47 Glass Bottle Cutting Ideas

Glass bottle art is an excellent way to upcycle used glass bottles, create unique home and garden decorations, and also make personalized gifts. However finding inspiration can be a challenge, and choosing what crafts are best may seem overwhelming once you get started.

To find some of the best glass bottle cutting ideas all in one place, all you need to do is keep reading this article. See some of the best creations made from various bottle shapes and sizes, and how they can be displayed anywhere you desire.

1. Candle Holders

Three cutted bottle candle holders.

Trim your bottles both on top and bottom with your bottle cutter to create a unique, shallow candle holder that displays the lighting and scent of your favorite tea candles. Set on your favorite tile or wooden coasters to display.

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2. Casting a Gentle Glow

Casting a Gentle Glow

By leaving the tops of your bottle intact after cutting you allow your candles to cast a gentle glow to their surroundings. This is a great way to add a unique ambiance both indoors, and throughout your garden.

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3. Wind Chime Art

Wind Chime Art

Take advantage of the unique cuts of your bottle to design and create wholly unique wind chimes for your garden. Provide beaded additions, bells, or even florals to your finished products.

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4. Party Glasses

Party Glasses
Learn More at : instructables.com

Sanding the edges of a newly cut glass bottle creates a smooth, safe surface. Upcycle your favorite liquor bottles into a fun addition to your next social mixer. They also make the perfect pint glass! Read how to cut glass bottles here.

5. Artistic Additions

Artistic Additions
Image Source : bottlecutting.com

A cut glass bottle provides an awesome blank canvas to work from. Add glass tiles, doilies, cut lace, tissue paper, and other favorite bits and pieces to make your own decorative vases and candle holders.

6. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier
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Make a one of a kind chandelier from cut glass wine bottles. Color with paint and modge podge, string lighting through the necks, and attach to your wall or ceiling!

7. Perfect Planters

Perfect Planters
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Grow an herb garden in your bottles after cutting and flipping the tops. This is a great way for young, inquisitive minds, to watch the growth cycle of a plant from seed to maturity.

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8. Shot Glass Collection

Shot Glass Collection
Full guide at : instructables.com

Don’t toss those bottle tops after you cut them. Instead, afix cool bottle tops to the ends and create collections of wholly unique shot glasses for gifts, or additions to your own collections.

9. Candy Hold All

Candy Hold All
Learn at this website

Mix and match your cut bottle creative uses. This pair serves both as a lighting source as well as a fun candy bowl. You can change up the decorations for seasons, and use small battery operated tea lights to avoid an open flame!

10. Horizontal Planter

Horizontal Planter
Get the details at : instructables.com

Many people envision bottle cutting to be the removal of the top, bottom, or both from the bottle. However you can make any cut you desire, such as this cool little planter that looks to be growing out the sides of the bottle.

11. Mini Terrarium

Mini Terrarium
Image Source : bottlecutting.com

Bottles are the perfect shape and size for various mini terrariums, This is a great project for children, as well as a unique decorative idea that you can use to brighten up your home spaces.

12. Decorative Chandelier

Decorative Chandelier
Learn more at this: site

Make your own chandelier inspired lighting for you to enjoy in any room of your home. You can also take advantage of solar lighting to add this effect to outdoor spaces as well.

13. Wine Centerpiece

Wine Centerpiece
Via : bottlecutting.com

Create a wine centerpiece with used wine bottles and a decorative wine glass. Use it to hold your corks or other wine bottle opening tools, and use your cut bottles as a lighting option.

14. Cool Lamp Options

Cool Lamp Options
Find out more at : instructables.com

There are a huge array of unique liquor, beer, and wine bottles. Be sure to choose those that have cool colorations and shapes to use for lamp options to make them a one-of-a-kind creation.

15. Hand Painting

Hand Painting
Image Source : bottlecutting.com

Glass is an excellent medium for a painted canvas. Use glass paint, or acrylic and a clear epoxy coat, to create decorative and bright designs. These make great holiday glasses and decor as well.

