The Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Options for Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette Cameo is one of the most popular cutting and DIY machines on the market, along with the Cricut, and thousands of crafters, DIYers and makers use the Cameo every day to make cool, unique projects.

If you’re an avid Cameo user, or are just looking to get started, we’ve rounded up some of the best heat transfer vinyl options for the Silhouette Cameo, from basic starter bundle packs to more advanced and expensive materials that include glitter and more premium colors and styles.

These heat transfer vinyls (HTVs) are perfect for t-shirts, mugs and other DIY projects that allow you to stick the vinyl to materials like cotton, plastic and other surfaces that stick well. With so many options, you’re bound to find something that fits your style and budget.

Unlike heat transfer printers, which print designs onto paper, the Silhouette allows you an infinite number of designs and styles because it cuts out vinyl based on your digital design.

And when you combine these HTVs with the right imagination and design, you’ll have no trouble coming up with fun, inspirational projects for the whole family. Here’s a look at our favorite vinyl for the Silhouette Cameo.

Quick Comparisons of the 6 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Options for Silhouette Cameo

Angel Crafts
  • Easy to weed
  • Durable and flexible
  • Large roll
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Siser EasyWeed
  • 12 most popular Siser EasyWeed colors
  • Easy and ready-to-cut
  • Easy to weed small letters and fine designs
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EZ Craft USA
  • 12X12” vinyl 40 sheets in 30 different glossy colors
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • High quality adhesive backing and liner
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Firefly Craft
  • Works with all plotting cutters
  • Larger size
  • Easy weeding
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  • One 12x24" roll of iron on
  • Decorative heat transfer film
  • Made in Italy
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Best Vinyl Packs from Silhouette
  • Includes 3 sheets of smooth heat transfer
  • For use with the silhouette cameo
  • 10 exclusive designs
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Best Vinyl Packs for Just Starting Out

Crafters just getting started with the Cameo will find a starter bundle to be an ideal place to start when it comes to choosing vinyls. These bundles give you a range of color options so that you can make a few different projects and get the hang of your new machine – and materials – before committing to a single color or style.

Angel Crafts

Angel Crafts offers an excellent starter pack that include 16 sheets that measure 12” x 10” and come in a variety of colors. The vinyl is thin, which means it won’t stick out as much when it’s applied to shirts and other products, but it’s also durable enough to maintain its quality and performance over time.

best heat transfer vinyl cameo

These vinyl packs have great reviews and many users note that this vinyl sticks better to materials than other ones they’ve used. Because they offer vibrant, fun colors at an affordable cost, this is one of the most popular vinyl options for the Cameo.

Siser EasyWeed

siser easyweed cameo vinyl

The Siser EasyWeed Starter Kit is a similar option, but offers a slightly larger sized vinyl paper at 12” x 15”, so those of you doing larger projects and designs may find this vinyl useful.

Like the Angel Crafts vinyl, this pack includes a variety of colors that users appreciate. Several of the Cameo users note that it works great with their machine, and weeding out the small parts of a design is often very easy.

Siser EasyWeed is one of the top names in heat transfer materials, so they’ve got a reputation for quality and consistent performance that is hard to beat. Their products are also affordable and generally last a long time, even for products that get used a lot.

EZ Craft USA

ez craft use cameo vinyl

If you’re looking for a slightly larger starter pack, consider the 40-sheet vinyl bundle from EZ Craft USA. It’s one of the top-ranked vinyl products online, and Silhouette Cameo users flock to this product because it’s so easy to use on a variety of surfaces and materials.

One user noted that she used the Cameo and this vinyl to create custom wine glasses that turned out excellent, and other users find that working with t-shirts, hats and mugs is also extremely easy with EZ Craft USA’s vinyl.

The vinyl is easy to cut with the Cameo, and where some lower quality vinyls are difficult to weed out pieces between your designs, this vinyl makes it easy to clearly cut and remove your designs and inner pieces as needed.

Best Vinyl for More Advanced Projects

If you’re looking for something beyond the basic starter packs, you’ll find a variety of vinyls that offer better quality, different features and textures that will give new life to your DIY cutting projects. So which of the more advanced vinyl work best with the Cameo?

Firefly Craft

Firefly cameo vinyl glitter red gold black colors

One of our favorite vinyl packs is from Firefly Craft: it’s a 3-sheet, 12” x 20” glitter pack that comes in a range of colors, from gold to black and everything in between (more than 30 colors total!). These vinyl sheets are considered premium materials, so they’re a little more expensive than your standard HTV sheets, but if you’re going for something that stands out, this is the way to do it.

Firefly Craft even offers a quick and easy look at which settings to use to best cut and use your glitter vinyl, no matter what kind of machine you’re using. With the Cameo, however, it’s incredibly easy to use, and a lot of Silhouette users find this glitter vinyl particularly fun to work with. It has excellent reviews and offers a great way to really make your DIY projects sparkle.

Firefly Craft makes all sorts of interesting color scheme packs as well – one of our favorites is the cupcake color pack that offers vinyl sheets in coral, mint green and white.


best cameo vinyl heat transfer

Although Silhouette and Cricut are competing names in this industry, you can use Cricut’s vinyl for the Cameo – and many people do. In fact, some users that own a Cameo primarily stick to Cricut vinyl because the like the way it sticks to materials, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

In any case, don’t be afraid to use Cricut’s vinyl with the Cameo: it’ll work just as well, and the lite iron-on roll from Cricut is available in more than 20 colors, though we love the gold film. It’s classy, adds some stark contrast to your products and has a high-quality sheen that you don’t get from lower-end vinyl sheets.

Best Vinyl Packs from Silhouette

The above heat transfer vinyls are great for the Silhouette Cameo, but the company itself offers a great range of products for its own machines.

silhouette cameo starter pack

If you’re at the beginning stages of your DIY career, consider the Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit, which offers a variety of vinyl sheets, as well as tools, instructional guides and other helpful things to get you on your way to cutting masterpieces.

For something more flashy, check out the Silhouette Glitter Heat Transfer pack, available in colors like black, gold and 12 others colors. These sheets are 12” x 36” and perfect for all sorts of projects that require big, bold designs to make your stuff stand out. They have great reviews and their durability and quality is on par with the bigger vinyl maker names in the business.

And for those DIYers who like to keep it sweet and simple, check out Silhouette’s basic heat transfer vinyl sheets that come in 9” x 36”, perfect for just about any cutting project that comes your way. These smooth heat transfer sheets are available in more than 30 colors, so you’re likely to find something that fits your needs.

Finding the Right Cameo Vinyl for You

At the end of the day, the right Cameo vinyl is the one you have the best experience with. Consider the reviews online for these vinyls, but don’t rely solely on third parties to make your decision.

If you can, order different vinyls from multiple companies and compare the quality, feel and durability of each. In the end, you’ll have a much better idea of what works for you after seeing and comparing results from multiple brands.

We’ve used all sorts of vinyl sheets over the years and find that many of the main brands like Silhouette, Siser EasyWeed and Cricut all offer quality vinyl that stands up to daily wear and tear, so it often comes down to what you prefer to buy and work with when making your cutting projects.

Good luck and let us know if there’s a certain type of Cameo vinyl that you’ve found works well!

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