The Best Airsoft BBs on the Market

Airsoft BBs are not all made the same, so you have to find ones that are made from the best materials and that fly true to your aim.

This can be done, I promise, and it might even make you look like you can’t shoot anything since they’re being so true to your aim. However, they’re made from high-quality materials and come highly rated by top airsoft professionals.

I wanted something that was also going to last. Those tiny bags of cheap BBs were not doing me any good since they barely flew, did no damage at all, and I went through them lightening fast which ended up being a problem in the end. I didn’t want this.

So my journey started with finding some of the best airsoft BBs out there and making sure that you had the list and all of the information on them, as well.

After all, I wouldn’t want my hard work to go to waste if I didn’t share the information that I found on these BBs.

Quick Comparisons of the 5 Best Airsoft BBs on the Market

MetalTac Airsoft BBs
  • Perfect on AEGs
  • High quality at a low cost
  • 3,000 rounds per bag
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Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs
  • Visible shot
  • Shoot accurately
  • Seamless and strong
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V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical 0.25g Bottle
  • Mostly used
  • Quality design
  • Polished to perfection
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BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns
  • High grade quality
  • Best accuracy and velocity
  • Highest quality material
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Umarex Soft Air BBs
  • Not for high end airsoft guns
  • Great speed
  • Inexpensive and lightweight
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What to Look for in Airsoft BBs

  • Price: The price can make or break a lot of decisions on which BBs to go with. However, you do not have to sacrifice your quality for the price anymore with these options. I have you covered when it comes to affordable, yet quality BBs for your airsoft guns.
  • Versatility: You need to make sure that they work with the airsoft guns that you own. Some of the BBs out there say only suitable for smaller ones, or others for larger ones and some even say only use in high-end airsoft guns. You want something that is going to provide you with a way to use them in all of your guns.
  • Weight: Have you ever tried to shoot a heavy BB before? If you do not have a lot of power going through your gun, it is not going to shoot very well. Lightweight and straight to the target is the best way to go.

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The 5 Best Airsoft BBs on the Market

1. MetalTac Airsoft BBs


Bag of METALTAC .30 G Rounds

One of the most accurate shooting BBs on the market, the MetalTac Airsoft BBs provides the user with all of the shooting they’d ever want to do and more.

Not only that, but they’re also versatile. You can use them in any of the airsoft guns that you own, big, small, and even the most expensive, high-end ones on the market. You’re covered when it comes to using these to your advantage.

They are of the highest quality out there and they come at an affordable price. You can pick up a bag of 3,000 rounds for very cheap, making your ability to place them in your gun and shoot that much easier in the end.

Ready to get shooting those BBs? We have the perfect ones for you to use! Just check out these high flying, fast shooting BBs that you can put in your gun and start shooting.

Customer Feedback

  • Never jammed
  • Consistent in weight
  • Good quality for the price
  • Very polished and clean
  • Improves the accuracy of your shot

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2. Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs


Jar of Match Grade ammon. 5000 count

Crosman is a leader in the airsoft industry, so it is only natural that the Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs are on the list of some of the highest quality, best BBs to put in your airsoft guns.

With 5,000 rounds in one small bottle, you can make sure that the fun and shooting games never stop. Grab your targets and practice your aim.

They come in a 0.24 caliber, but they also provide many other options so you can fit the airsoft gun that you’re using easily and effectively. You never have to worry about having the wrong fit since they provide such perfect dimensions that work with almost any airsoft gun on the market.

They are a bit heavier than some of the other options on the market, but still lightweight enough to provide the long-distance shooting that you want to do. This makes target practice a bit more fun than using the lightweight bullets that don’t actually hit.

Customer Feedback

  • Great price
  • Accurate
  • Visible when shot
  • Durable
  • Seamless and smooth
  • Shoot accurately

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3. V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical 0.25g Bottle


Valekn Tactical airsoft .25g 5000 qty

The V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical 0.25g Bottle is the most versatile airsoft BBs on the market that allow you to make the most of the BBs that your gun is going to be shooting. Don’t worry about not being able to be true to your aim.

With the lightweight feel to the BB’s and their perfectly rounded shape, they’re made to fly through the air easily and effortlessly.

The ball bearing design makes it easy to see when you hit the targets and are able to go right through them. This makes target practice a bit better since you can actually see what you’re shooting when the time comes.

The weight of the BBs can be chosen depending on the rules of the games they’re playing and the type of airsoft gun that they have. The heavier ones are made for more powerful, high-quality guns on the market, while the lighter ones are ideal for target practice and other games.

Customer Feedback

  • Thoroughly polished
  • No signs of seams
  • No Miss feeds
  • Accurately shot
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy to load

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4. BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns


4 bags of BBTAC .12 g bags of 1000 qty

The colorful BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns that you can purchase provides you with a way to have fun, be colorful and shoot the day away.

They’re also a versatile choice to go with for the beginner or someone that just wants to practice target shooting without wasting more expensive BBs on the job. These can do the job just fine and with the bright colors, you can see where they’re shooting.

If you want something that is affordable, yet not going to let you down then a bag or two of these would be ideal. These are also ideal for children that want to learn how to shoot airsoft.

They provide a true, straight shot and fit nicely inside almost any gun that is out there, so you’re able to use them within a wide variety of types depending on what type of gun it is that you have.

Customer Feedback

  • Affordable price
  • Shoot straight
  • Worth buying
  • Fast shipping

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5. Umarex Soft Air BBs


Walther 5000 qty blue BB's. .12g

High quality and affordable, the Umarex Soft Air BBs provide the user with everything that they need to pack a punch with each shot that they take.

Though they are not recommended for high-end airsoft guns, you’re able to use them in a wide variety of other guns that are on the market, allowing you to spread them out across the many that you own.

With a pack of 5,000, the fun can keep going. They’re lightweight and brightly colored so you’re able to easily find them when it comes to shooting them further. Check out where you’ve hit on the targets with them, as well.

One of the most recommended BBs for airsoft guns on the market, they provide a true, accurate shot each and every time you load them into your gun and head out for target practice. Easily loadable and easy to shoot out.

Customer Feedback

  • Performs well
  • No imperfections or damage
  • Loaded and shot well
  • Get a lot for the price

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