53 Sensational Garage Door Decoration Ideas

Our garages are part of our homes even if they aren’t attached permanently. A great way to tie them into our overall design theme is with decorations. Here are some great ideas for creating a decorative garage door. 

1. Go with Wood

Garage Wooden Door

Here’s a classic look that works great with stone homes like this one. The light color wood adds dimension and flair to the gray structure, which we can assume may be huge. Traditional wood doors add an excellent look to any house, whether a stone castle or a simple brick home.

2. Go with Gray

New suburban Australian house with small SOLD sign.

Gray is one of those colors that goes with everything yet makes a statement. In this case, the designer used a darker tone on the garage door than the house. It matches the pedestals on the opposite side of the house. Paired with light wood, this is a classy look.

3. Darker Wood

Wood and Faux Wood Garage Door Ideas From ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis
Image Source: www.houzz.com

When you have three garage doors, matching wood is an elegant look. As we’ve seen, using a darker tone, helps the garage doors to stand out and make a name for themselves. This is a huge garage, and matching doors is a great way to go.

4. Scary Smile

Garage Door with Scary Smile Design
Image Source: www.instagram.com

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, this is a grand design scheme to try. You can add a giant spider. No matter the object you’d like to put on your garage, it’s doable with a few crafting supplies and some creativity. You can create one for birthdays and other holidays.

5. White Electric with Windows

white american garage door with upper windows

Windows add a classy look to garage doors, and this one has a variety. Instead of putting four square windows across the top, they used two curved ones on end and kept square frames in the middle, giving this standard garage door a bit more depth than windowless.

6. Double Wood

Two car wooden garage

Wood is all the rage, as seen here, in this luxury attached oversized garage. You can add an excellent burner sign to go with them or even choose a lighter wood. Cottage doors like these work on classic structures and give this garage an expensive look, a quality good for any home.

7. Blue with White

Blue with White garage
Image Source: www.flickr.com

A matte blue door with white trim and windows adds a splash of color to this gray-sided home. Like garage doors dimension and adds stop windows give it dimension and added look. This is an excellent example of why adding a little bit of color is so necessary sometimes.

8. Wild Windows

Wild Windows Garage
Image Source: www.instagram.com

This unique look is different but works with dark wood and grain, like these Clopay garage doors. Once this home is completed, it will look fabulous, primarily because of this garage door. Anyone can get a standard door with windows on top, but consider this look if you like standing out.

9. Carriage House

Homemade Carriage House Garage Doors
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Carriage doors like this one are not as challenging to get as you might think. Sure, you can pay top dollar, or you can make them yourself using this step-by-step guide. You’ll need to have woodworking knowledge to bring this look to your home, but if you have the means, go for it!

10. All Wood

View of wooden garage door and main entrance of detached house

This door is sleek looking and goes well against this brick home. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen wood pair with stone, and for a good reason. Both materials are classic in look and function, which is why it’s continually repeated in theme, even if the design is different each time.

11. More White and Windows

Open garage door in suburban house

Some looks never go out of style, and that goes double for white garage doors. This two-car garage uses the individual door style, which is also a popular look. You see, there are standard windows on the top, which are a great addition, especially if you’re looking to shine some light on your work in there.

12. Double Up 

gray two-story wood exterior home
Image Source: www.houzz.com

What’s better than one white garage door with beautiful windows? Two! In this case, the garage is much more oversized than the last one we looked at, and it has two different sized doors because it offers space for three cars. The white against the gray is just as stunning as a color or darker shade. 

13. Sand

White Wooden Closed Door

This door matches the exterior of the home, which gives it a warm look and makes the viewer feel like they are gazing upon a beautiful dessert. Blending the door into the overall design is a fun direction if you’re looking to stand out or hide the entrance to your garage.

14. Mural

Garage Door Painting
Image Source: garagedoorsin.blogspot.com

Artists in every community would love an opportunity to paint a mural on your garage door. The fun thing about murals is they could be of anything you want. This person chose to have a country road laden with trees while we saw a Halloween smile in another. Create something you adore. 

