Storage Ideas: Inspiration to Organize Your Home

In the age of minimalism, organizing has become more than a goal. It’s a way of life. Some folks pride themselves in being expert organizers, and we’ve taken a bunch of their ideas and put them here on a list to inspire you.

We have many designs to cover, so let’s get started on some fantastic storage solutions that will inspire you and your family to organize your home.

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Kitchen Organizer

Kitchens are one of the areas in the home that are likely to become unorganized quickly, and this is especially true if you enjoy creating meals from scratch. Below we have some solutions for clearing your kitchen of clutter and keeping it neat. Some of our suggestions are ready to go, and others you have to create yourself. 

1. Utopia Home Set of 8 Pantry Organizers

Storage with food and beverages

This set of organizers comes with eight options for organizing in your kitchen. We all know how yogurts, sodas, and juice boxes can get lost in the fridge. Use these to keep it all in one space. They are also fantastic for drawers and pantries. The clear plastic helps avoid any hidden items. 

2. Kitchen Pegboard Organizer

Kitchen Pegboard Organizer
Image Source:

All you need to do is find a good-sized wall, and you can store things from scissors and measuring cups to pots and pans. The nice thing about pegboards is that they can be reorganized quickly. Just move a few pegs and move items around. For things or furniture in your kitchen that you no longer use, you can temporarily store these stuff in a self-storage unit.

3. Wood Base Pull Out Pantry

Wood Base Pull Out Pantry

Installing a pull-out pantry in the kitchen isn’t simple, so we suggest getting professional help if this is out of your wheelhouse. That said, this hidden pantry is a dream for those who like their area kept neat, and size is deceiving when looking at the door. You will be able to fit a ton of snacks on these shelves. 

4. Leave It Open

organized kitchen with books
Image Source:

This designer decided to remove the doors on the cabinets because this is likely an office kitchen. There are many non-kitchen-type things in the cabinets, but notice how they use smaller containers to keep those organized. While this space is small, there is a ton of stuff like coffee in this room, and it’s not a mess. 

5. Wood Kitchen Organizer

Wood Kitchen Organizer

Here we have an attractive piece that holds everyday items one might find in their kitchen: wax paper, plastic wrap, and foil. These items are typically used for storage, and it’s a great idea to keep them out where access is easy. This looks better than leaving the box for each sitting on the counter.

6. Canisters are Key 

Canisters in kitchen storage
Image Source:

Canisters are an idea that way back before our grandmothers, and for a good reason. Looking at these open designs without cabinet doors, you don’t feel overwhelmed by cereal boxes and other pantry-type clutter. The clear canisters allow you to see what is available while keeping a streamlined look throughout. 

7. In The Garden

Wooden seed box

Our gardens are an extension of our kitchens, and they need to be kept organized for the benefit of our leafy friends. This piece is a fun way to keep your seeds organized and your pots, which always seem to collect. With a bit like this, you will be able to grow more due to your magnificent organization.

8. More Hidden Pantries

Hidden Pantries
Image Source:

If you have access to this type of design, we think you should jump on it. The drawers and pull-out pantries make for an amazingly organized kitchen that is kept hidden from the world. This one seems to be an addition that could be duplicated with the right know-how or contractor. 

9. More Clear Canisters

Clear Canisters

These canisters are versatile and would look great in any pantry, kitchen, or cabinet. They have airtight covers, which means you can store anything without concern about it spoiling. You can store flour, cereal, cookies, pasta, any dry goods you might imagine in these, and you know what it is with one glance. 

10. Keep It Open

Open storage for kitchen
Image Source:

As you can see from this example and several others we’ve gone over thus far, keeping cabinets and spaces like them open is the trend. While it may seem counterproductive to organize, keeping open spaces is easier to keep organized, and you’re less likely to let clutter collect. 

11. Hang It On The Wall

Hanging pot rack

When you’re short on cabinet and storage space, it’s time to get creative, and that’s what the creators of this pot rack did when designing it. This small addition to your kitchen can give you all the added space you need. It holds pots, Dutch ovens, pans, plates, utensils, and just about anything you might need. 

