45 Fun and Creative DIY String Art Ideas

The string is one of the most versatile tools ever invented. It’s used in so many things we use daily sometimes it goes unnoticed. For example, the blinds that keep the sun out of your windows are, more likely than not they have strings holding them together. The hood on your jacket is adjusted by a string. Fans that cool off a hot room are, at times, adjusted by the pull of a string.

The ways in which this device can be used are seemingly endless, but not many of them are as fun as using it to create string art. There are several styles that fall under this title like abstract string art patterns and 3D string art, but we will cover those later in this article.

For now, let’s learn a little bit about the art form in general.

A Brief History of String Art

Balls of wool on old wooden background

This flexible medium has a deep-rooted history in mathematics and surface models, which were shown at the 1936 Parisian exhibition titled “Exposition Surrealist Object d’art.” From there, in 1942, Marcel Duchamp, inspired by the Paris show, exhibited “First Papers of Surrealism” in New York.

Types of Contemporary String Art

For the most part, when using a string as an art medium today, all works fall under one of the following three categories. Some might be a mixture of two, or all three. As we all know, art is about pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules at times. So don’t be surprised, when we look at our examples later if it’s tough to decide which of the three that piece is.

String Paintings

Geometric String Art close up. details

To make this type of art you would need a canvas and some nails to attach. The idea is to weave the thread or string around the nails to create an image. The term “painting” refers to the use of string to cultivate an image on the canvas. When creating this type of piece it’s important to remember how shadows play a role in the appearance of the piece throughout the day.

String Sculptures

When sculpting with string the idea is to use it as a support for other mediums. Possibly other pieces of string, plastic, metals, wood, or stone. In this style the string is a stronger supportive player in the piece and, even though takes a back seat at times, is the foundation for the entire piece.

Site-Specific Installations

The intention of this type of piece is to incorporate the settings into the art piece. Maybe you could arrange nails on a wall and start weaving string around a room. What it will represent is up to you, like any other art piece. But, as you will see in the following examples, site-specific installations aren’t only for the galleries and museums.

Now that we are more familiar with string as a medium to be used artistically let’s take a look at what some people have done with it.

45 Creative String Art Ideas

1. Dessert String Art

Dessert String Art

This first idea lets you create a few sweet treats that might not be as good as the real thing but are a pleasant addition to any child’s room. Since it’s a kit this is art your kid can create for their own walls.

2. DIY Cactus Wall Decor

DIY Cactus Wall Decor

Kits like this one are great because they come with leads to help you guide your nails. This is perfect for the desert lover in your life.

3. Anchors Away!

Anchors Away string art on a wooden background.

Sea lovers get your hammers and white string ready to make this iconic symbol for lake and ocean aficionados! This would also work as decorative art on a boat.

4. String Art for Kids

String Art for Kids
Image Source : blog.consumercrafts.com

When I was a kid I loved new craft projects. Any medium I could get my hands on I was trying. Kids like to try new things so these styles would be perfect for beginners.

5. Portrait

Young woman holding her portrait made by a string art.

This is the type of idea that would work out best if you hired a professional to do it for you. You could give it a try but don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of tries before you get it perfect.

6. Leaf

Leaf string art design on a wooden plank.
Full guide at : instructables.com

Nature is always a perfect subject when it comes to creating art. This single leaf string art piece gives any room an elegant look.

7. Wise Owl

Wise Owl blue string art design.
Learn more at: ninered.blogspot.com

Owls are known for their wisdom but they are also pretty cute and this design can be made with blue, another favorite color, or a mixture of many hues.

8. The Heartland

Heartland sting art design.
Image Source : diyprojects.com

American are known to be proud of where they are from and nothing says it more than a piece of wall art. This map can be made by even the most green novice.

9. Dome

Get the details at: instructables.com

This project glows in the dark, which is a lot of fun in any backyard during warm months. Get ready for some work to create this modern 3D extravaganza.

10. Autumn Squash

Autumn Squash string art design.
Image Source : sugarbeecrafts.com

Pumpkins are a symbol for certain times of the year but we all like to make our homes look more seasonal when the time rolls around and this project would do the trick.

