There’s nothing worse than getting excited about your freshly baked bread, only to find that it dries out or molds within a day or two. Proper storage techniques can prevent these unhappy events from happening to you.

Homemade bread can contain fewer additives and tends to have more nutrients than manufactured options. Although mastering the art of baking bread does take some practice and time, the nutritional impact and taste will pay off in the long run. When you create your own bread, you are the one choosing what goes into it. This gives you the power to select the finest flours, dairy, and eggs for your creations.

You can also limit the sugar added and avoid additives such as dextrose or high fructose corn syrup. In addition, homemade bread tends to use far less sodium than commercial options. If you have any allergies to certain foods, making your own takes the concern out of eating bread. It also prevents the risk of your exposure to harmful cross-contamination.

The inviting, comforting scent of homemade bread is enough reason for many people to try making their own. The options to experiment with bread-making are nearly endless and the craft never gets old. But making the bread is only the beginning, you’ll need a proper storage place for your delicious loaves once they’re done.

Each of the bread storage products on this list was selected for its ability to keep your homemade creations fresh for as long as possible. They were chosen for affordability, value, and overall quality based on user reviews.

Reusable Bread Storage Bag

For a simple, affordable solution to keeping your freshly baked bread good for as long as possible, consider this Reusable Bread Storage Bag. This solution keeps bakery bread and bread machine loaves fragrant and fresh and will even help your bagels stay the perfect texture.

“This Best Manufacturers Reusable Bread Storage Bag is the key to extending the shelf life of your bread and bagels,” said One Green Planet in their list of plastic-free essentials. “Its double layer of a twill cotton and polyester exterior and plastic lining help to ensure air-tightness, plus it’s water-repellant!”

Although it’s listed as a bread bag, it’s also ideal for bulk pasta, grains, and flour. This green product reduces your dependency on plastic shopping bags, helping recycling efforts and reducing waste and hassle. The bag is practical with a wide opening for easy access and has been pre-shrunk. The color-fast canvas comes with a plastic lining, keeping your bread air-tight and contributing to freshness.

The two layers of material on this product make this bag sturdy, machine washable, and usable for years to come. It will fit many different sizes and shapes of loaves, even the larger, 2-lb types. You can put your bread in this bag after allowing it to cool for about 15 minutes and it will keep it moist and fresh. Some users have reported that crumbs can get caught at the bottom of the bag, but hand washing and taking the plastic out helps this issue.

If you like to bake different types of bread to have on hand at one time, the bag is affordable enough to buy two. This product has been around for a while, was seen in upscale stores, and is now available for an affordable price on Amazon. It ends up paying for itself since you won’t have to throw stale or moldy bread away anymore. This product will keep your creations fresh for days and days in the refrigerator.

Although perfectly shaped to fit bread loaves, you can also put rolls and artisan bread inside. The closing mechanism will help with reducing the volume of the bag and reduce mold spores or drying. If you tend to bake bread in the hotter months and keep the air conditioning on, this is an important consideration.

Even for those who don’t bake their own bread and instead buy it at the local baker, this product is worth getting as it is much more effective than paper bags and can be used again and again. It’s large enough to hold bread in its original paper bag while keeping the bread intact.

Rubbermaid Specialty Bread Keeper

For a sturdier option, the next item on our list is this Rubbermaid Bread Keeper. This durable product keeps your freshly baked creations from getting smashed and fits a standard-sized loaf of bread. Crafted from durable, thick plastic, this option is safe for the top rack of your dishwasher and BPA-free for your safety.

If you’re tired of getting your freezer drawer covered in bread crumbs, this is a good alternative. It’s well-crafted, like all products by Rubbermaid and can fit even large deli bread inside. If you keep this in the freezer, note that the top might be a bit difficult to remove and may need to loosen over time. For those who just plan to store this on the counter, this issue won’t exist, however.

Unlike other options, this item is transparent, enabling you to see how full your bread supply is. Although the container holds a fair amount of bread, it’s also compact enough to fit well in your pantry or on the counter. It does just what it’s supposed to do and looks nice at the same time, fitting in well with your kitchen’s décor.