12. Use Jars

DIY Spice Jar Organizer
Image Source:

Jars are a great way to store small items in the kitchen and around the house for several reasons. They are easy to store, look fantastic, and are reusable. This designer uses the same style jar to store herbs and spices, which you will find in every kitchen.

13. Home Shelf Spice Rack

Hanging storage for kitchen spices

If you enjoy cooking, there are tons of spices all over the counter or in the cabinet, where they get pushed back and become challenging to find. This rack will make all those annoyances a distant memory. Just hang it under the cabinet, and your spices will always be within reach. 

14. Cardboard

DIY Cardboard storage
Image Source:

You can purchase organizers that are already put together, or you can get creative and design your container with the leftover cardboard waiting to be picked up in recycling. We are all about repurposing and love a good DIY project. Cardboard is pliable and durable, which is why it’s used so often. 

15. Crisp Divided Food Storage Container

Clear divider

When it comes to organizing, nothing beats containers. There are many sizes and shapes, and it’s easy to find one to fit in your kitchen. It is helpful and can be used in the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, or counter. 

16. Install more Drawers

organizers inside kitchen drawers
Image Source:

This designer decided that the cabinets weren’t working and installed two drawers in each. Drawers work so much better because you pull it all out to you instead of having to reach back and through a sea of stuff. They even labeled each drawer to keep them efficient and things easy to find.  

17. Fold-Down Spice Tray

Fold-Down Spice Tray

Of all the ideas, this is the most unique so far. You have it installed to the bottom of your cabinet, and it pulls down to reveal a wholly organized spice container. This person decided to use the same bottles for all their spices, making implementing a system more manageable. 

18. Produce Cart

Produce Cart for kitchen
Image Source:

Some kitchens come with few cabinets and need a little creativity to make room for supplies. This cart adds four fruit baskets and a little extra counter space, all on wheels. It’s a basic design that would blend in with any design scheme, and it offers easy access to supplies. You can use it as a magazine rack. 

19. Use a Tin

Tin can used as storage

If you’re a fan of our country’s antique look, then a steel sink like the one in this picture is a great idea. You can put anything in it, from towels to cleaning supplies, to spices. The shape is a bit awkward, but the look is classic and fun to organize. 

20. Internal Lighting 

Internal Lighting for a kitchen drawer
Image Source:

This cabinet is lovely because it has a beautiful cabinet design, but inside is a utility cabinet that is well lit. The inside lights are a fantastic addition since these cabinets are very deep. It also looks like the door shelves are adjustable. 

Hair, Jewelry, and Beauty Supply Organizer

Another area of the home where things can become messy rather quickly is in the bathroom or by the vanity area of your bedroom. Hair ties, bows, barrettes, scrunchies, and bobby pins are just a few things from the realm of hair care. You can’t forget necklaces, earrings, makeup brushes, and all the other stuff that goes into making you look beautiful.

21. Rotating Makeup Organizer

Rotating Makeup Organizer

For those readers who are make-up artists or find that creating new looks on their faces is their greatest passion, this is the organizer for you. It’s rotating, which gives you easy access when working, and it offers levels for different sized containers for our and fits on any counter. 

22. Cardboard Cupboard

Beautiful DIY Organizer Cupboard
Image Source:

We sang the praises of cardboard earlier in this piece, and this is another example of how this versatile material can be used to make almost anything. I love how this creator used bright colors to enhance their creativity. This would look cute on any little girl’s vanity or dresser.  

23. Flip Tower Organizer

Organizer for office

What we love about this organizer is that you don’t have to stop at just one. It’s like a great piece of candy or a chip; two is always better. Or maybe three. You can stack these little guys as high and far as you want, which will create a ton of little drawers for more organization. 

24. Colorful Wall Organizer

Reclaimed wood jewelry organizer
Image Source:

This piece looks like repurposed wood, painted creatively and then framed to make a lovely art piece with hooks to organize your necklaces. If you are a fan of beads and chains, this is a great piece that you can make yourself to enhance your decor or choice. 

25. Space For Scrunchies

bunny design for keeping hair accessory

Little ones love bunnies, and if your child is into scrunchies, this holder is a must for their room. Its ears can hold scrunchies and pony holders, and there is also space for jewelry or even art supplies. This adaptable little bunny can work almost anywhere.

