Wood-Burning Tree Patterns; Wisdom In Your Pyrography

How ironic is it that we are going to talk about tree patterns for your pyrography hobby when trees supply us the wood that we are burning in the first place? I don’t know about you but my mind is blown at that full circle.

Today, we are going to cover twenty-five tree patterns you should consider incorporating into your repertoire of pyro art. You’ll find that some of these wood-burning tree patterns are simple and others are a bit more complicated.

Check out these pyrography designs and let inspiration take root in your mind.

1. Cut Into That Cutting Board

Custom Wood Burning Patterns: Heart Tree // Easy Pattern Template Design // Pyrography Art // Instant Download PDF File // Cutting Board

This first pattern is a great illustration of how versatile pyrography is when it comes to canvas selections. Cutting boards are a fun way to take something simple from your home and turn it into a piece of art. You could hit the second-hand stores and buy up their cutting boards if you can’t bear to burn your own.



2. Leaves Above And Roots Below

Tree with roots Free Vector
Free Download at : freepik.com

Here we have a unique view of a tree. It’s rare when we get to see what is going on below the ground. This sketch takes that mystery away by adding roots the size of the branches, which tend to vary in size. Intermediate burners might find this interesting due to the inclusion of fine and thick lines.

3. Winter Forest

Tree silhouettes without leaves Free Vector
Free Download at : freepik.com

The one thing we can all agree on is that, in areas that go through the type of winters with cold winds and snow, that if you can depend on one thing it’s that the trees are going to lose their leaves. This group of trees have the look of a forest that has just shed its foliage and is ready for that first blizzard. You can do just one or all five on one piece of wood.

4. Floral Tree

Circle shape orient floral black and white tree could be use for coloring book in zentangle style.

If you are into floral designs then this is the tree drawing for you. The creator takes us on psychedelic trips through different flowers with tons of lines and designs woven into this one wooden image. This is a detailed image so if you are looking for a beginner project this might not suit you.



5. Twists And Turns

Vintage tree silhouette Free Vector
Free Download at : freepik.com

If there is one thing about trees that is interesting to look at is the way they can twist into themselves and intertwine and grow into one massive beast of an entity. This image is just like the type of twisting tree you might find in the kind of orchard you only find down a long dirt road.

6. Delicate Design

White tree with leaves Free Vector
Free Download at : freepik.com

Here we have a tree that is relaxing to look at and takes simple shapes to create an image of something we all know and love, a beautiful tree! You can use a lighter hand on the circular shadow underneath this shrub, which would give the project depth.

7. Leaves

Custom Wood Burning Patterns: Round Tree // Easy Pattern Template Design // Pyrography Art // Instant Download PDF File // Cutting Board

For this last image, we’ve decided to focus on a different aspect of trees than we’ve done thus far. Up until this point, we’ve been focusing on the tree as a whole, with a trunk topped with branches. This circular image centers around basic leaves and their position to the branches of this tree. It is another good choice for fans of circular wood planks.



8. Dancing Branches

Summer swirl tree Free Vector
Free Download at : freepik.com

While the branches on this piece do not actually move, it’s difficult to look at them and not imagine them moving around with those swirls and circles. This is a calming image, which isn’t surprising when you think of how calming and pleasing circles can be. You won’t have to look far for a drawing that would make a great gift. This is it.

9. Uncomplicated

Tree with roots Free Vector
Download Free from: vecteezy.com

Sometimes less is more and, while this etching option has a ton of branches to burn onto your canvas, the overall structure of it isn’t too much. You can get creative with it and cut out letters or images in the trunk and work them into the overall look of your design. That’s what’s nice about these simple images, you can use them as a template for other ideas.

10. Tall Fir Trees

Vintage trees and forest silhouettes set Free Vector
Download Free from: freepik.com

Fir trees are a member of the conifer family of the Abies genus. It’s an ideal symbol of wilderness landscapes. When you see this image you can picture it full of green in the summer and covered with white in the winter. This selection is also a good stencil for beginners because the thick bushes leave plenty of room for mistakes.

11. More Circles

Free Hand Drawn Vector Abstract Tree
Download Free from: vecteezy.com

If something is pleasing then it’s not surprising that several of the drawings on our list incorporate them into the design. This artist created a crown of circles for their tree while working with straight lines to add contrast. Beginners would do well with this pattern.

12. Perfect Celtic Trees

Celtic Tree Vectors
Download Free from: vecteezy.com

A tribe of people in central Europe known as the Celts eventually spread through the continent and today we can find traces of their heritage in Ireland, Britain, Spain and France. Their language is known as Celtic and the trees in this design are made to resemble their symbols.