Most home baking enthusiasts already know that homemade bread typically don’t keep fresh as long as store-bought options, which are full of added ingredients to prolong shelf life. This will keep your bread fresh for at least a week. If you want to keep your bread fresh for as long as possible, keeping it inside this container and the refrigerator is a good way to do that. It will fit most bread types except the widest kinds.

Bamboo Bread with Cutting Board Lid

If style in the kitchen is important to you, and you also like natural-looking products, this Bamboo Fiber Bread Box will get your attention. Crafted from a unique material, this option is eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and hard, protecting your bread from damage.

“This modern bread box will add style to your kitchen,” said Nicole at My Life Minimalized. “Aside from it’s good looks, this bread bin holds your bread, bagels, snack bars and more in an organized manner to keep your kitchen clutter free. The bread box is natural white and made out of bamboo fiber which is eco friendly and durable.”

The most unique part of this product is that its bamboo top can be used as a cutting board and has grooves to catch crumbs. This will both save space and keep your kitchen clean. The lid rests gently on the bread box and is easily lifted off, but isn’t airtight. This helps with airflow, reducing condensation and mold risks. If you live in a dry climate, you might want to consider something more airtight. Some users may want to keep their bread in a bag inside the box, depending on how long they want it to stay moist.

The product is 5 by 9 by 15.75 inches when the lid is on, while the storage base is 4 by 8 by 15 inches. You may use it for your homemade loaves, of course, but also hot dog buns, bagels, and more. Although it has a good sized storage capacity, it is still compact enough to save space on your countertop. Its black color will complement modern kitchens with dark countertops or offer a nice contrast for lighter kitchens.

Bring freshly baked bread to dinner at your friend’s place and the lid will work well as a cutting board when used with an electric knife. You will then be able to fit the rest of the bread in the box with some leftovers. The box is safe for the dishwasher and offers a sturdy option for your bread. It’s convenient to be able to open up the box and cut a slice right there on the lid, instead of having to take out a separate appliance for this purpose. On top of that, the box is easy to clean and wash. It has rubber feet so it stays sturdy as you slice.

Although it is a little more expensive than other options, it’s clear that this bread box will stand the test of time and keep your loaves fresh for years to come. Along with the unique and stylish design of the product, it keeps mold at bay.

Some users reported that this bread box is too small for bread made in a Sunbeam machine, so if that’s what you use to make your bread, keep that in mind. If you live somewhere very dry and purchase this bread box, you may want to condition the lid to keep it in good shape.

Progressive Adjustable Bread Keeper

If you want a bread storage solution that works well, even with bread fresh out of the oven, this Progressive Bread Keeper will work well for you. It comes with ventilation holes to prevent moisture buildup, which can make your bread harden once it cools. The box expands to fit various sizes of homemade or store bought bread.

“The design of the box expands up to 11 inches so that the bread fits in snugly,” said James at Health Style Hub. “The box has two adjustable air vents on the side, so you can decide how much ventilation you need depending on the type of food you are storing.”

If you’re tired of using tin foil to wrap your bread every time you make or purchase a loaf, this affordable storage solution will save you money. It’s safe to wash in the dishwasher as long as you put it on the top rack. Users will appreciate that the box is simple to use, clean, and store and doesn’t take up as much room as other bread boxes. You can adjust it each time you take bread out, making it smaller and smaller.

Big enough for a large loaf of bread from your machine, this product fixes the issue of having to keep bread cold or letting it get stale. Since it’s transparent, you will always know how much bread you have left and whether it’s time to start baking more. Also, having a clear container for your bread reminds you to use up your latest baked treasure.

There is a small cutting board that stores and fits right under your bread and the vents on top are adjustable according to humidity or altitude. Some may find it inconvenient that the bread box doesn’t have any handles to hold onto. Although it’s easy enough to move without handles, it does make opening or reassembling the box a bit more difficult than it would be with handles included.

Large Black Bread Box

For a simple solution that keeps your bread fresh for a long while, this Large Black Bread Box is straight and to the point. The box has a large storage capacity which will easily fit hot dog buns, bagels, and your homemade bread together.

“I have always wanted a breadbox but have had a seriously hard time finding one that I like and that suits my needs,” said Deliciously Savvy. “I love the simplistic styling of the Culinary Couture Bread Box. This is a fabulous bread box with super clean lines and a simplistic design.”