26. Pink Baskets

Pink Basket full of beauty products
Image Source:

If you love pink and need organizational help, these little baskets are fantastic for all kinds of storage. Brushes, nail polish, curling irons, and even perfumes and call be kept in these, which sort them in your drawer or cabinets. They are stackable as well and found almost anywhere.

27. Take it with You

triple layer storage unit

If you find yourself in a dorm or sharing a bathroom, and you have to keep your makeup on the go, this portable container is perfect. It’s not just for cosmetics, either. It can be used for art supplies, tools, and pretty much anything that you need to take from one place to another.

28. Drawer Sorter

drawer with sorted items
Image Source:

You may be designing a hair salon or just want to create an area in your home where you can curl your mane easily. A contractor may be required to install this type of setup unless you are experienced in creating and installing bathroom drawers. No matter, once in, this type of organization will come in handy.

29. Keep it on the Counter

Wooden storage form beauty products

This organizer doesn’t need to be installed in the space of a drawer but can be kept right on your bathroom countertop. AS you can see, there are slots for a blow dryer, flattener, curling iron, and much more. The lovely saying on the front is a great way to start your day. 

30. Hang Your Earrings

Earring rack
Image Source:

Sometimes our earrings wind up at the bottom of a drawer, in an old box, or separated for eternity. Losing earrings is much more complicated when they have a designated space, which is valid for pretty much everything. This organizer can be set up on any dresser and make it easy to decide what to wear.

31. Clear Dome Organizer

Dome Organizer for make up

This organizer has tons of nooks and crannies to keep things like perfume, makeup, or brushes. There are so many different spaces and drawers it’s quite a complicated minor piece. It will fit on any dresser or counter, and the white makes it workable in any design scheme.

32. More Special Drawers

customized drawer for beauty items
Image Source:

As you can tell, we love the custom drawer. They’re fun and such a great way to make a space your own. You are likely to find a drawer like this one in a salon. But if you have the means and the room, there is nothing wrong with salon quality in your home. You deserve the bliss storage pieces like this give. 

33. Personalized Scrunchie Holder

Personalized Scrunchie Holder

Everyone loves a good scrunchie, and we love things that have our name on them. Somehow seeing our brand on something because it lets everyone know, “This is mine.” Kids love that too, which is why these are a great addition to anyone’s bedroom or vanity.

34. DIY Mounted Organizer

DIY Mounted Organizer
Image Source:

It’s easy to see why shelves are put on the wall. Sometimes walls go unused, and they are a source of untapped storage space. This person created a personalized shelving unit that looks like it belongs in a nail salon. If you have the drive and the know-how, this is the project for you. 

35. Countertop Organizer

beauty products on a vanity

If we’ve learned one thing while moving through this list, things like hair dryers, flat irons, and perfumes all need a place to be held permanently. This device has many spaces available, so you can reach your styling tools easily and have a home for each one of them.

Clothes Organizer

Not every piece of clothing we own can be hung in a closet. T-shirts, underwear, other personal items, and socks are all subjected to being thrown in a drawer, which can become a free-for-all. Below you will find some unique and easy to create ideas for organizing your clothes. You’ll find solutions for drawers, closets, and if you lack in both of those storage areas. 

36. Large Capacity Storage Bag

Large Capacity Storage Bag stacked on top of each other

These bags are lovely when you need to store things like linens, towels., or clothes that are no longer in use because the seasons have changed. The nice thing about this is that they have transparent windows, are foldable, and are easy to open for access to your stored items. 

37. Build a Hamper

DIY Hamper
Image Source:

Grab some wood, bungees, some tools, and you can create a unique-looking hamster that will help you organize your clothes. You can make these containers in any size or shape you want because the directions should be easy to adjust to meet your space standards.

38. Sock Dividers

Sock Dividers

Here is an excellent invention. Who doesn’t have a big drawer full of socks that you must sift to find the right pair? Okay, maybe that’s just me, but these dividers are a fun way to keep an eye on all your socks so you can make a quick decision.

39. Rolling Drawers

Rolling Drawers for clothes
Image Source:

These types of drawers can be purchased online or in most department and container stores. They’re easy to hide in the back of the closet or even in the pantry if you need some extra kitchen drawers. Who can’t use an additional drawer? And these would blend well in any room.