16. Hanging Light Fixtures

Hanging Light Fixtures
Get the details at : instructables.com

Take advantage of an existing lighting fixture and replace the bulbs with cut bottles and string lights for a cool effect. Use colored lights, or even paint the bottles to add additional ambiance.

17. Dessert Tray

Dessert Tray
Find more at : bottlecutting.com

A glass cutter influences a ton of various home carats, including this awesome dessert tray idea. Take advantage of glass serving plates from second hand stores and upcycle them into something totally new.

18. One-of-a-King Jewelry

One-of-a-King Jewelry
Learn More at : savedbylovecreations.com

Take advantage of the unique shapes bottles offer to make your own jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are all unique options you can design and create from the narrow necks of bottles.

19. Crafty Garden Birdhouses

Crafty Garden Birdhouses
Via : bottlecutting.com

Have a ton of fun designing and making birdhouses to hang throughout your garden. Wire and metal scraps are perfect for this project and help to add to your landscape. Plus, the bright glass is attractive to beneficial birds and insects!

20. Freeform Art Projects

Freeform Art Projects
Learn more at this website

The shape and colors of glass provide you many opportunities for artistic expression. You don’t have to create useful objects when working with cutting glass.  Rather, make abstract art as you go along!

21. Tabletop Torches

Tabletop Torches
Image Source : buzzfeed.com

You don’t even need to cut glass to create these tabletop torches if you don’t want to. Lamp oil and a wick are all you need to make them work, and you can paint or decorate the bottles as you see fit.

22. Mosaic Lighting

Mosaic Lighting
Check more at : flickr.com

What better way to decorate your glass bottles, than with glass decorations! Glass beads are the perfect addition to your cut glass projects and work to illuminate and bring your creations to life.

23. DIY Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier
Image Source : diynetwork.com

Your favorite bar space is about to get an upgrade with this DIY chandelier project. This is a very different take on a traditional overhead lighting option, and is incredibly unique.

24. Accent Halloween Lighting

Accent Halloween Lighting
Full guide at : instructables.com

This is a spooky addition to your halloween decorations. Take advantage of how wonderfully glass illuminates a light source, and the awesome surface it lends to your creative flair.

25. String of Glass

String of Glass
Image Source : flickr.com

Don’t toss the bottlenecks you remove. Instead, cut them into various widths and string them together to great colorful, vibrant garlands you can hang in your yard and gardens.

26. Personalized Vases

Personalized Vases
Learn more at : bottle-lamp.com

What says I love you more than handpicked bouquets in customized vases made from your favorite spirits? Upgrade your bottles into funky vases to place in your home and outdoor living spaces.

27. DIY Lamp

Follow this easy tutorial to be inspired to make your own DIY lamps to place in outdoor living areas, bedside tables, or in your favorite living spaces. These are great for gift ideas as well.

28. Personalized Guitar Slide

Personalized Guitar Slide
Get the details at : instructables.com

If you play guitar, then you know how unique a sound you can create with a good slide. This tutorial shows you how to make your own glass guitar slide to help bring your music to life.

29. Rustic Jewelry

Rustic Jewelry
Find out more at : flickr.com

The necks of bottles make beautiful decorative rings when cut and sanded. Use for decorative jewelry that reflects your style, or even repurpose in more practical manners if you wish.

30. Ashtray Art

Ashtray Art
Full guide at : instructables.com

Create a modern ashtray for your cigars that adds a touch of class to your smoking room. Cut bottles or flat glass to fit your vision by following this simple DIY instruction guide.

31. Hanging Vases

Hanging Vases
Via : glasswithapast.com

Brighten up the edges of your garden walls, fencetops, or even in your home with these hanging glass bottle top vases. The ideas of what to plant are endless and are sure to bring a whimsical touch to any area you place them in.

32. Personalized Decor

Personalized Decor
Get the details here

One of the best things about crafting is how easy it is to add your own personal touches to your creations. Paint is a great way to help decorate glass, and all it takes is a little spray epoxy to make it a permanent effect.

