain and makes getting inspired a bit difficult. These ideas provide ways to get your markers and marker sets ready for use.

38. Storage Boxes

White Storage Box in a white background.



For quick and easy storage, and when you don’t mind a mix up of markers, storage boxes are a great solution. Sometimes all you need is a designated area specifically for certain items and this might be all you need for your marker collection.

39. Media Organizers

Media Organizers
Learn more : esterroi.com

Media organizers are designed to help keep your various mediums organized and easy to find. Often built like a wheeled cart, these are designed with a series of sliding compartments and trays.

40. Marker Trays

Marker Trays



Keep each individual marker separate, easy to see, and easy to grab when needed with a marker tray. These are made specifically for markers to allow those who use the medium exclusively be inspired by the color palette.

41. DIY Tubed Storage

DIY Tubed Storage
Image Source : scrappnbee.blogspot.com

Create your own vertical marker or colored pencil storage using plastic or cardboard tubing. Stack them one upon another to make as many, or as little of these as you prefer. Then organize your materials by hue or type.

42. Color Variation Ideas

Color Variation Ideas
Source : dominodebi.typepad.com

Art Markers come in a huge array of hues, and sometimes it is hard to determine how to match a specific color. Never second guess yourself again by printing out the brand color wheels to help you mix and match your hues to ensure you always pick what is needed.

43. Tin Can Storage

Tin Can Storage

Recreate this look using various sizes of tin cans, or visit a local crafting store and buy up some small buckets to make your very own marker and supply storage area. This is a fun way to personalize your own space.

44. Marker Storage Cases

Marker Storage Cases
Learn more : papercuts.splitcoaststampers.com

Many high end marker brands provide the solution you need once you begin collecting the many hues and colors they offer. Look for specialized and labeled storage cases that help you keep them perfectly organized.

45. Simple Marker Storage

Simple Marker Storage
Image Source : organizingmoms.com

When your kid’s markers are everywhere, and you simply want to contain it all, checkout this great idea. Make your own or find an inexpensive container to let your children decorate it and make it their very own.

46. DIY Marker Holder

DIY Marker Holder
Source : theidearoom.net

Only using a few colors at a time, but want them on hand and not mixed back up with the bunch? This DIY holder allows you to keep the markers you need on hand and ready for use whenever you get back to your project.

47. Wall Bins

Wall Bins
Image Source : unskinnyboppy.com

Shelf like bins are a great place to add small supply holders and keep your drawing materials easily accessible and on hand for your creative inspiration. Plus, this type of design can double as a way to hang materials as well.

48. Upcycle a Wine Holder

Upcycle a Wine Holder
Learn more : mycasestudies.blogspot.com

Take an old wine bottle holder and add decorative cups or old water bottles to stash your writing and drawing materials in. This is a great way to get exactly what you want and need for your coloring needs.

49. Mason Jar Characters

Painted mason jars with emojis character.
Find out more : ourmessytable.com

Find a set of these cute characters or design and make your own. Whatever you decide to do it will be completely unique and provide the perfect place to stash your markers and other drawing supplies.

50. Rustic Upcycles

Rustic Upcycles
Image Source : diynetwork.com

Take advantage of old junk and antique store finds to make your very own storage solutions that are one of a kind -and is sure to be a unique item in your creative space. Old graters, bowls, crockery, and many other items are perfect additions to your area.

Craft Paper Storage

Craft paper is additive, especially if you scrapbook and enjoy creating unique and personalized pages. You also are probably loathe to discard scraps as they make great photo borders and decorative detail. Because of this, protective paper storage is a must to avoid losing small pieces and having accidental bends from occurring. It also is nice to sort your paper by colors and patterns so you can more easily find it when needed.

51. Paper Storage Shelves

Paper Storage Shelves



Specialized paper storage shelving is the perfect way to sort and display your paper products. These are created to fit the larger, 12 x 12 inch square paper options that most scrapbooking paper comes in, and can be easily labeled.

52.  Paper File Storage

Paper File Storage
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

Accordion style files are also surprisingly roomy and can fit a huge amount of paper. These are not only great for storage, but also awesome for travel or taking your favorite papers with you to crafting events.

53. Greeting Card Organizers

Greeting Card Organizers
Source : smallstuffcounts.com

Greeting cards are a great way to show that you are thinking of somebody. Whether you purchase them or make them yourself, consider a greeting card organizer in order to file them by genre and allow you to quickly pick and choose for your events.

54. DIY Scrapbook Paper Storage

DIY Scrapbook Paper Storage
Full tutorial here : instructables.com

Make your own personalized paper storage bin with this quick instructable that provides you the step by step instructions you need in order to easily get started. If you love to craft this is a great way to turn your own storage into a fun project.

55. Upright File and Paper Storage

Upright File and Paper Storage
Find out more : avegasgirlatheart.com

Upright file holders are also a great way to showcase clear cases filled with your favorite crafting papers. Use these to color code or create a system for ideas, works in progress, and finished materials. Their rigid and durable build make them ideal for this purpose.

56. Paper Wall

Paper Wall
Source : diynetwork.com

Create your very own closet or room paper wall with a series of stackable paper shelves. Make it as tall, long, or large as you want and let yourself go crazy as you sort out your colors and patterns, including various hues to make a plethora of color across the room.

57. Vinyl Roll Solution

Vinyl Roll Solution
Image Source : createandbabble.com

Vinyl is such a fine material that it needs to stay rolled up and carefully placed away to avoid ruining it. The vinyl roll solution allows you to leave them in a tight roll and place them in a stacked, out of the way place for easy access.

58. Paper Stack

Paper Stack
Find out more : dontblink.typepad.com

Portable files are easy to stack across a work space, mix and match, and take with you from one place to the next with ease. They also hold a surprising amount of paper for easy storage and organizational needs.

59. File Cabinet Makeover

File Cabinet Makeover
Image Source : designimprovised.com

Have an ugly old file cabinet that you want to put to use but can’t stand how it looks? Take a look at these ideas to help you create a file cabinet makeover that will be perfect for all your crafting and paper storage needs.


Hopefully these ideas have got you thinking about what might be best for your crafting and creation spaces. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of supplies and materials to work with, but when they become cluttered and overlooked due to a lack of space or organization, then it’s a bit disheartening to get to work.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and please share!


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