9 DIY Laundry Basket Dresser Ideas To Get Ultra Organized

If you’re anything like us, your laundry room represents a mixture of pure terror, the potential for optimism and some kind of weird domestic purgatory where things go to die or just hang out but never quite make it to their destination.

That sounds depressing, but the fact is that a lot of laundry rooms are as known for their disorderliness as they are for cleaning clothes and things. But it doesn’t have to be like that, even if you have kids, pets or spouses. Especially if you have those things.

One of the more practical things we’ve seen when it comes to laundry rooms is the laundry basket dresser. It first began as a mythological being somewhere around 2009, and moms across the country were keeping this little project a secret.

Then things kept popping up here and there and before you know it, the LBD is a household name (pun intended). We’ve tried a few different baskets out ourselves, and though we’re currently going with an IKEA hack set up, we think these DIY projects are also worthy of your handiwork.

If your laundry room needs some reorganizing, check out the projects below to jog your own imagination. Remember: the possibilities are endless, unless your laundry room is finite. Then the possibilities are somewhat constrained by the known laws of nature.

The Queen: The Ana White Laundry Basket Dresser

Ana-White Laundry Basket 3 Layer Dresser
via ana white

Where else to start except with the Queen of the awesome DIY project, Ana White. Her laundry basket dresser is simple, functional, but also deceptively nice looking. Sure, there are no bells and whistles, but look, your lingerie may end up in the laundry but this is no time to be sexy. You have the rest of your house to get all wild and fancy. Let’s let the laundry room do laundry things and be realistic about what goes on here.

It’s safe to say all other LBDs are held to the Ana White standard, and for that we are forever thankful.

Shabby Chic Laundry Basket Dresser

Shanty 2 Chic Laundry Basket 3 Layers with 9 Drawers Dresser
via shanty 2 chic

Now, we’re going to change gears. If you don’t like the simplicity of Ana White’s dresser, you can go with something a little more complicated, but entirely worth it. This LBD is great because it doesn’t look like an LBD, which means it can be in your room or somewhere else without sticking out like a sore thumb.

If time is on your side, this is a great project, and shanty 2 chic offers great plans for building your own laundry basket dresser. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, there’s probably a better fit somewhere else down the line.

Pottery Barn Lookin’ Laundry Basket Dresser

The Bullock 5 Pottery Barn looking 3 layers with 6 laundy basket dresser
via the bullock 5

We came in with the simple LBD and things took a 180 with the dresser above. Now we hit the middle ground with this gorgeous laundry basket dresser from the bullock 5. This one looks like it could be in a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel catalogue and I wouldn’t even blink an eye.

We love the dark top of the dresser contrasted with the whitewash, and the whole thing is made in such a way that it blends function and form perfectly. Well done!

9-Spot Laundry Dresser

9-Spot Laudnry Dresser with White basket
via house logic

Two things stand out about this LBD for us: first, it has 9 baskets, which is great if you have kids or spouses or parents or roommates or whoever and they all have clothes coming in and coming out, day after day, and the whole thing seems like it’s never done or not done and it’s like you’re Sisyphus forever pushing the rock of laundry up the mountain of life.

It’s okay to feel like that.

The second thing we love is how this LBD blends into its surroundings with decor and knick knacks. It doesn’t look out of place, and that makes it one of our favorite laundry basket setups.

In January, we had twins, and even though it’s a ways off until they’re both digging through the laundry looking for that special weird outfit they wear everyday, we can tell that this LBD might be something we need.

Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser

Infarrantly Creative 3 Layers Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser
via infarrantly creative

Fixed LBDs are wonderful when you don’t have a whole lot of moving around to do, but sometimes you gotta move things from room to room or act like a mail person at a large corporate office except instead of handing out mail and packages, you sling clean clothes from room to room like you were born with an innate talent to organize.

Not everyone’s that lucky, so the rolling LBD makes this whole process a whole lot easier. Also great for college students or other people who might move often.

Laundry Basket Shelves

Aimee Weaver 3 Layers Laundry Basket Crate Shelves
via aimee weaver

We’re all about alternative solutions here, so we decided to through in something different than your everyday LBD. These crate shelves are such a great idea and they work perfectly for clothes.

Although this example has them by the front door entrance, you could easily fix 3 or more of these to your laundry room walls – or even on top of other, larger shelves – and you have yourself some cute, tucked-away places for clean and dirty clothes.

Mobile Laundry Basket Dresser

Hoosier Homemade Mobile Laundry Basket Dresser with 3 Layers of white baskets
via hoosier homemade

Here’s another mobile option for those that don’t want to be tied down. This one is great because it shows the baskets length-wise, so you might be able to see what’s going on in there with more ease.

Again, great for dorm rooms, apartments, studios or other places that don’t have a whole lot of laundry space but still require some organization because you have all the human tendencies that we do, including disorganization and at times severe laziness.

Laundry Basket Dresser with Doors

3 Layers Laundry Basket Dresser with Doors
via jensimmons

Let’s say you love the idea of an LBD but you don’t love the idea of being able to see your LBs.

Then do we have the laundry basket setup for you!

This one looks great because it, like a few others, blends perfectly into its surroundings, and with the doors, you can get a little more wild and crazy behind the scenes, but when people come over or you just want the mental peace of mind that comes from something looking “tidy,” then you can close those bad boys up and feel good about things in general.

And that’s always good.


Pallet Laundry Basket Dresser

3 Layers Lumber Pallet Laundry Basket Dresser
via pallirondack

Pallet laundry basket dressers – or those made from 2x4s or other pieces of lumber, are great because they’re simple and get the job done. Although the one in this example is relatively plain looking (but great!), you could also paint or stain the wood to give it some more character that matches your laundry room or your clothes.

Three Drawer Laundry Dresser

Badger Basket 3 Drawer Hamper Laundry Dresser


If you just really want to get something that’s already put together and quick and easy, consider the Badger Basket three-drawer hamper. It serves much the same purpose as the LBD, but if you’re just not good with building stuff or whatever, then you can go right to the point.

With three drawers, it’s spacious, but not so big that it can’t fit where any LBD can. So it’s a good compromise if the DIY part of you is fighting with the “let’s just buy it” part of you.

How to Build a Laundry Basket Dresser

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re making your LBDs at home:

  • Function should trump aesthetics, but that’s just our opinion
  • Be sure to make the dimensions of your dresser fit the measurements of whatever baskets you use
  • Don’t be afraid to use old pieces of furniture and remake them into laundry dressers
  • Base the overall size of your LBD on the volume of your laundry – if it’s just you, then 1 – 2 baskets might suffice, but a family may need more

Don’t overthink your LBD. You just need something that’ll get your clothes organized so that you can wake up in the morning, find your lucky underwear and have a great day!