15. Wooden Herringbone

Old gray stone wall with double-leaved wooden herringbone garage door

The wood in this door is a herringbone design, which is unique and works well with stone. It also creates wooden doors that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Anyone can get the standard wooden garage doors, but there are few people who would be bold with a herringbone design.

16. All Window

Modern two cars garage with glass doors.

This door is all windows, which adds one of the most unique looks on our list today. It allows for a great deal of sunshine to fill this garage, which works if you like to use that space for something other than storing your vehicles. In the colder seasons these doors make this area available for use year round. 

17. Country Doors

wood garage doors
Image Source: https://www.instagram.com

Here we have a beige theme with off-white trim, and it ties the whole look together. These three doors offer this homeowner a look that’s pleasing to the eye, and the trim matches the rest of the house. It pairs well with the stone and makes everything you see elegant.

18. Medieval

Medieval Theme Garage Door
Image Source: www.flickr.com

If you have a garage that fits a door like this, why would you look for anything else? While you could use this type of door with different structures than the one you see here, the beaten look  works well with the clay tile roof and adobe style of this garage. The vine adds that splash of color we mentioned earlier.

19. Unique Direction

Unique Direction Garage Design
Image Source: www.designsdiary.com

This designer took wood planks and used two directions to create a door that stands out from any other around it. The aesthetic of this door is another example of how thinking outside of the box and choosing something unique could benefit the overall look of your home, but the open design only works in certain climates. 

20. More Faux Wood

Traditional three car wooden garage

These doors look like wood but are more weather resistant, durable, and won’t swell in the heat. You also can’t go wrong with a classic look like this, because it works with any style home, including brick, siding, and stucco. Dark wood is always an excellent selection for a bold statement.

21. Small and White

detail outside house, the garage door closed

Some garages are tiny, like this one, and blending it into your home is a good decision to give your garage that sleek and unencumbered look. This style is great for minimalists who like to say more with less. White is never a bad choice because it’s always a pleasure to view. 

22. Modern

Modern Garage Doors
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Antique looks aren’t for everyone, and here’s a door for the lover of modern design. The horizontal planks along with space in between each is, yet, one more case of how you can use your garage door to create a look for your home that isn’t typical in your neighborhood.

23. Upgrade

garage upgrade
Image Source: www.instagram.com

A lovely door like this one can make an old garage look like it’s brand new. Not everyone is into a door that will stand out from the rest, but prefer something simple. A door like this will work on any style structure and complete the look without overwhelming the other design aspects of your home.

24. More Halloween Fun

Easy Mausoleum Crypt for Garage Door
Image Source: www.instructables.com

When decorating your home for October 31st, you can create or purchase mausoleum headstonges and turn your garage in to a scary crypt to frighten all the trick or treaters that come walking by your part of the block. Add some mummies and caskets and the look will be complete. 

25. Dark Themed Garage Bays

Stylish house with garage and cobblestone driveway, outdoors

When you tie two shades of gray together like this, it makes for a beautiful sight. This designer chose to use a color other than the one on the home, which is quite appealing. Artistically, this home is unique and uses only shades of gray to create a look that is catching to the eye. All without using any color.

26. Metal

Metal Garage door

This type of door protects and ties in the design scheme of this modern home. Gray is quite the popular choice, and with good reason. Because it goes with everything, as you can see with this green home with wood shutters. Metal doors offer great protection from the elements, which is important.

27. Black Framed Glass

Full-view overhead garage door
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Contemporary designs require garage doors that stand alone, like this one that is constructed of mostly glass. The inside can be used year round for any project or celebration, while still letting the outside light come shining in. Garage doors are great for pool houses too, and party shacks.