11. Neck Art

Neck Art using string of different colors.
Full guide at: instructables.com

This is a fun way to show off your talents outside of your home. Plus you can create new ones with the same jig. They can make nice gifts for the holidays.

12. Personalize

Personalize "M" string art design.
Image Source : bhg.com

The first letter of our surnames are important, at least in some Westernized cultures. Monograms are all the rage an, if ambitious enough, you can make one for every letter of the alphabet

13. 3D Wall Art

3D Wall Art string ideas
Learn more at : instructables.com

Abstract art is a fun way to add a little something to your room without making a huge statement. To create this piece you need a handful of materials and a working knowledge of miter saws.

14. Air Plants

String arts use for air plants.
Find out at : brit.co

This DIY project is a fun way to incorporate your love for string art with your passion for gardening. Plus, air plants help purify the air.

15. World Map

World map string art design.
Full details at this website

Lovers of maps might have a great time creating this amazing map of the world for their wall. You can add a little color to your string or paint the board blue.

16. Geometrical Heart

Geometrical heart red string art design on white plain board and potted cactus on his side.
Image Source : leideedellavale.it

Hearts make people happy and this geometrical blood beater is simple and doesn’t require as much detail as some of the other designs we’ve discussed.

17. BarnWood Sign

Personalized name using string art ideas on barn wood.
Learn more here

You won’t need much experience to make this sign and the results are so professional looking your friends will ask you where you bought it.

18. Sunburst Mirror

Mirror looks elegant on the string art sun burst design.
Check it out here

This project is more complicated than some of the previous string art ideas but the directions are simple to follow and the results are breathtaking.

19. 3D String Sculpture

3D String Sculpture project usint string art.
Get the details here

Here we have a project that will take some time, which is not a problem for anyone who enjoys making frames and MDF frames. The results are amazing and a conversation piece for parties.

20. Comic Book Party

Pop art design using blue string.
Image Source : ideas.evite.com

Pop art is fun and it can make any room just a bit more whimsical than it was before. This project adds a little paint to give your piece a splash of color.

21. Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers string art project.
Find out more at : instructables.com

Lovers of video games might enjoy creating this amusing piece of wall art. If Mario Brother’s isn’t your game, take the ideas here and apply them to your favorite video game to create something you’ll never forget.

22. Kitchen Cows

Kitchen Cows project using string art.
Image Source : honeyandbirch.com

Animals like cows and pigs are common in kitchen decor. This DIY string task allows room for creativity. Colorful strings work well with this type of wooden background.

23. String Art Eggs

Simple spring string art eggs.
Full guide at : instructables.com

Eggs are used for decoration during Easter and even as year round ornaments. The 3D aspect of this project helps it stand out from the others and gives you the room to get creative. You can put all your eggs in one of these 12 Beautiful Bowls You’ll Want to Keep Forever.

24. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower string art on wooden plank.
Learn more at : trendhunter.com

France can be with you always when you create this Eiffel Tower artwork. The way you place the string in this piece is important for the overall look of your tower.

25. Greeting Card

Personaized greeting card.
Find out at this website

Homemade gifts are the best. They’re fun to make and they’re awesome to receive. That’s why giving someone a beautiful card of your string art would be nothing short of amazing.

26. Heart Monitor

Heart monitor string art on wall.
Image Source : youngbirdblog.blogspot.com

While the last heart was geometrical this pair of blood pumpers have a jagged line in between that is meant to resemble the type of monitor in a hospital room. This could be a gift for a doctor or nurse.

27. Pull-String Art

White flower on a blue canvass using a pull-string art.
Get the details at : instructables.com

Here we have something unique. Instead of hammering nails and wrapping string this design requires the artist to paint the string and then place it on the canvas. When you pull at the string the paint that’s left behind is the art, which seems to resemble flowers.

28. Cutlery

String art cutlery design on round wood plank.
Learn more at : abeautifulmess.com

Another symbol that we continue to see in kitchens are forks, spoons, and knives. This tutorial guides you through creating a string art piece for your country kitchen.