The aesthetic details of the product will make it fit in well with your décor, no matter which color scheme you have while hiding unsightly fingerprints. The style of this box is a balance of modern and vintage. The lid seals tight so your bread is always kept fresh and the box measures 6.5 by 8.9 by 16.5 inches.

This item comes in an attractive box, making it a great gift for a housewarming party or wedding. The product is built to keep your pastries and bread in great condition while protecting them from germs and flies. It will also make it so your cats can’t get to your delicious bread when you aren’t looking! There are small holes for ventilation to allow for airflow, keeping your baked goods fresher for longer.

This bin is crafted from stainless steel and has a polished surface that looks stylish and great in your kitchen. Because of its quality, the box won’t ever lose its glossy finish, corrode, or rust over time. You can expect to own it for years to come. Some users may find issue with the fact that the lid doesn’t stay propped open by itself or may wish for a larger storage capacity in their bread box.

Tips for Making the Best Homemade Bread

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of making homemade bread. Perhaps it’s working with yeast or not knowing the correct ratios for the recipe. But with the helpful tools available today, along with endless recipes on the internet, there’s no reason to feel this way anymore.

There are four main ingredients needed for making bread (yeast, salt, flour, and water) and you probably already have most of them in your pantry as you read this. Once you understand how these ingredients go together and get your technique down, you’ll become more successful and confident with baking bread. Here are some tips to help the process run smoother:

Use a Scale for your Dough: To get the perfect bread, you need to have the perfect ratio of water to flour. This is only possible when you have accurate measurements of each. If the recipe is written out in volume measurements (such as cups), convert each measurement to weight.

This is done by measuring the flour and then putting it on the scale. You should then write the number and weigh two more cups of flour, finding an average weight between the three cups measured. For instance, if your cups weighed 4.4oz, 4.5oz, and 4.3oz each, you are left with an average of 4.4. This number can now be used for your conversions. When your recipe asks you to use 5 cups of flower, you’ll multiply that by 4.4 and use 22oz.

Make sure your Yeast is Alive: The next step involves proofing your yeast, or making sure it’s alive. This proves that your yeast is eating sugar and producing carbon dioxide bubbles, since that’s the nature of yeast.

If you’re using new yeast far before it’s expiration or use-by date, you don’t have to do this step every time you use it. But if you found some old yeast in your pantry or haven’t made any bread in a while, this is necessary.If your bread recipe asks you to put all the ingredients (yeast included) in a mixer, warm up some of the water.

If the water is comfortable and warm for you, it will be for the yeast as well. Add a tiny amount of honey or sugar, which will wake the yeast up if it’s alive. Stir your ingredients together and let it sit for up to 15 minutes. If you notice foam at the top as you’d see on a fresh pint of stout, your yeast is good to go. If there aren’t any bubbles or foam, however, you will have to buy more yeast.

Less is More, when it comes to Flour: Something that many beginner bakers consider difficult about making bread is that so many recipes call for somewhere within a range of flour, instead of stating the precise amount needed.

Most people prefer to have instructions clearly stated, and a recipe stating between 5 and 6 cups of flour is a bit too ambiguous. For most types of standard bread, the best flour to water ratio is 2:1. In other words, you will need twice as much flour as you will water. If you are using 4.4oz of flour, weigh out 2.2oz of water.

Even when the dough appears to be too sticky, the bread will come out fine if you use the correct ratio. Although some may tell you otherwise, adding extra flour is not the answer. Even though extra flour will make your dough more workable, your loaf will end up dense and won’t rise as high as it could.

Don’t Knead with Flour: There are countless bread recipes that claim you should turn your dough with extra flour, but the previously stated rule stands here, as well. Adding extra flour is not only unnecessary but will lead to subpar bread.

Instead of kneading your dough with flour, just use a fine mist of pan spray or olive oil on your hands and counter. A bit of warm butter works, too. This will allow you to shape your dough any way you want without the sticking problem.Though many recipes don’t call for any butter or oil, these ingredients will not harm your bread and may even help it stay fresher for longer.

If you still prefer not to add oil, you can use a small amount of water to achieve the same goal. A bench knife or bench scraper will help you get rid of any excess dough stuck to the countertop and will help you resist reaching for extra flour.

Following these simple rules and guidelines will help your bread turn out amazing each time you bake.

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