13. Quiet Picnic Spot

Tree Silhouette, Black and White Vector Shape

When we head out for a picnic in the park, where is the most attractive spot to lay down your blanket? Why under the largest tree of course! This drawing is a picturesque meadow that offers the shade of enormous branches of a tree that is keeping a watch over everything.



14. Deeply Rooted

whole black tree with roots isolated white background vector

We’ve already discussed the fact that the roots underneath a tree can be as big as it’s crown, or larger, which is the case with this etching. When you look at this image do you get the sense of strength, power, and a solid foundation topped with whimsy? I do. This is another perfect tree for any beginners.



15. Shadows Galore

Tree with roots Free Vector
Download Free from: vecteezy.com

Up until this point on our list we’ve dealt with images that are one tone. This sketch offers a bit of a challenge for the artist though, since the shadows are what makes this one stand out from the rest. That said, this one stands out from the others due to those shadows, which gives it much more appeal to the seasoned wood burner.

16. Simple Shrub

Tree vector
Get this pattern for free at: vecteezy.com

Beginners, this is the drawing for you. It is one of the least intimidating images we’ve shown so far. Another nice thing is that you have room for error with this tree. If you make a mistake, you can just fill the space in and try again.

17. Tree With Birds

tree with birds vector
Get this pattern for free at: vecteezy.com

When we look up at the trees we don’t only see branches and leaves. There is typically a bit of wildlife hanging out up there, setting up nests, or feeding their offspring. This sketch exemplifies what types of winged friends we can find in the tops of trees.

18. Green Goddess

Nature vector footage of a basic tree. Big old tree with crooked branches and many curves and waving parts on the trunk. Outline image of the big tree to create company logos, application icons, stickers, tattoos and clothing prints. Free vector graphics for nature and plants designs. Tree Design by BenBlogged.com
Get this pattern for free at: freevector.com

The color we all connect with trees is green, even though there are purple, yellow, brown, red, and trees of many colors. Still, most of them are green, which is why this artist decided to use it as the color for their sketch. While you can’t burn the color green directly into the wood, you can paint it later.

19. Cartoon Forest

Free Cartoon Tree Vectors Set 6
Get this pattern for free at: freevector.com

There are few things as fun as a cartoon. As an avid cartoonist myself, I have to say that images in the genre always leave the onlooker with feelings of happiness and memories of childhood. A plus is this design is perfect for someone just starting out or a parent that wants to teach their pyrography skills to their child.

20. Chasing The Sun

vector illustration of the tree silhouette with leaves

When we see a tree that leans to the side this could be due to a number of factors including storms, weight distribution, but mostly due to the “changing availability of sunlight.” This drawing looks like the tree is chasing the sunlight, hence the title. The solid structure makes this another great beginner project.



21. Black Silhouette

Art tree beautiful, black silhouette

Talk about whimsical! This drawing is just lovely and delicate. It’s perfect for any wall in your home and it would work so well on a round piece of wood. The lines are small and the turns look a little tight so this would be better for someone with a bit of wood burning experience.



22. Palm Trees

Set of palm tree silhouette that you can use for any project
Get this pattern for free at: freevector.com

Palm trees remind us of warm weather, beautiful flowers, delicious punch drinks, and relaxing beaches. This design is perfect for the beach lover in you or the one you know. The lines are fairly simple but the frayed lines in the leaves will take a steady hand, which is why this would be a good intermediate project.

23. Abstract Arbor

Black and white gradient vector background with abstract and decorative tree design. Tree graphics have swirling branches and flower blossoms and are done with an Illustrator ink brush. Download this free and creative nature themed vector design for your greeting card and postcard projects. Tree graphic vector artwork by Free-Vectors.com
Get this pattern for free at: freevector.com

This design is much different than the ones we’ve seen in that it is more of the idea of a tree than an actual drawing of one. But that’s okay because art is subjective and this sketch has a fun movement that the others lack. Beginners would do well with this project.

24. Thick Trunk

Leafy tree silhouette

Another thing we love about trees is the solid trunk we can throw our arms around and hug without abandon. There are some trees that have trunks so wide there is no way ten humans can hug it, let alone one. This drawing reminds me of one of those trees.



25. More Celtic Trees

Celtic Tree of Life

The Irish are the keepers of Celtic images yet they appeal to everyone. Maybe because the Irish are such kind and fun people. Whatever the reason, this Celtic knotted tree appeals to the arbor lover in us all. The thin lines make this an advanced project.




There is no shortage of printable tree images to burn on your wood just like there seems to be an endless supply of beauty in every tree we see. Once you complete your tree etching we guarantee you’ll be back to this article wanting to try another one on our list.

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