29. Cardioid Using Two Times Table

Cardioid using two times table string art design.
Get the details at: instructables.com

A cardioid is a heart shape via mathematics. This project is perfect for the geometry wizard who enjoys all the work that is required for this piece. That said, the finished project is superb and precise in its appearance.

30. Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance string art.
Image Source : cutoutandkeep.net

Star Wars fans take a look at this. The symbol is simple to recreate and you can add your own twist with a different color scheme.

31. Eye Within An Eye

String art intricate design.
Check it out at this website

Here we have another intricate design that will take some serious dedication to complete. Once you are done though, you will feel an extreme sense of pride for a job well done. You can tell everyone it’s your third-eye.

32. No Nails Required

Kid friendly string art project - balloon on round cork board.
Image Source : momtastic.com

This kid friendly project could be a fun way for you and children to spend a sunny afternoon with this simple introduction to string art.

33. Psychedelic Flowers

Psychedelic Flowers string art.
Get the details at: instructables.com

If you are ready to take the cardioid project to the next level then this is the task for you. I think it looks fabulous with the rainbow of colors but you can also alternate two colors to give it a different look.

34. Cake Topper

Heart-shape cake topper string art.
Learn more at : theamericanwedding.com

All you need is some armature wire, embroidery thread, and wire tools to create this adorable cake topper for your next party. If you like making them you can create one for each cupcake on your platter.

35. Calm Circles

Calm circles string art
Check the full guide at : instructables.com

When we look at circles we feel peace. They are graceful and dreamy and creating them can be calming in itself, which is an added benefit when creating these simple yet elegant wall coverings.

36. Illumination

Lamp shade string art project.
Full guide at : instructables.com

If you can laser cut wood then I recommend this project. A lamp like this can add an interesting mood to any room. Use a blue string and your lamp will be relaxing. Use yellow and the lamp will be bright. This has endless possibilities.

37. Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room string art
Find out more at : erinspain.com

A piece like this would bring a bit of playfulness to any nursery. Besides, elephants represent wisdom, loyalty, and stability, which are positive for any new born human just getting to know this world.

38. Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains string art design
Get the details at : instructables.com

Landscape images are quite fun when it comes to creating string art. This project focuses on mountains, which are beautiful and the subject of many art pieces. If you like lakes or wooded scenes those work well too.

39. Mickey Wall Art

Mickey Wall Art string art design
Learn more at : thisfairytalelife.com

There’s a certain iconic mouse that everyone knows and people all over the world, children and adults, can’t get enough of those ears. This project is perfect for that person or the friend of the Disney lover that wants to give them an amazing birthday gift this year.

40. Rainbow Nest for the Ceiling

Rainbow Nest for the Ceiling string art
Full guide at : instructables.com

Covering your ceiling with colorful string is an excellent way to keep yourself busy and the end result will be a room that is the envy of all your friends. You don’t have to stick to the rainbow pattern and can create your own color scheme.

41. Little Animals

Little Animals string art
Image Source : godiygo.com

Here is the perfect activity for the animal lover in your life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to animals to create and this tutorial instructs you how to make eleven of them.

42. Ecuadorian Star

Ecuadorian Star string art on christmas tree
Find out more at : instructables.com

This item is ethnic specific and, unless you are Ecuadorian or a lover of the culture, you might not be interested in making this flag. Maybe you can find a way to implement the ideas to make your flag.

43. Negative Space

Negative Space style string art
Image Source : diynetwork.com

Instead of focusing their energy on filling an image with string this approach has the artist carve out the subject by taking over the negative space. This could be fun to do with a light background and dark string.

44. Captain America

Captain America string art
Learn more at : instructables.com

Here we have a project for the Marvel Comic fans in your life. The Captain America shield is a symbol of protection and justice. Plus, you can use the design to create other flag designs.

45. Easy DIY Tutorial

Easy DIY flower string art design.
Full guide at : instructables.com

If you are looking for a project that you can do with your kids or they can be left alone with this is it. Using cork and pins, this enterprise will spark any future string artists for a lifetime.


String is a medium you may not have considered before reading this. Hopefully, after seeing some of the options and ideas on this list, we’ve been able to ignite the string art spark lying in all of us.

Did you enjoy reading this list? If so, let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to share this with your string art loving friends.

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