28. Black Gloss

Black Gloss Garage

Pairing a dark glossy garage door with a white stone house gives this modern dream home a look anyone would love to have. Whether attached or free-standing, garages are individual structures that should be able to shine and enhance a home, even though their main use if utilitarian.  

29. Black Carriage House

Black Carriage Garage
Image Source: dianaelizabethblog.com/

The carriage garage door is a popular look because you can make it your own. In this case, the owner has a flat roof garage, which are fun if you like to have a deck area to hang out with friends or do your yoga. As you can see, black works and says, “Hey! Look at me!” to everyone that passes by.

30. Traditional

White Wooden House Near Green Trees

Some homes call for a classic look, and nothing says traditional more than a white garage door. In this case, the house design is a understated, which is why the owner went with a standard white door. Even though the door is just white, it still makes the garage stand out as an individual. 

31. Beautiful Brown

Front of modern detached house with automatic garage door and driveway

Stone looks amazing when paired with wood, which is why the owner of this home chose one. The stressed look of the wood give ssthis home a castle look without actually being a larger than life house. It’s classic, stylish, and this door would work with brick and other brownstone too.

32. Dynamic Dual Doors

Steel Garage Door Ideas From Pro-Lift Garage Doors of St. Louis
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Besides protection, these steel doors add an aesthetic quality to this home design. The attractive panel design offers the look of carriage doors but open from the bottom. With decorative handles and stylish windows, this type of door is also versatile when it comes to design.

33. Dual Glass Aluminum

Aluminum & Glass Garage Doors
Image Source: www.clopaydoor.com

Back to contemporary styles, these doors match the other windows on the home, which ties the entire look together. This garage has individual doors, which is a nice option if you like to keep one open when working in there. The lanterns are also a nice touch to make the doors look sleek.

34. Custom Outswing

Fremont Ceiling Mounted Outswing Garage Door Opener
Image Source: realcraft.com

Not all garage doors go up and down. Outswing doors add a rare look you won’t find on the block. If you’re the type of person who enjoys having carriage doors but don’t want to be forced to get out of your car every time you want to open the garage door, this is the device for you. 

35. Match the Entrance

House entrance next to garage

This door matches the entrance, which adds a parallel design that gives this home a lot of curb appeal. We’ve already seen that black, or dark colors in general, are excellent choices when it comes to garage doors. When they match the front door, it completes the look while still letting each stand on their own. 

36. More Contemporary Style

Contemporary brown closed garage door seen from the garden

While this door is a modern look, the color gives it a touch of traditionality, and enhances the hues dancing around in those bricks. Over head lights make the space seem homey and set off enough to give you space and privacy. Wood planks are a nice sleek look that would go with any garage. 

37. Redwood

RW Garage Doors Wood Package
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Redwoods are enormous trees that once dominated the northern hemisphere, but are now only found in the northwest region of the united states. These carriage designs show why the redwood look is one of the most sought after when it comes to designing garage doors. 

38. App Opener

Arduino WiFi Garage Door Opener
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Design is fun, but the function is essential, which is why we included this garage door opener into our list today. Losing your keys or locking them in the house will no longer be an issue because you will be able to open your garage from your phone, and you can set it up yourself.

39. Tile Roof Garage

Detached white garage with orange brick tile roof

Sometimes it’s not about the door, but about the roof, which is tile in this case, and gorgeous! This owner chose a simple garage door, likely to give the roof top billing when it comes to attention. Earlier, we listed a tile roof with a unique stressed door, so you can see the differences in style.

40. Beige Beauty

Open garage door in suburban family home

The tones of beige and brown in this design create a home that any family would adore. Here we have a great example of how a simple single colored garage door with no windows can help the other design aspects of your home stand out to onlookers as they pass down your block.

41. Barn Doors

Arched garage doors
Image Source: www.houzz.com

This oversized garage or barn deserves arched doors that create a country look. It’s likely the owner uses it as both, or an area for entertaining, guest rooms, or storage. The doors don’t have windows because the one’s above them will add tons of sunlight wen people are inside. If not, then open a door.

