How To Make Your Bathroom a Piece of Art: Ideas to Create Art Deco Bathroom

Style Moderne, also known as Art Deco is an extravagant style that can make your rooms pop. Art Deco bathrooms are nothing new, in fact art deco and styles inspired by art deco have always been a common feature of bathroom décor. But this does not mean that art deco is out of fashion- rather it will help you have a bathroom that has a vintage charm and a decadent feel.

Art deco interior design bathrooms and other rooms have been in vogue for a long time. This particular style reached its peak in the 1920s UK where luxury, sleekness, and panache were prioritised. Original art deco are still in demand and are highly popular for their vintage look. But you can make your art deco bathroom without putting a hole in your pocket. So, if you love the vintage yet contemporary style décor, an art deco bathroom is surely the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at several different ideas that will help you in creating an art deco bathroom.

Art Deco Wallpapers = Pure Luxury

Art deco wallpapers are an easy and cost-efficient way to incorporate the art deco style in your bathroom. These wallpapers will help you create a stunning art deco bathroom design in no time. Try to play up the contrast with other elements in the bathroom. For instance, a simple white wallpaper paired with black and vintage wood fixtures will make your bathroom pop. A white, geometric patterned wallpaper can also be paired with art deco bathroom tiles for a cohesive look.

Pink and Black are Back

Pink and black may sound like a weird combination at first, but when paired together, both the colours complement each other in a beautiful way. The dark hues of black combined with the fiery shades of pink look amazing together. Try pairing pink tiles with black tiles to create as an accent wall. It is a great way to pull attention. You can also pair pink tiles with black fixtures.

Let there be light!

Lights, like other art deco accessories, should be geometric. You can use pendant chandeliers or other similar chandeliers to make your bathroom look grand and fancy. High lamps in golden shades will generally go well with almost all art deco bathroom tiles.

Art Deco Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles are an integral part of any art deco bathroom décor. Smart tiling will add a mesmerising finishing touch to your bathroom walls. Create a zigzag pattern or perhaps a chessboard-all these art deco styles will look equally amazing. You can also experiment with marble finish tiles that will look out of this world.


Who does not love to soak in warm water after a tiring day? An art deco style bathtub can help you relax and forget the woes of your day-to-day life. Art deco style incorporates elegance with a sense of rusticity. Thus, instead of choosing your usual bathtubs, you can go with something different and unique. A galvanised tub with decorative exposed pipes will make your bathroom look different than any other bathroom that you have seen before. You can also choose dark marble bathtubs for a contrasting décor.

Marble-ous Accessories

The two iconic materials that are THE representatives of the art deco style are brass and marble. Combine marble with brass in the form of accessories, accents, fixtures, lights, and tiles to make the bathroom look appealing. You can also use marbles for the sink, bathtub, and as the edge of the mirror to make it stand out.

Contrast is the key

Contrasting matters! Creating contrasts of different textures, colours, and materials, is an easy way to add the art deco elements to your bathroom. These contrasts can be created via different tiles, different wallpapers, different fixtures and a lot more! For instance, a deep black bathtub with golden legs will look shockingly stunning on a white marble floor. Similarly, vintage wooden mirrors will look quite elegant with golden light fixtures.

Furniture, Fittings, and Fun

The furniture is often an ignored aspect in any bathroom, but proper selection of the same can add subtle yet prominent touches to your décor. Vintage waterproof wooden furniture such as stools and decorative furniture such as frames go well with art deco themes. Brass fixtures, as explained in the previous section look equally exciting and add a retro/classic look to your bathroom.

Decorative Accessories

Dramatic accessories such as frames, potted indoor plants, metal faucets, cast iron sinks, metal stools, etc. can add a touch of grace to your bathrooms. A metal trash can and an iron mesh basket for storage looks quite stunning. But try to keep your decorative accessories limited. Minimalism is the key for an art deco and industrial look.

Vintage and art deco inspired bathrooms are considered not just stylish and elegant, but also chic and minimal. The bold elements of art deco will make your bathroom your favourite place in your house.