40. Wood Hanging Organizer

Hanging Organizer with family pictures

Here we have another unique idea that proves there are things we didn’t know we needed until we saw them. This is an excellent tool for someone who likes to pull their clothes out the night before or has limited closet space. It comes in several colors and has frames for pictures. 

41. Closet Makeover

Maybe it’s time to redo the closet. If that’s the case, then take a look at this DIY project that you can complete on a budget. The design offers a way to optimize your space and create the closet of your dreams. If you aren’t familiar with carpentry, you’ll want to consult a professional before starting. 

42. T-shirt Organizer

T-shirt Organizer that looks like a folder

Here we have a device that keeps your t-shirts folded and stacked so well; you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one. Once you put these in your closet or drawers, you won’t have to refold the t-shirts you sifted through. They’ll stay organized so you can find them with ease and without making a mess. 

43. External Closet

Mobile clothes organizer with red and purple clothing and accessories.

Here is a product that includes a shoe organizer. This is an excellent solution for someone who has a closet with limited square footage. You can roll it into the closet and create a hidden storage unit. Shoe organizers could hang alongside this rolling closet.

44. Closet Storage Box

Closet Storage Box full of underwear

These storage units are made from cloth, which is nice and soft for your items like bras, underwear, and camisoles. These are perfect for closets or drawers, and the design is pleasing to the eye. It’s offered in pink and gray, and they look adjustable. 

45. Hanging Storage

Fashionable clothes hanging on rack at modern dressing room

Teal and yellow work well together in this make-shift closet. Hanging organizers are a great way to make the best use of small spaces, which the designer did in this example. The stand-up mirror adds a classic touch to this pampering room. You can use your color scheme and recreate this look.

Scarf Organizer

Not everyone loves scarfs, but those of us that do have dozens, maybe even hundreds of colorful fabrics flying around our closets, drawers, and bedrooms. Here are some fun and inventive creations that will help you keep your scarves in one area for easy access; some of them even take it to another level by using them as an art piece on the wall.

46. Tension Rods

Hanging Scarf Organizer

In this example, the designer put a curtain rod on the wall and used rings and clips to create a beautiful scarf holder. This is a brilliant idea since it not only keeps track of all your favorite scarves but it works as a unique art piece on your bedroom wall. 

47. Wrap It Round

Scarf tied around metal bars as storage
Image Source:

Here we have a situation where the closet is pretty standard, but the user has decided to organize their scarves where most people would put hangers. Simply make a loop, put the ends of the scarf through, and fasten it around the rod. It looks nice and seems simple enough.

48. Use an Undie Organizer

Undie Organizer

This device, which is meant to be put in your drawer, is an excellent way to organize your underwear. But you can use it for scarves too. Many of us have a drawer filled with lingerie or scarves that fly around. Get a few of these, and your problems are solved. 

49. Vertical Holder

Vertical Holder full of scarf
Image Source:

Also used for neckties, this holder is an excellent idea and easy to make if you’re handy with woodwork. It also takes up minimal space in your closet and is easy to access. This link gives you step-by-step instructions so you can create this space saver yourself.

50. Moth Proof Organizer

Moth Proof scarf Organizer

Here we have a beautiful design that looks like a giant earring. But you hang it in the closet or on the door and weave your scarves through the openings. You can store dozens of items in this holder, and it takes up very little room. Plus, the design is appealing instead of utilitarian.  

51. Use Hangers

Scarf on Hangers
Image Source:

This solution is one of the simplest to implement all the scarf organization ideas we’ve listed so far. You can find inexpensive hangers at the dollar store, but you need the space. People with walk-in closets would benefit most from this idea. 

52. Keys

Scarf Key chain

Our next idea isn’t an organizational solution for many scarves, but more of a cute idea if you like carrying pretty scarves around. Just attach one to your keychain, and you’ll look like a rockstar everywhere you go. We love that you can change it out for variety. 

53. Repurpose a Frame

Repurpose a Frame
Image Source:

Here we have another DIY project that is simple if you have an old window frame laying around. If you don’t, I can guarantee you can find one around your neighborhood or at a reuse shop in your area. This project takes elbow grease, but the rewards are endless.