33. Bottle Bottom Collage

Bottle Bottom Collage
Find out more on this website

Cut the bottoms out of different shaped bottles of variou colors to create an incredibly unique collage. You can even use it as a nightlight by placing a light source behind after you have them mounted.

34. Glass Kazoo

Glass Kazoo
Full guide at : instructables.com

The tops of bottles are quite handy, and any child would love their own kazoo when you follow along with this step by step guide that shows you how easy it is to make one.

35. Wall Lamps, Rings, and Other Glass Creations

This quick and simple video highlights three quick techniques to make various items from glass bottles. Wall lamps, jewelry, and a candle holder are all featured as quick, one minute lessons.

36. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

This is another option that doesn’t require glass cutting, but may be desired depending on the look you want. Glass bottles are perfect options for making fairy lights out of. These are easy to do with both solar or battery operated string wire lights.

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37. Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders

Glass bottles are the perfect choice for making a hummingbird feeder from. In fact, they can be altered to be used for just about any type of bird or squirrel feeder! Simply make sure you use hardware for the various ways your backyard critters feed.

38. Bottle Jug Lamp

Bottle Jug Lamp
Get the details here

Have fun following this unique set of instructions that show you how to reuse a wine jug or beer growler in a way that creates a cool lighting source. Mix and match your shapes to fit your decor.

39. Bottle Brick Windows

Have an outdoor wall that needs something decorative to make it a bit less plain? This step by step guide shows you how to make bottle windows that are creative and fun to gaze upon.

40. Crafting For Sale

Crafting For Sale
Image Source : flickr.com

Learning how to cut glass and become an expert at bottle art and crafts provides you an awesome way to make a little extra cash. Many people love to browse and pick from one of a kind creations.

41. Spoon Holders

Spoon Holders

Cutting and melting glass results in some pretty awesome looking kitchen pieces. Make your own spoon holders, serving trays, or decorative plates to add to your home decor.

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42. Cheap Stained Glass

Cheap Stained Glass
Learn More at : thriftyfun.com

Bottle ends make awesome stained glass options to hand in your windows. You can mix and match sizes and colors, and even plain clear glass with glass paint to make you own showpieces.

43. Book Scenes in a Bottle

Book Scenes in a Bottle
Find out more : flickr.com

Cut out the bottom of your bottles to make space for your own scenes in a bottle. This is a great way for children to help recreate their vision of what they have read, and is a fun way to showcase their understanding of plot lines.

44. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting
Image Source : homesthetics.net

Cover your battery operated lighting sources with glass bottle domes to light up the night and bring ambiance to your social gatherings. Easy to place on deck rails, or along garden paths, this is a sure way to add ambiance.

45. Sun Spinners

Sun Spinners

Glass catches and reflects light and is easy to incorporate into various sun catchers and sun spinners. Hang in various places in your yard, on your patios, and under deck overhangs for your enjoyment- and to help keep away nesting birds!

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46. Peaceful Wind Chimes

Peaceful Wind Chimes
Learn More at : homesthetics.net

There are many ways to make wind chimes out of old bottles. The necks of bottles are easy to hang and stack for a more durable, and less delicate, option. Plus, the addition of old serving ware and other old finds are easy to incorporate.

47. Glass Bottle Home Crafts

Glass Bottle Home Crafts - ring made from a cut bottle.
Full guide at : instructables.com

These three crafts incorporate wearable art, candle holders, and home decorative lighting solutions with quick instructions that are easy to follow and make on your own. Try one, or all three!


If you were unsure of where to start when it came to bottle cutting and glass art in general, hopefully this article has provided all the inspiration you needed! These many projects and visions are easy to recreate and change to make your very own to show in your own home and garden, or to give as gifts.

We’d love to hear which ideas were your favorite, and also see what you have created in the past! And, as always, please share. See more glass craft ideas here.

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