42. Blue Skies

Blue Gray Garage

When the roof and the doors create a theme for your exterior, the results can be stunning, just like we see in this picture. The doors have a slight purpley hue that actually offsets the setting sun in this photo. The dark roof and light siding offers a trio of blues that makes us love this home.

43. Off-White

Lovely American home exterior with gray stucco, stone elements, attached garage and perfectly kept front yard.

A lighter shade for your garage door brightens up the look of your entire home. While some owners choose darker tones, this designer went with a cream, which is classic and works well with all types of houses, including brick, stone, siding, and stucco. The curved top gives these door a touch of style.

44. Fun with Color

Multicolored fancy wooden facade of an ordinary house on a street of Barcelona: partly opened garage door, smaller entrance door with intercom and mailbox near

This design is fun and adds a personal touch to this home if you’re out of the ordinary. Not every garage door has to be one color, carriage style, or become a huge window. Here we have a door that adds some whimsey to this contemporary home and it comes with a matching entrance door. 

45. ECO-Friendly Tudors

ECO-Friendly Composite Garage Doors in a Custom European Style for a Tudor Home
Image Source: www.houzz.com

These doors give the garage a feeling of stables, a classic English style that works with brick. They are made from ECO-friendly composite, which makes them even more attractive to those who are trying to be green. They look like wood, but they aren’t, and the iron hardware adds a classic look.

46. Carriage House Cream

Carriage House Cream Garage
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Not all carriage house doors have to be dark wood, as you see in this lovely example. The color is called “clay stain” and it offers wonderful arched windows and elegant decorative hardware. You can customize this door to fit the design scheme of your garage, which is always a plus. 

47. Do It Yourself

This guy shows us how to upgrade from an old door to a garage entrance that you’ll adore. If you have a love of big projects and the know how, this could be a better way to go than having an outside company install a door. You’ll save money and learn a great deal along the way.

48. Blue and White Wood

Blue and White Wooden House

Wood is popular, so is white and blue. When you throw it all together, you get perfection. In this case, we found another lover of blue, and they also decided to use several shades to make their garage look unique. Light and dark colors of the same hue are wondrful partners when designing homes.

49. Dark Doors

A condo in Southern California has doors that open to a courtyard type entryway.

The dark wood of these doors matches the entrance and is a stark contrast to the two-toned exterior of this home. As we’ve seen before on this list, beiges are more fun than one might think, especially when you take different shades and throw in a dark garage door or two. Or three.  

50. Small Victorian

Victorian Exterior house with garage
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Attached garages like this one create fun entrances that match your exterior of your home, if you choose. In this case, the trim on the home is quite ornate, so adding a stark door on the garage might make it too busy. The blending option works well and doesn’t diminish the beauty above it. 

51. Mysterious Metal

Modern Metal Design Garage
Image Source: www.instagram.com

A design like this might be one of a kind, but we’re sure it can be duplicated with the right crew. The sports car enthusiast would love a sleek design like this to go with their toys. Replicating it would require a great deal of know-how, or a fantastic team of experts, which are never hard to find.

52. Witches Delight

Halloween Silhouette for a Large Garage Door
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Halloween fans will fall in love with this door, and you won’t need materials like plastic or construction paper for something this big. We love autumn-themed garage doors, especially those that focus on the last day of that month. Once you make something of this size, creating themes for your door year round will be a breeze. 

53. Doors at Dusk

Contemporary new Australian home lighting at dusk

This simple white door is perfect for a house that needs no additional beautification. The wood siding and bright windows are so gorgeous anything more might take your attention away from that portion of the home. The front door is reminiscent of garage doors we’ve seen on this list.


Sometimes you need a decorative door. Sometimes you don’t. Design is always a matter of personal taste, so find yours and go with it. We feel, with the 53 ideas we put at your fingertips, the only problem would be finding the one you like the best.  

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