54. Use a Strap

Strap with metal rings

This option looks fantastic and doesn’t take up much room. You can purchase one, or you can make this yourself with an old belt or leather strap. Attach it to the wall of your room so your scarves are stored where you can see them and have easy access when you want one.

55. Crochet or Knit

Crochet or Knit designed for scarf organizer
Image Source:

This person took a wooden hanger, some wooden rings, and a lovely colored yarn to create a scarf holder that’s too pretty to put in the closet. It even comes with a key chain. If you can crochet or knit, this might be a fun project if you have the yarn and hanger laying around.

Cord/Cable Organizer

Devices drive our lives. We’re so deep into our smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions that we seem to be drowning in cords and connectors. Below we have put together some simple solutions to these issues that you can create on your own or purchase with ease and relatively inexpensively. There are several that can be married to hide your cables for good.

56. We Love Leather

Leather case full of cables

Here is a fantastic traveling case for people who have to carry their cords everywhere. It has room for large laptop chargers and lighting cable squares. The leather has a warm look, and this would make an excellent gift for a wedding party or for a friend that travels a lot. 

55. Cord Corral

Cord arranged inside a wooden box
Image Source:

This is an excellent device to use in your office or living area. It has space to hide six cords with space to wrap them, so they don’t get tangled. It all leads to a surge protector strip, which has its room to be plugged into the wall. We think anyone who works from home should have one of these. 

56. Wire Baskets Rack 

wire basket with cables tied to it

Here we have a device that keeps your cords and strips fastened to the back of your desk, which is a great place to hide things if you keep your desk up against a wall. Even if you keep this section of your desk visible, it looks much better than chords hanging down everywhere. 

57. Back to Cardboard

Rolled cardboard with cords for cellphones
Image Source:

We’ve already professed our love for cardboard because of its incredible versatility. This creator used toilet tissue rolls and a shoebox to create an organizer that you could use anywhere. It’s easy to make, and you can choose the spray paint color of your liking. 

58. Industrial

cord cover with cables sticking out

Not everything is made to be pretty, but that’s okay. These cord covers are easy to install and hide, which makes them perfect for most offices. The pack comes with six, which is plenty for a home office. If not, you can always purchase more because they’re inexpensive. 

Office Supplies Organize

Last but not least, here are some great ways you can organize your office. I used to be a person who was surrounded by piles of papers, pens, and pencils everywhere; Post-It Notes stuck to everything, type of writer. Today my desk looks much different because I learned the value of a well-organized workspace.

59. Drawer Boxes

Drawer Boxes organizer

Just like kitchens, our offices have drawers, and it’s not fun when everything is thrown in without a way to find what you need. These flatware organizers are perfect for the office too. You can store pens, pencils, rulers, paperclips, and anything else your specific office needs. 

60. Rolling Drawers For The Office

Rolling Drawers (For the Office)
Image Source:

Adding a file cabinet or another set of drawers to your office is always a good idea. This one is perfect because it rolls around, which means you can put it anywhere and move it to your desk with ease when it’s needed. The color is neutral but appealing so that it can blend with most decors. 

61. Stationary Organizer

Stationary Organizer full of office supplies

Our desks can get super messy. Organizers like the one in this example are perfect for people who want quick access but are tired of things just lying everywhere. The design is attractive and has room for everything from phones and staplers to calculators and cords. 

62. Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins used for office supplies
Image Source:

Here we have a shelving unit that needs organization. So the designers used stackable and versatile plastic bins that are labeled well and keep things in order in that office. YOu can find containers like this online or in department stores in your area.

63. Desk Organizer in Blue

blue plastic office organizer

Our final piece is a lovely one at that. This blue organizer is perfect for crafters or anyone who likes bright things where they work. There is space for pens, tape, erasers, and glue sticks. If you don’t keep those things in your office, that’s okay. This piece can hold almost anything. 


Organizing our spaces is a great goal but challenging if you don’t have the right tools. In this piece, we’ve shown you how accessible those tools are to you. You can either create organizers or purchase some of the items we’ve shown you today. It’ll be good for you and your overall health. 

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