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Cover Image: The Best Inking Pens for Drawing Comics & Manga

When it comes to drawing comics, there are some high quality pens on the market. A lot of the pens that are used are for anime and manga characters, but the nibs on these pens are ideal for those that enjoy making comics, as well.

When I was using a lower quality pen to draw up the comics I was doing, I was not able to get the most from the pens since it is not something that did the job. I decided that it was time to do something about the pens that I do use.

I went through and was able to come up with some of the best pens for drawing comics with, and though many of them are meant for some other types of drawings, they can be quite versatile when it comes to working with the right nib and ink.

Choose to go with the right pens for the occasion when it comes down to using pens for drawing comics, and choose one of the ones recommended on this list. They won’t let you down!

What to Look for in the Best Pens for Drawing Comics

  • High quality ink: Through the use of high quality ink, you can ensure that it is not going to go through the paper, smudge or smear across the entire comic that you’re drawing. You’re able to have it set and dry fast, while easily drawing onto the next block.
  • Assorted sizes for the nibs: When you want to get depth and texture on the comics that you’re drawing, you have to consider the different sized nibs that you use for the drawing. With a set that provides you with a way to change the nibs, or the size of the marks you make, it can be the most ideal.
  • Waterproof and fade resistant: The ink in the pen should provide you with a way to keep drawing without having to worry about the work fading with time. You want something that is going to stay sharp, even years after you’ve drawn it. You also want to ensure that it can stand up to a little moisture and will not leak down the paper.
  • Comes in a set: When the pens come in a set, you generally get more nibs to choose from, but you also get more colors. Some do not like drawing with colors, but if you do then this could be ideal for your comics.

Sakura 50201 6-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro Drawing Kit

best pens for drawing comicsWith the Sakura 50201 6-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro Drawing Kit, you’re able to get 6 different types of drawing utensils for the comics you’re putting together. 5 of them are ink pens, while one is a mechanical pencil so you can lay it out first.

The high quality ink is waterproof, and it provides a thick, clean line when you draw with it that will not fade with time, allowing you to keep your comic work for a while without having to worry about it being ruined.

One of the best things is that in the set, each of the 5 pens comes with a different sized nib, so you can choose something that works the best for the picture that you’re putting together.

Create the best looking pictures through the use of the set that provides it all.

What Users are Saying

  • Perfect for drawing small, minute details like hair and lines
  • Work great with Prismacolor markers
  • Well-balanced set of pens, can cover a lot of techniques at once
  • No leaks, very smooth movement and great overall ink performance

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Bao Core Georgie® 6 Assorted Nib Sizes Pigma Manga Comic Professional Sketching Drawing and Inking Pens

best pens for drawing comics

If you’re looking for something that provides a versatile approach to the comics that you draw, then going with the Bao Core Georgie® 6 Assorted Nib Sizes Pigma Manga Comic Professional Sketching Drawing and Inking Pens can be something that provides you with it all.

With many different sizes, and high quality ink and make ups, you will ensure that each picture is never smudged or leaks while you continue to draw.

Don’t let pens that run hold you back from completing the next chapter.

The pens are acid-free, light fast, long lasting, quick drying and waterproof. This provides you with everything that you need from a pen that has the highest quality ink on the market that can do the job, and do it right for each comic.

What Users are Saying

  • Great for beginners and professional artists
  • Just as expected – high performance, good quality pens
  • Provides smooth, clean writing and drawing platform
  • Affordable for how well they work

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Bao Core / BXT 8 Assorted Tip Sizes Manga Comic Pro Drawing Pen

best pens for drawing comicsIf you’re looking for something a bit more professional, sleek and durable then the Bao Core / BXT 8 Assorted Tip Sizes Manga Comic Pro Drawing Pen can be the ideal pen you need for all of the comics that you draw.

The light fast, water resistant ink will ensure that nothing happens when you’re drawing or after you’re done drawing to ruin the pictures that you create.

Easily dry them as you go, and ensure that each line is just as smooth as the next.

The nibs are smoother, and provide many different sizes, allowing you to go through and do many different details, even the smallest of them using these high quality pens.

Built to last, and provide a professional appeal to those that want to have a professional looking book.

What Users are Saying

  • Extremely high quality pens, you can tell by the feel and performance that they are high-end
  • Great for fast strokes, small lines and even writing text-heavy things
  • Excellent variety of sizes, perfect for doing a lot of different types of comic drawing

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Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

best pens for drawing comicsIf you want to add a little color to your comics, then using the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers can be in your best interests.

These pens are high quality and versatile, as well as coming in an assortment of many bright colors to choose from.

Enjoy all that comes from the fine nibs on the end, allowing you to choose the level of detail that you’d like to get into with each picture that you draw, or shade in specific areas with the side of the pen to make the area color in faster.

The nine colors are all waterproof and dry fast, and comes with a blender pen so you can create new colors or choose to fade out some of the other ones that you’re working with for just the right shade.

The brush tip does it all from fine, medium to bold strips and all you have to do is swipe the pen with your wrist, and you’re off.

What Users are Saying

  • Great for drawing and coloring comics
  • Don’t bleed through most papers, even though ink is “juicy”
  • Emphasis on pastels, great variety of colors
  • Very happy with the overall quality of the pens

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Sanford Prismacolor Premier Manga Illustration Marker Set

best pens for drawing comicsAnother great set for those that wish to add a bit of color into the comics that they create. The Sanford Prismacolor Premier Manga Illustration Marker Set provides the user with everything that they need to get out there and make the most of what is being provided.

Enjoy the water proof, fade resistant, brilliant colors that come out of the pens as you draw.

The feather nibs allow you to control the stroke and the level of line that you want to come out, whether it is fine, medium or bold.

They are artist quality, and provide a high level of standards for those that wish to use them and create some of the most beautiful pictures.

With popping colors, you can have comics that practically jump out of the page at you.

What Users are Saying

  • Use Prismacolor pencils and pens even after using lots of competing pens
  • Reasonably priced, excellent quality and performance
  • Great for artists who are new to drawing comics and related arts
  • Doesn’t take long to get used to the feel of these

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