Danielle McLeod


Danielle McLeod is a skilled writer and an accomplished Technical and Literary writing instructor at a Career and Technical High School Education Center. As a mother, animal lover, and travel enthusiast, Danielle artfully blends her extensive life experiences with her passion for arts, crafts, and DIY projects, creating meaningful connections with her students and readers.


  • Over 20 years of experience as a High School English teacher with a focus on arts, crafts, and DIY projects
  • 7+ years as a freelance content researcher and writer specializing in the creative arts
  • A lifelong passion for animals, travel, books, and all things creative


With a strong background in both sciences and literary studies, Danielle holds multiple degrees in environmental and literary fields. Before transitioning to teaching, she worked as a firefighter and ranch hand, always seeking to balance her diverse interests. Over a decade ago, she restructured her lifestyle to involve her children in her various creative and DIY endeavors.

Danielle’s teaching career has allowed her to share her love for arts and crafts with her students in career and technical fields. Her insatiable wanderlust keeps her family constantly exploring the United States, often gathering inspiration for new creative projects. Their hobby farm—home to horses and a giant Sulcata tortoise named Norman—provides a wealth of opportunities for hands-on arts and crafts activities.

Her unique lifestyle and career choices infuse her teaching methods and writing with a fresh perspective, resonating with students and readers who share her love for crafting and DIY projects.


Danielle earned a bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Wildlife Management from Michigan Technological University, holds highly qualified teaching certifications in multiple states, and obtained a Master of Arts in Literacy from Grand Canyon University.

Blending the worlds of science, art, and creativity, Danielle’s diverse background allows her to approach life from various angles. As a published artist, photographer, and avid DIY enthusiast, she incorporates her life experiences into her work, making it all the more captivating and inspiring.

Join Danielle here at Mostcraft.com as she shares her knowledge, skills, and passion for crafting, DIY projects, and all things creative!

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